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Tristana Build Guide by RON530

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RON530

Lifesteal Tristana (April 6 2012)

RON530 Last updated on April 6, 2012
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Critical Tristana


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Dominion Tristana coming soon!

So this would be the full blown Tristana offensive build. It is packed with life steal because Tristana has Rapid Fire, why not throw in some Life steal with that speed? Life steal + Tristana's attack speed make a great combination in any case. I noticed if you get The Bloodthirster in the end, it won't make much of a difference because you'll be dying by 1-3 hit skills since Tristana is that squishy; life steal would make up for it in early game. End game, you'll find yourself going 1v1 with the opponent's tank and it won't do any damage to you because you will be gaining it back.

Basically this build is exactly for those who love to harrass and win in 1v1's.

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9x greater mark of desolation - Gives more dps, that faster they fall in early game ganks.

9x Greater Seal of Critical Chance - It is a nice rune that gives you critical chances before you get your Phantom Dancer.

9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration - Great rune for avoiding times when you run out of mana to jump out of action.

3x greater quintessence of desolation - Ever MORE dps!

Tip for beginners - For those who are under Level 20, Do not get any other runes! Save up for All these runes! You will require somewhere around 12,000 IP. At level 20 you'll be able to use 13-14 runes or so.
My experience - I started playing as Tristana since Level 1, bought her with IP and haven't bought anything since. I hit level 20 and got all the runes i needed.

As i researched runes a little more, I found out what primary and secondary mean. I did a little trial and error to see how much improvement i received from changing to all one type and all primary. I Find that primary runes are more beneficial. You can check out the rune page here (It is Wikia) to see which runes are which. Basically ALL AP RUNES isn't as good as having the variety that i have on my "backdooring tristana" build. So i might consider changing the main build's to that as well.

As you can see on my BD Tris Build i have a lot of runes there, you can mix and match any of those you want. I recommend the primary which are greater mark of desolation, greater seal of replenishment, [greater glyph of celerity]], and greater quintessence of desolation.

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Obviously you start with a Doran's Blade!

Trip #1 -
Let's say you got a kill in early gank and have time to spare, go back and get yourself Boots of Speed.
If you kill 2 then kill some minions until you get berseker's greaves.

Trip #2 -
Buy Berserker's Greaves if you haven't done so already. Have enough to spare a Vampiric Scepter? Buy it! You won't be coming back until you get 1850 for B. F. Sword anyways. The Scepter isn't really that great though, don't expect it to life steal back to full health. It is only useful for regaining life by auto attacking minions. It is an "okay" item to invest in.

Trip #3 - Buy the B. F. Sword now, you will see a big difference in your damage dealing.

Trip #4 - Buy The Bloodthirster. This would be the point where you have the option to farm minions or jungle. If the center turrets are still up on your opponent's team, take them down! Becareful though~ Your objective will be to max out your The Bloodthirster's potential. Help your team push as well. DO NOT DIE.

Trip #5 - From all that farming you will probably have enough to buy Zeal Which improves your attack speed. Pick up a Dagger if you have enough. Farm some more until you have enough to get your Phantom Dancer.

NOW you are set! From on now most of the following items are optional.

Another The Bloodthirster would be GREAT! because with a second one, you will take down tanks thinking they have the upper hand. Just stay and tank a tank i suppose, you will not take that MUCH damage. Make sure it is a 1v1 though. Hug a turret if you are going up against more than 1 champion.

Infinty Edge is an important item because it does more output damage. The reason why it isn't coming earlier is because it requires critical chance which you don't have much of until you get the Phantom Dancer. You can buy this before the second Blood thirster.

A second Phantom Dancer is great too! This means you can sell your Berserker's Greaves for it. It would replace the movement speed and give you more attack speed, critical chance.

Finishing it up with your 6th item being The Black Cleaver. This will drop tanks down in no time; imagine squishies?!!

