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Master Yi Build Guide by EksSkellybur

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur

LET'S TALK META: Master Yi & His Roles

EksSkellybur Last updated on July 18, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Master Yi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Master Yi I feel like Master Yi can actually do it, but people still think of him as a low ELO Champion, due to how people play him too aggressively then they should. People play him too try-hard mode, and they can't understand his issue of why he's in just a meh state, when it comes to win rates or even worse. Meditate dose NOT get enough credit, and Wuju Style being way too much credit for his kit that they both deserve.
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Intro: Master Yi: Yi's true style of wujuing to Diamond

Hello Everyone, Skellybur here with me Re-work Build for Master Yi in the Lanes. I chosen to not put him into the Jungle however, because he's too situational in jungling as he either dies too quickly or kills too quickly for early game, so I just scrapped it. Please do not kill me for not adding in Jungle Yi? Thanks... ;-;

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About the Builds:


If Korean Lucian can do it, so can Any other ADC and AD-type Champion. And same goes for Yi. Giving him Youmuu's first item, and Black Cleaver second item will give the early power spike that he needs to take down anyone that wants to face him. At least in a 1v1 match. Taking Boots of Swiftness or Mobility if your that risky, Death's Dance for the Sustain and Damage, Guinsoo's for the Hyper Damage and Attack Speed, and Bloodthirster is his standard "ADC-style" of battle, and honestly his most comfortable playstle. As for your Spells, take either Ghost or Ignite and Flash with you. Ghost will ensure your ascendion and descendion, while Ignite is there to deny them from early game.


All-Round Master Yi is used for if you want to play it a bit more safe or if you want to play Yi in a different build. Taking Trinity Force as your first item will give you a really nice edge of battle, especially with the proc of your sheen to making him that much more threatening. Ionian Boots will give Yi the CDR that he needs, while Death's Dance will maximize his CDR to 40% while giving him some super nice bonuses such as Life Steal and scary Attack Damage. Guinsoo's is there for the Really nice flow of Attack Damage and Attack Speed, Ruined King is to act as your Attack Speed-version of Last Whisper, and lastly Guardian Angel for the extra protection that Yi needs just in case. Take Heal and Flash, since it gives you that extra sustain that you need for all games, or swap it over for Ignite, if you want to play it more dangerous.


If you are seriously that terrified of dying with Master Yi, then I'd recommend that you take your Trinity Force and Ninja Tabi to do the Early Game Work for you. Wit's End will give Master Yi the full protection that he needs to try and fend himself against all kinds of baddies, including AP while still doing some sort of extra Magic Damage himself with the Passive of the Wit. Guinsoo's and Gage will be your 2 Bestest Friends, because it gives Yi the Opportunity to still play as Aggressive as he can be, but also play it pretty safe too. The Passive of the Gage will make sure that you have a Decaying Shield, to help protect you from surviving those extra 2 seconds or so. And Finally any AD item really, but since this is Defensive Yi were taking about, go for Guardian Angel for your obnoxious tank defenses and revival when you die. To be even MORE annoying, Take Barrier and Flash as your Spells.

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Master Yi's OP Skins: Broken/Beyond Broken (8/10)

For the Riches: PROJECT: Yi is your only choice of Skin, but it looks awesome as balls. This is actually one of my most favorite skins in the entire game.

For the Standards: Whatever skin you want to choose, they all look pretty good for me. I would personally still rock with the Assassin Master Yi skin since we've all been there and done that, but it also give us that touch of nostalgia on how you got that really 'super-awesome' pentakill that one time. I don't know. :P

Disapproval Skins: None.

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LCS Approval: Diamond III/Challenger I (23/23/27)

TL;DR: Yi can Make it. it's just that people play him too Try-hard like. He needs to change his attitude by playing more defensively, then going full ham.

Full Information:Believe it or not, I think Master Yi can actually do it. The fact on how people play Master Yi like as if "he really needs Wuju Style" it's one of the real major reasons as to why people try-hard too damn rough and then just get salty for their lack of Survivability. There actually is a lot more that Master Yi can do, other then just "Kill or Be Killed" that people are naturally used to. Master Yi only needs his Wuju Style for the late Game, because it helps him out in shredding that large portion of health for him, ...and that's it. If you ask me, then Meditate is Waaay more important because on how much health you can regen and especially for early till mid-late Game then getting that little extra edge of damage.

Next up on the Chopping Block: Alistar, the All-Star Support.