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Lulu Build Guide by supermonstar13

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author supermonstar13

Let's use ALL the colors!

supermonstar13 Last updated on May 31, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lulu is my all-time favorite champion. My main role used to be support so I've played all support champions many times and I've loved Lulu most of all. She's so adorable and powerful!

She's the absolute best early game/mid game AND late game support.
She can harass, protect, and also has decent crowd control abilities.

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Pros / Cons


Great early game, too much poke, denies farm easily.
Can build a little AP and deal a lot of damage.
Easy and fast warding with Whimsy
Awesome teamfights - 7 different skills make Lulu outplay all other champions.

Difficult for beginners since she has 7 skills, not 4.
Too squishy
Mana hungry - that's why you need mana pots early!

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The runes I use are for better early and late game.

Gold per 10 quints so each time I recall, everytime I'm back I've made enough money for a ward already...I always recall and start buying stuff like boots, philosophers, kage's lucky pick and until I find those items I've already earned enough gold for another ward. That is quite useful.

Armor marks and seals so the enemy adcarry can't really mess with you , and some magic resist will always come in handy.

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Early game

In early game you MUST have wards around bot lane (tribrush, river, second bush in botlane). This way you have great map awareness and because of that you can play as aggresive as you want. Lulu is supposed to be pretty aggresive even though she's a bit mana thirsty.

You gotta harass the AD carry and the Support as well so you can force them to lose xp (Lulu is great at zoning) or even better, you can force them to recall pretty soon. Use your Q to slow them and make them go away from you and your carry - and of course, away from the minions and the XP.

When you're a bit away, use your E Q combo. Cast E on a minion that's kinda close to the enemy, then use your Q to harass and slow the enemy. Your Q is longer this way and you can simply be inside a bush and deal damage pretty far away from them.
Whenever you're pretty close, try to cast E on the enemy, then cast Q. This combo deals TONS of damage to the squishy lvl 2 ad carry.

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Mid Game

Once you reach level 6 the lane is even easier for you. Lulu is the best anti support ever! You can counter the other aggresive champs like Leona, Blitzcrank, Thresh and make them pretty useless!

As you already know, W polymorphs enemy champion or makes your carry run faster. Save your W for hard situations. When they're about to attack your ad carry you can make them run away pretty fast (flash saved!) or you can polymorph the most dangerous enemy and then he's an easy kill. if he tries to run away, make sure you've cast E with your W so you can slow them with Q and prevent their escape.

Some teamfight will occur at around lvls 6-8 near dragon. That's almost certain. You'll probably be 1-2 lvls lower than the carries (recalling for wards is a ***** - that's why you need a sightstone early btw) but make sure you're level 6 before the teamfight starts.
Probably bot lane, jungler and mid lane will be around dragon to fight for this so always have a pink ward at baron to know they can't see you... If they finally come or you run into them doing it you always want to defend your team and harass as much as possible. One good idea is to W their jungler so he won't be able to smite it while ultying your jungler (probably tank) when he's near them and then the CC is unbeliavable and you have kills and dragon advantage. Not so hard, isn't it?

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End Game

If you're winning the game, cast ultimate on your tank when he initiates. Everybody tends to ban malphite for his ultimate while Lulu's is even more powerful! Imagine Malphite casting his ultimate and Lulu casting ultimate on Malphite right after. The teamfight is already won! Shield your adcarry, use your active items when needed (Like Shurelya's, Iron Solari etc) and W the most powerful enemy or your AP carry to deal more damage.

If you're not quite winning the game, but still there's an inevitable teamfight, you may try to protect your ad carry as much as possible and not use your ultimate wisely. Block the enemies away from them, protect your team, cast any actives may needed and know that a good Lulu always wins a teamfight!