Deffensive Items:

Let's say it isn't going that great and you aren't getting that many kills. Want to go defensive? Instead of getting Berserker's Greaves, get Mercury's threads for those magic casters like Ryze. They're great for running away and decreasing stuns, slows, etc.

Mid game or later, work up to get a Vanshee's Veil for more life, mana and to avoid abilities such as Karthus's Requiem.

For Tough tanks

Use a Madred's Bloodrazor for champions with a LOT of health such as; Cho-gath, Olaf, Mordekaiser, etc.


Buy EVERY consumable potion, they will automatically activate. Get some wards to have more map awareness. IF you have A LOT of gold to spare, sell your boots, mass buy wards and place them all over the map. Rebuy boots.

You will end up having builds that look similar to this in the end:
GENERAL (focused on champs)

More DPS (focused on turrets)

Anti-AP for example Karthus

Anti-stun (and more AP)

Anti-tank (or champs with lots of HP)

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Skill Sequence

Explosive Shot-> Rocket Jump-> Explosive Shot-> Rapid Fire-> Explosive Shot

Explosive shot is high priority because it has splash damage. It is also your poking skill. Use this as much as possible on champions for harrasment! Once you hit level 2 and you have enough health, jump into the minions and E ( Explosive Shot) the champion then run back behind your minions. Repeat. By level 4, with 3-4 pokes you can take the kill even if they use Heal or Health Potion. Heal-block them by E'ing on them. Try not to jump as much because you'll need it to escape. Becareful for ganks and turrets.

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Team Work

Stay being your minions and other champions.
You will be in the back shooting everyone in team fights. Make sure to Q Rapid Fire all the time!
If someone is attacking you, for example Ashe, just attack the champion your team is aiming for because you'll be life stealing it back. IF your targer is far away then hit minions, you'll get that life back if you have those 2x The Bloodthirsters.

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Backdooring Tristana

So I have been playing Tristana way more now and there are a couple of games I actually can't do much. When there are a lot of tanky champs on the other team, or if there are champs you just can't go up against; for example Brand, Katarina, Irelia, Mordekaiser, and a couple of other champs. Backdooring will be your main goal. Your way of thinking would be "SCREW TEAM FIGHTS" with this build. Ignore those trolls and you're set :)

You start off in Mid. The point of the items in this build is to get as much attack speed as possible in end game. So you will have to stall mid as much as possible, play it defensive/passive. You do not want top and bottom to gank you. If there is a Shaco or a Evelynn on the other team, buy 1-2 wards just in case. Place them in the little brushes in the river. It will help out a lot. Especially if you're up against an AP champ in mid. He'll get bored if you keep playing passive. Once you get your B.F. Sword Take down the mid turret as fast as possible.

From then on go to your jungle and farm minion kills. You must already be minion fed by now for all those last hits you got in mid. Always make sure you look at the map at all times and know where all the other champions are. At least 4 should be on the other side of the map. If you've already experienced a backdoorer like Twisted Fate this should be simple.

You're skills should be focused on Q Rapid Fire, make sure to SPAM it on turrets. SAVE your Rocket Jump to escape. DO NOT use it to farm minions or jump into a team fight. If a champ is coming to defend their turret and the turret is | | away, Buster Shot them in order to get those couple of seconds. RUN LIKE HELL. This is where you use your jump.

This is where those runes come in handy. I put attack speed and cooldown runes on this build because you need Rocket Jump and Rapid Fire as much as possible. IF all 4-5 champions remain on the other lanes, keep pushing. By this time you will be able to take 1 champ by yourself. If it is a champ you cannot take, go hide in a bush. I'm pretty sure most of the time they would think "oh she's gone" so hide for 30-45 secs. Then keep pushing. Or while waiting go kill golems.

Backdooring is fun most of the time because not only do you get your team 150gold each BUT you're distracting the other team while your team pushes theirs. (That's only if your team knows what it is doing of course)