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Tristana Build Guide by EksSkellybur

LET'S TALK META: Tristana & Rant (Old and Lesson Learnt)

LET'S TALK META: Tristana & Rant (Old and Lesson Learnt)

Updated on July 6, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur Build Guide By EksSkellybur 16,321 Views 4 Comments
16,321 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur Tristana Build Guide By EksSkellybur Updated on July 6, 2016
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Intro: Tristana: Savior of the Last Remaining Classical Dragon.

And we're Back! :D

Hello Everyone, Skellybur Here. Giving you a fresh new build for champions by their date. Kinda.. Before we officially take note of her Build, I want to talk about Tristana, and Warwick and Yorick's Build.
1.) Clarifying the Yordle Gunner: TRISTANA IS NOT A FULL ADC CHAMPION! Yes, she does some nasty poke damage, but for Phreak's Sake! You might as well just take your ultimate at Level 6 and then leaving it alone 'till Level 17 and 18, if You going to build her with nothing but Attack Speed and Attack Damage. Her Q gives you more attack Speed, her W Does AP Damage but more likely to be used for escapes, Her E is a Mixture of AD and AP, and your Ultimate does AP damage. Not AD. If Your Ultimate was even a Mixture of AD and AP, I can give her some more tolerance, But not even Riot themselves don't know what to do with her Build, besides "Hurr Durr Poke Champion = ADC". And that's one of the bigger reasons to why I joined MobaFire. Champions such as Tristana are not being played at their full potential, and I'm sure that they can do more then just "ADC". I'm Blaming this on both Riot and the Players for leaving Tristana as she was ever since her rework, and never ever actually changed her Recommended list afterwards. Not even the Rageblade Hurricane was enough to give the people the attention that Tristana isn't a Full ADC. So now, I'm doing it.
2.) My Experiments are not yet Ready!: Since Warwick and Yorick are getting a completely new-ish major rework makeover somewhere around 2016, I've decided to not give them a Build and await for them when she's gotten prettier and more Unique.
3.) Ryze is still Ryzing is Rice Farms: The Reason as do why I built into Ryze is because most probably, their just going to give Ryze a Minor Rework instead of a major one, but they're going to either change his Passive or Ultimate completely, or tweak about with his kit. They want Ryze to be this Magical Machinegun of Death and wailing his keyboard at his foes; so most probably, he's still going to be the Ryze will still know and love, but with a fresh new Look.

--Bronze "EksSkellybur" Scrub

With that aside: I Recommend Heal and Flash, and Teleport, Ignite and Cleanse are really nice for her.
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About the Build:

So let's Classify Tristana: Her kit is based around more AP then she is AD, but since her poke is Nasty, people tend to forget about her kit other then utility-based, and she's been heavily more focused onto "FULL ADC TRISTANA" that people have been building into. And Tristana isn't the only one with this Problem, but we'll get back to those champions Later. *Ahem* Miss Fortune. *Cough*

Okay, fine. Enough Ranting. Let's just get into the build Already.

Tristana has A LOT of variety with it comes to actually building her up, but I've chosen two Builds that can give Tristana an extra Spice of Power. After your Pre-6 Battle, You have a Choice between choosing:

1.) Aggressive: Building Into a Black Cleaver first item and Blade of the Ruined King last item.


2.) Poke: Trinity Force first item and Last Whisper's Upgrades last item.

Your Core build will be based on a Mixture of both Early Aggressive AD, Super-Utilized AP Items, such as Sorcerer's Shoes, Nashor's Tooth, and Ryial's Crystal Specter, and your Late Game Attack Speed item being the Rapidfire Cannon.

This Build is going to give Hybrid Tristana the Firepower that she needs to make many of the other roles to worry about her path, when she starts snowballing into play. She can be making many of the Big Walls of Tanks such a Nautilus for example to even fear from Tristana being the new Health Melt, because of the Help of the Black Cleaver and her Botrk or Trinity Force and Last Whisper. Sorcerer's Shoes and Nashor's Tooth are used to greatly empower her abilities, and Ryial's is used more for Kiting them down or crippling their burst of Momentum.

Oh. And uh, By the way. Tristana's Attack Speed Cap is 1.43 with the Rageblade, and 1.74 without.
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Tristana's OP Skins

Dragon Trainer Tristana is the Most OP Skin ever that isn't an ancient skin such as Black Alistar or Pax Sivir. Theoretically because she's holding a Phreaking Dragon! but more Realistically, is because she's holding the potential of the Last Remaining Classical Dragon for League of Legends. :'(

The Elemental Dragons have took Classical Dragon's Place, and although this had been a nice new change, I feel sad that we can't see the Classical Dragon ever again, other then looking at it's Easter egg, in Summoner's Rift. Let Fresco know that I too care for the Dragons. ;-;

#DragonsHaveFeelingToo #ClassicalDragon #DragonIcon #RiggleStayStrong #RiggleStayCute

If you don't have the only actual Skin to buy for Tristana, If you happen to not be Late, You would have gotten Riot Girl Tristana, by now. If you are Late, never Fear, As Buccaneer Tristana and Rocket Girl Tristana in her Chroma Packs are OP as hell, too.
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Final Verdict: 92.5/100

I love Tristana. But I might as well be playing against Intermediate Bots, since ADC is my worst Role. With that Aside, Tristana is known for her Scary Poke towards any champion and she'll likes hitting her foes with a pack of a punch. She's more likely known for her Rapid Speed and her Explosive Charge's Radius Poke and Passive, then she is with her Rocket Jump and Buster Shot. But that doesn't mean that she's not the well for Competitive, as She's known to be brutality terrifying, once she gets going. If You can make Kha'Zix look broken, by Double Jumping all over the place, then you can Sure as hell Rocket Jump into People's personal spaces, and keep recycling your jumps till you can't kill anyone else, or if you gain a Penta. I Highly Recommend Tristana, if you're the kind of player who likes to play "Safe-at-First, Danger-at-Last" Kind of Idea.

Next up on the Chopping block would have been Warwick, But like I said, I'll be working on Warwick, when his Rework arrives. So I'll be doing Nunu (and Wiliump) instead.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur
EksSkellybur Tristana Guide
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LET'S TALK META: Tristana & Rant (Old and Lesson Learnt)

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