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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrSmooth

Lesbian Lux the Rainbow Queen

DrSmooth Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Yes, Lux is a lesbian (ask Poppy).
Lux is a ranged caster, AP "carry". And by range I mean a giant double rainbow lazer beam firing from turret to turret! Pew Pew.

Enjoy playing the back lines while your team soaks up dmg and your melee teammates run in bashing skulls? Enjoy tossing spells and snagging opponents which you know makes them yell and ram remote controls up their bums? Me too, that's why I play Lux, the lesbian.

This is the champion I play most. My friends like it when I play her, they always call me a prodigy with Lux which I am definitely not however for me she is the most fun. Her range and laser beam for really making people angry are what drive me back to her every time. It's probably why she is a Lesbian, to drive people mad, like Garen. Poor poor Garen. Maybe there was a Xin and Garen lover's quarrel and Lux just decided she would rather have a Poppy. Really off-topic.

This is how I play Lux - I think my build is a lot different than some of the top rated ones but I always seem to play well and end up doing well even with a bad team. Every champ needs items, so of course if you get out farmed or poorly matched in a lane it will effect your outcome. So some games go real well and others are piss poor. Its luck of the draw in Solo Que. Keep that in mind if you try this build and suck. It might be you, but hey it might just be the champs and maybe they are coordinated or whatever. Good luck, and have fun as they say.

NOTE: If you don't like skill shot champs, just leave Lux alone. ALL of her abilities are 'skill shots'.

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Beware, you are squishy. You can die, really fast. Your job, if you choose to accept it is to stand in the back and destroy enemies. You are to shield your team, slow enemy attacks as they come, and stun champions that pose threats to your team. Sometimes you get to initiate, but not like you think. tossing a stun into a crowd and nailing someone to the floor means almost instant death for them if you have a coordinated team. You just initiated! You get to finish most fights with a giant lazer beam. Toss this down a lane to get a kill and to also reduce the HP of the remaining foes by a very large amount. The panic will set in. And your team should get the upper hand. Have a turret being attacked and you are the only one there? Giant lazer beams seem to be very scary. Running towards a teammate in dire need of assistance but wont make it in time, lazer beam into the fight is very scary. You get the idea. Lux is very versatile. But just show care, you will die if singled out. Most of the time.

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Simple, MPen, MPen, MPen, and some MP/5 for kicks.

People sometimes yell at me for not choosing HP Runes, but once I start killing they don't complain. However, I will stress if you face certain champions (see section below) you'll want a couple different items other than my core build. FYI.

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Not your typical 9/0/21 built, see above. I don't really care about summoner cooldown, but I do prefer champion cooldown, run speed, and mana. With the summoners spells you should be picking for Lux, cooldown is meh. Mana is an issue with Lux, however if you can, and I stress can (depending on your team) you should be snagging the Blue buff.

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Summoner Spells

Get Teleport and Clarity. My build is super mana hungry and you won't have a lot of MP/5 to keep you going early game, you'll be popping clarity most likely every time its up - unless you like being at base regen'ing while everyone else is soaking up XP and gold. Your call.

Teleport is used early game as a quick get to base, buy some gear and get back to laning and then used to jump into worthwhile team fights later on. Save it for those instances when you know you can jump to a lane (turret) fire your laser and score some serious dmg when the opposing team wasn't expecting it.
Also, teleport out to score a quick Baron hit and steal that sucker while the other team was just about to finish him off - laser of death from afar to steal baron will definitely make them mad. Just make sure he's warded!

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Unique Skills

Assumptions - you've at least played with Lux a little. You know she's sweet, innocent, and ready for some Lesbian lovin.

