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Twisted Fate Build Guide by EksSkellybur

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur

LET'S TALK META: Twisted Fate Feat. Skill Capped's TF Vids

EksSkellybur Last updated on July 18, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
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Legendary Guardian

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Threats to Twisted Fate with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Twisted Fate Poke, Harass, Gank, Farm, Main Mid, Thug Life League, ...Twisted Fate does it all for you, Escpially for any ELO. He is only champions out there in the game who is both a great starter champion to pick, and a great champion to main, even as a one-trick pony (although not adviceable to one-trick any champion or pony (Hecarim)). His Simplicity is what makes him easy to play, and his knowledge is what makes him fun to main with, even for Tryharders. He dosen't like fighting aganist Complex or High-Mobile Champions such as LB, Zed or Azir, so you need to watch out for those guys, but other then that, Tip of the Hat for TF.
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Intro: Twisted Fate: The Prince of Solo Queue Mid

Hey everybody, Skellybur here. Sorry that there isn't any Prince of Mid Lane Music or that I was little bit late for this. :(

I've tried to really learn as to what TF can do other then Harass the Hell out of you with his W alone, and my Phreak, does he do work. I actually want him to be my Mid

I liked him so much for what he's capable of doing, that I'd give you guys on how I learnt on how powerful TF is, with the help of Skill-Capped. I don't entirely like them, but when it came to learning about TF, that pretty much got the basics and mechanics on the go, even they like to fantasize that they are in 'Challenjour'. I wouldn't recommend paying them, since you got YouTube to start with, (unless they IRL Couch you.) But since they have a handful of Free Guides to choose from (Including Yasuo.), it wouldn't hurt you to Skill-Cap and Chill with Twisted Fate. I would only recommend the Free Guides however imo.

(Reason I didn't gave you the Link, is because I don't want to get in trouble. ;_;)

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About the Builds:


AP TF is the Most Standard out of this, allowing you to get a Great Start for Early Game with Morel, and some defenses at the same time, depending on what you're fighting against. It's Simple, and It's a Great Start for him. Morellonomicon, Ninja Tabi, Ninja Tabi, Zhonya's, Abyssal, Void Staff, Luden's Ekko.


Attack Speed TF is probably the most Stupidest out of my TF Builds, but also one of the most Fun Build that I have for him. Being able to use your Attack Speed and AP Together is what allows TF to be such an annoyance to kill, especially as an AP Champion. It's his All-Round Build for both Teamfights, and Taking down Objectives the best you can, such as destroying Arcane-Made Stone Turret Fratures with magical cards, because Runeterra Logic.

Morellonomicon, Ninja Tabi, Zhonya's, Abyssal Specter, Void Staff, Luden's Echo.

Mixed TF:

Mixed TF is just a Mixbag of AP and AS TF. Nothing much else to say here.
Morellonomicon, Swifty Boots, Nashor's Tooth, Void Staff, Luden's Echo, Deathcap.

Pokey TF:

Pokey TF is when you want to be an All-round nuisance for farming, Farm Deny and for harassing the mid laner. You can use your Pick A Card or Wild Cards get the 4th hit going, and now your starting to threanth the mid laner with just one sheen passive, because of your Stacked Deck + Gold Card Combo. TF Likes Farming, and Gold, so while your AP or Teamfights aren't entirly the Best, This Build does however Help out when it comes to 1v1 or ganking either top or bot. This build However is weak aganist Teamfights, since it's only allowed to poke one champion, not five.
Morellonomicon, Sorcerror's Shoes, Lich Bane, Zhonya's, Luden's Ekko, Lainadry's Torment.

Tanky TF:

Tanky TF is More for When you want to either play it the safest way possible, or when you're getting fed and don't care on what you want to build to look like. It gives some protection by mxining together of at least 3k HP, and about 120+ Defense for both Armor and MR. It's not the Most Ideal, But it helps out for players who want to play him, by dying the least they can possible.
RoA, Merc Treads, Zhyonya's, Lich Bane, Abyssal and Warmong's. (Yes. Warmong's. Because Why not?)

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Twisted Fate's OP Skins: Sleeper Broken/Beyond Broken (9/10)

For the Riches: Aside from the Obvious but God-holy Pax TF, Maginiecent TF and Underworld TF are some of the Best Skins that he has Period. Especially with Underworld TF, that Skin looks tight.

For the Standards: I tried to hate on at least one Skin that he has, but I Simply couldn't. All of His Skins are Pretty OP by they're Standard, Incluing High Noon TF, and Red Card TF.

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LCS Approval: Challenger III/ Challenger I (27/23/27)

For TL;DR: TF Kicks *** in All ELO. Rito Can't stop the Prince of Mid Lane!

For Full Information: There is A LOT of Reasons as to why TF is one of the Most Important, Fun and Powerful Champions out there in the Game. He is Easy to Learn his ropes (Though his Wild Cards are kinda odd for me), Yet needs a lot of knowledge to even get his first penta, and he's not even done completly mastering yet. He had been a King of Mid Lane for the longest time period, and He's able to make some of the power non-jungling ganks ever, with a push of two 2 R Buttons. Being able to see the Vision of Every Champion alone is what makes him so Great, but being able to Teleport with ease is what makes him completly B.S., that even Low ELO LeBlancs wished that they could do that too. He is the most Richest champion out there, along with fighting aganist Gankplank Mid, and he is one of the most rewarding mid lane champions in the champion (again, Vs. Gangplank) were he will teach your about his Pick A Card Ability. Choosing from Blue Cards for Farm, Red Cards for All-rounding, and Yellow Cards to Stop an Enemy Champion. His E, although his most weakeast ability in my opinion, allows him to make a free Sheen passive with every 4 Hits or so; making out some nasty poke enemy for normally mid laners that don't expect it, or gotten off-guard. In Teamfights or in LCS, He is actually a solid champion to pick, although not the absolute greatest in teamfights, one nasty Yellow Card Stun, or a Red Card Harassment can be enough to put the teamfight into his favor. A Highly Recommended Champion for All Players.