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Nidalee General Guide by ZayTheKiller

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZayTheKiller

Let me show you the way - The AD Nidalee guide *Patch 4.13*

ZayTheKiller Last updated on August 4, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Nidalee with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Vel'Koz Vel'Koz is one of the easiest match-ups because of his delayed skills. With your cougar W, you can without any effort dodge his skills. Timing is very important when dodging. Versus Vel'Koz you can play very aggresive. Q + Cougar + W + E-Q (if still alive) Ignite + Human + AA (Q)
Orianna Orianna will be easy one because of her little amount of health and armor, she is paper like. Just harass her with your AA (Q) then unleash your combo. GG.
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Hello! Im ZayTheKiller from EUNE server and today Im writing guide to one of my actual favorite champions Nidalee. I started to umm... lets say, main Nidalee from time I saw her great assassin mechanics (Few years back I loved her AP Sniper potential). New Nidalee is something great in my opinion but only if played well with good build. And that is why Im here.
Nidalee is assassin champion with low survivability but with great escape mechanism. She can nuke enemy champions with outrageous damage just by doing her typical, easy combo. In teamfight she play marksman role, targeting carries and low HP targets. Her traps are great for ambushes and even for escape. Did I said that she is very fun to play? If you would like to give her succesful try, just read my guide! Enjoy.

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Pros & Cons


+ High mobility
+ Huge damage from her combo
+ Great escape mechanics
+ Easy early game
+ High kill potential
+ Fun to play! =)

Nidalee pros

Nidalee is very mobile champion with high kill potential and if played well, fun to play! Her damage when her combo is unleashed is outrageous, enemies wont know what killed them! =D

Nidalee Cons

As every champion, Nidalee have some cons. They are here so you could know if Nidalee is in your type ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


- No Crowd-Control
- Her build is costful
- You need to land skillshot in order to unleash combo.
- Low survivability

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Lets start with items. As you propably saw my build is based on very experimental items that I still test, although I want to share my thoughs and ideas with you so we could discuss together =D

Trinity Force
Some of you will think that rushing Trinity as fast as possible is bad move. [/b]WRONG[/b]. Trinity Force Sheen passive combined with Phage passive (great when kiting) and Zeal attack speed with crits are deadly early game and hard to counter (If enemy want to counter you, he should build armor and magic resist at the same time which is very costful)

Blade of the Ruined King
Great choice when harassing enemies in human form. For cougar form, its att speed is useless however passive and additional damage closes the gap ;)

Deathfire Grasp
*EXPERIMENTAL* Additional AP let you hurt enemies with human Q little more and its cooldown reduction is very usefull. Although, I didnt test if cougar Q deal additional damage with DFG passive. To be tested.

Void Staff
*EXPERIMENTAL* AP let you deal more human Q DMG and its passive penetrate enemy magic resist (should work with cougar Q although not tested)

Essence Reaver
Great item for Nidalee. High damage combined with CD reduction + great passive. IGN rated it for 9/11

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
The best boots for Nidalee in my opinion. CD let you throw spears more often, leap more often and bite more often. 10/10.

Berserker's Greaves
For me they are only good if you mostly play in human form. Although you can try.

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Runes I use when playing Nidalee are:

- Greater Mark of Armor Penetration

- Greater Mark of Attack Damage

- Greater Seal of Attack Damage

- Greater Glyph of Attack Damage

Actually Im thinking about swapping AD Seals into Magic Penetration seals (human Q, cougar Q)
Share your thoughs and ideas about those runes!

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Masteries I have picked in this build are following one:


Double-Edged Sword
Our Nidalee is assassin which means we need to deal high damage in low time.

CD reduction is very useful. Spamming cougar/human form Q's are nothing more but fun with that much CD reduction.

Brute Force
Additional damage which is growing in time.

Spell Weaving
Very useful mastery when is played properly. AA enemy few times then unleash your combo. Tons of damage achieved.

Martial Mastery
Additional damage.

One of the MOST useful mastery in offensive tree. When we AA (or Q) our enemy to half HP, we unleash combo. Target will be dead on 100% (if not, ignite + human form + AA + Q)

Increase our ADDITIONAL damage by 5% (on 3'rd level)

Compose well with Trinity Force as we get attack speed + critical chance from Trinity.

Devastating Strikes
Armor and magic penetration. Nothing more is need to be said.

Increase our (additional + base) damage by 3%


Little smaller damage from enemy champs.

Usefull mastery if we need some HP after duel.

Enchanted Armor
Additional armor + magic resist. Nothing more is need to be said.

Veteran's Scars
Additional HP. Especially useful at early levels.

Additional HP. Useful early and in late game.

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Skill Sequence

First skill you are going to get is your Q OR your W (W is better as area checker (enemy buffs)) although I prefer Q as I can trade at early level. Maxing Q is essential, damage from spear/bite is giant so its the best choice.
At level 2 I pick W so I can surprise enemy by doing Q + cougar form + W + Q combo early and dealing huge damage (DMG depends on enemy actual HP (Q)) Level 3 you can level Q or E although leveling E is preferred as your combo depends on E, BUT if you would like to level Q, you NEED to pick E at level 4.
From level 3 (or 4, depends on how you leveled) i max Q to level 6 where I level up R. Then I finish maxing Q. At level 8 I cant max out Q so i level up my E (W is more used as escape or leap so damage from it is not big AND it shouldnt be maxed). At level 9 I max out Q then I start to max out E. After E is maxed (level 13), I level up my W.

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Flash is one of the standard summoner spells that let escape/secure kills/dodge skillshots. It CAN be swapped with Ghost which can be good idea if enemy champion is very mobile (It also can be used if W and passive isnt enough mobility.

For me, Ignite is must have skill for Nidalee. After you have finished your combo, there is chance that target will be still alive. With ignite its no problem. Ignite + AA + Q and kill is secured.

Pick those if you would like to play more safe. Not recommended if we have advantage over enemy although very useful against hard match-ups.

Other spells are experimental. If you would like to submit an idea, write it in comment section =)

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Farm as much as you can. Harass enemy so he wont be able to farm (most of the time you have advantage). You can use skills to farm those bigger creeps. If enemy try to farm, unleash your combo. If he is hiding behind minions, just lay a trap under him ---> combo (trap also trigger passive)

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Your role at teamfights is focusing carries and low hp targets so Your team will have easier time fighting with other champs. After eliminating carries, support your team by fighting with them. Simple.

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THANKS FOR READING MY GUIDE! It will be updated by your thoughs and ideas. So write what you think about it. Bye bye! <3


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