You also should know you are a BACK of the lines person. You are NOT an initiator. You are also NOT the carry. Yes you will be getting a lot of kills and assists, but let peeps who can take dmg be the carry. Don't steal kills just because. BUT do kill the other team. I know that's weird, but kill kill kill, when you need to. A sniper shot for a kill sure, but don't toss your spells in when you know the enemy is dead and you are stealing a kill from your carry. Just don't. I'll get arguments now that Lux is a carry. Maybe. But have another AP champ on your team and they will be doing more dmg. Lux is key for finishing. Taking that 5v5 battle into a 5v3 battle because of a key sniper shot. Like hockey, that turned battle now means more Lesbians per square foot of summoners rift and ensures a tower take-down or even inhib.

Illumination is pretty cool. Helps to harass early game, hit someone with a spell and auto attack for and extra punch to the balls, or vajay-jay for the ladies. It can hurt pretty bad early game. Late game its kinda meh. Unless you're finishing off a squishy. But isn't that what your giant freakin lazer is for!!!! Late game melee attacks by you are very tricky things. You are so squishy. Your call on whether or not its worth the extra 190 dmg.

Light binding, skill shot, stun. Hits 2 people in line for a sweet "menage a trois", Lux's beauty totally stunning everyone! Adds Illumination to those hits for some nice extra dmg. This is your key to team fights, locking down an opponent or two for a sweet kill / assist. Also useful for running away and or saving a team-mate from death that is being chased. It's a skill-shot, practice with it. Don't be afraid to toss this through walls and such. Into bushes etc. Coupled with Lucent Singularity so you can see whats in the bush is a very nice way to catch champs off guard.

Prismatic Barrier, overlooked by some but shouldn't be. It adds a nice dmg soak to your and your teammates. It gets tossed like a salad, er boomerang. Use it everytime its up in team fights. The extra HP is helpful. Don't rely on this to save you though. Just be careful. It absorbs all types of dmg, so it can be popped easily however the cool-down is fairly low. It scales horribly, but its still OK to use. Just use it when up. You will always receive this buff however its a 'skill-shot' for your teammates launching in a line outward from you and returning so try and catch your teammates on the return if you missed by moving around them a bit

Lucent Singularity is a sweet AOE spell. You can toss it and leave it for a nice slow, or toss and it explode the ball of light in everyone's face. Both guys and girls enjoy that one. This has a little bit bigger range than the area shown when activated, use it around turrets and to really push peeps back. Can be used to check bushes. When left on lights the area around the spell. Toss it through walls as well.

finales funkeln Finales Funkeln. Its that giant double rainbow of love. Those silly lesbians and their power over rainbows and all things beautiful. Fires from turret to turret, does really nice dmg, and even though it gives warning that its coming its really too late. It's a Lesbian love beam of destruction. With 40% CDR, you'll be firing this lazer every 24 seconds. Mmm.

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Items and why I pick'em.

Simple, MPen. Can this list change, of course noob. Just like Lesbian used to be non-Lesbians, you too can change. Haunting Guise isn't for the AP, it's for the MPen. It helps yes, but what really helps is coupling the 20 MPen early game from Haunting Guise with your Sorc Boots goes a long way to ensuring every point of your AP is getting through to anyone you decide to attack, tanks included although of course your goal isn't to kill tanks. But you can hurt em good! Lesbians are always hurting everyone.

Good news: Very strong AP build.
Bad news: Wow, expensive. Probably won't finish this build. Team will forfeit before then, most likely.

To the items!

You can start with whatever you like.
I typically pick boots and HP Pots. Or you can go Doran's Ring. The only thing that matters is that you lane smart, defensively and get your 1235 gold quickly for your Mejai's Soulstealer immediately. It really isn't necessary to get first blood, or to harass so aggressively. It really depends on your laning partner, if you are mid, how aggressive your enemy team is etc. If you are level 30 you should know all this by now.

Yes, yummy Elixir's. This will reduce cooldowns, and give a little bit of AP. Early game you will shine. Farm better, hit harder. Hit more. Just watch Mana.
Get em. You will need them until you can secure the Blue buff. if you don't use potions and you are level 30 something is very, very wrong. You might be a Lesbian.
Mejai's. Main item for your build. Get it fast. Start gaining stacks. This will get you doing damage quickly, help you farm entire minion waves with your exploding balls, get Blue buff easier, and really put a Lesbian smackdown on enemy champions with your Light Binding. Level 1 pew pew will benefit from this, however level 2 pew pew is where you will really be sniping champs like buttah.

TANGENT: Let's compare another 1200 gold item. Hextech Revolver. This nets you 40 AP and 15% spell vamp. So Mejai's for 1235 nets you 20 AP, and 8 AP per stack. (8*4) = 32. Total of 52 AP, so essentially you only need 3 Stacks to break even on this purchase, and 4 to get your money's worth. Imagine now having 20 and gaining a net AP of 160. OUCH. 10 stacks gains you as much AP as a 3000+ gold item. This item pays for itself.

Sorc Boots. 20 MPen, mmmm (With runes, your total is now 40MPen, and 15% penetration)
Haunting Guise, 20 MPen, mmm mmmm. Yeah it doesn't do much for your AP count, but that's what Mejai's is for. Right now you'll be sitting at roughly 60 MPen, and 15% MPen. That's a lot of extra dmg. Because this will be at the point right around where a tank might have Force of Nature, consider that nullified. Pew Pew em to death. (With runes, your MPen is now 60 MPen, and 15% penetration)

Rabadaby. Things just got bad, for your homophobic enemies. Your laser is now hitting VERY hard. Maybe you are sitting at 10 stacks and a Rabadon's, plus 60 MPen. Tanks won't like you. Play cautiously. You pretty little Lesbian you, hitting about 350 AP at this point. Maybe upwards of 425. You WILL be targeted now. Play careful, stay in the back. Its where Lesbians like it anyway?

Abyssal, more AP and more MPen. This makes things nasty for tanks. They will hate you. Can you see the enemy chat, it says, "Lux has %$%* Mejai's focus her noobs not their tank. FOCUS her!" (With runes, 80 MPen, 15% penetration). Now your team will even be hitting a little harder with the 20 MPen aura. Goodbye tanks.

Rabadaby part II. Just add 155+ AP for giggles. Rough estimates with 10 stacks will have you around 550-600 AP at this point. Possible more, possible a tad bit less. Regardless, 60 MPen makes you hit very, very hard. Say goodbye to those Forces of Nature that the tanks purchased, it's been neutralized.

Can you swap out some items for different enemy champions or a different team dynamic, sure. This is my typical build most games. Most people don't play or they are so rare that the specific champs needed for a bit different build.

Guide Top

Adjustments to Items

As I think of them I'll modify my items list.

If for some reason you cannot secure the Blue Buff during the game and things are not working out for you in regards to mana - shesh practice a little! You can swap out for an although I don't entirely recommend it. Yes, youll have loads more mana and a much better regen rate but 3% adding to your AP is MUCH lower than the straight 155 AP from Rabadon's. Your call though. I consider this the laid back, conservative not quite sure you are lesbian build.

On the other hand - don't need the added MR Reduction from items? Then go for x2 . Replace and second with the two Archangel's. NOW you will have loads of mana / MP/5 and 6% AP gain from Mana, which is a nice boost at this point. Still on my list of not quite Lesbian enough for me. But it works out well enough in most games.

Against whom:

karthas Karthas, his ULT hurts. Especially late game. Swap out your for a . This will ensure, as long as you are not stupid and stay back that his ult gets nullified.
Also useful for . Her stun will kill you. With my build she will two shot you if you are 1v1. Oh how I hate Annie, another Lesbian. A dark, evil Lesbian.

and . These two characters you'll want to grab . Because they will sneak up on you and trust me, more than likely target you, you can pop this for 2 seconds of freedom, while your team can quickly turn and focus them. they are squishy and will die and then you will laugh.
This is also super useful against when for some reason he decides to target you in a team-fight. Perhaps you might want to consider this for as well. His in-and-out ability is killer against squishy's.

More to come!