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Evelynn Build Guide by Lightmagician60

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lightmagician60

Light - Evelynn

Lightmagician60 Last updated on December 22, 2012
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Pro/Tricks & Cons/Weaknesses

i have got a ton of odd looks when i call mid and pick Eve, I've even bin insulted. this build works if you know what your doing.

+ Eve can last a very long time in lane if she take no damage, when her Shadow Walk is active she regens 1% of her max mana every second, with some Health Pots and/or HP regen runes she can stay a long time even if she take damage.
+ being able to stealth make her harassments hard to see coming.
+ being able to stealth makes it hard to tell if she is here or not, making it hard to call mia, and her ganks are hard to see coming untill shes already on top of you cause of the stealth.
+ her Dark Frenzy makes her hard to hit, with movements runes this adds to it.
+ once she has Rylai's it can be hard to get away, as long as your in range of her hate spike she can keep that 15% on you untill your close enough to ravage for a 35%
+ her Agony's Embrace hurts for a lot if eve has a lot of AP dealing 15/20/25% of the target's max hp, and +1% per 50 AP she has

- a good level of understanding of other champs is needed to play Eve well
- Mid to late game, Eve needs to be ahead to be a threat

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the Way of the Eve

your best tool with Eve is your mind, Eve has to get in her opponent's face, meaning if she trys for a kill she has not choice but go thought her opponent's damage. their are ways to go about killing your opponent.

make them waste
you can use your movement to bait them into using a skill, and dodge it. and keep doing this untill their low on Mana, then having low mana to work with they won't have their full Spell combo.

this does not work on:
- Champs without mana or use energy
- Champs that Regen Mana Well
- Champs that harass with un-dodge-able skills, like single targets or cones

Every little Bit counts
for Champs that you can't make them waste Mana or they have an un-dodge-able Skill, you can just poke at their HP instead. and when they're low run in a kill them before they can do anything. if they have dodge-able Hard CC, you need to get them waste it first, before harassing.

this does not work on:
- Champs the can regen their HP well
- Champs that have alot of counter harass
- Champs with un-dodge-able Hard CC, like Snares, Stuns & Suppresses

Stand Higher
if the last 2 ways won't work then this is your last option. just farm minions, once you hit lv6 & have Agony's Embrace push the minions out and gank the other lanes, if you wait for your stealth before leaving they won't know your gone.
this works the most often but you get less kills, and if this don't work your going to need help.

this does not work on:
- Champs that can out Damage someone even when that Someone is ahead
- Champs that can Stun lock you to death with a un-dodge-able skill.

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Knowledge is Power

what i said above is the basics, but vs good players your going to need more advanced tactics. so let the long list begin.

Ahri 2/3
cause of her Passive harassments won't stick for long, but you can make her waste Mana, having 2 skillshots it's possable to make her waste. but if she is smart and has Mana Items/Pots, you will have get ahead. if you are going to try to kill Ahri you need to bait her charm first, other wise you will just end up hurting.

Akali 1/3
i feel sorry for any akail that gets matched up with Eve.
the only form of ranged harasment Akail has is her Mark of the Assassin untill her ult, cause Mark of the Assassin has low damage without the 2nd effect you can bully an akail very easy, just don't lets her auto-attack you when you have the mark on you, once akail is has her ult you have to be ahead of her to kill her.

(more Info needed)

Annie 2/3
Cause of Annie's Passive it's easy for her to stun lock you. so harassing her when she has it won't work. when she does not have it you can harass her, when she does have it stay away and farm/gank. you can click on her and see the number of stacks it has. even if your ahead still be careful of the stun.

Ashe 2/3
Ashe is a long fight to kill her, it's hard to get close to her when she has mana, cause of volley, and killing cause of her ult. bait Volley then run behind minions, do this as much as you can. once she is low on mana, you can start harassing her. then when you go in for the kill, be ready for the ult and dodge it. this is harder then it sounds

Brand 2/3
Brand puts your Dodging to the test, you have to Bait his skills then kill him when he has no Mana sound easy right? nope this will take practice.

Caitlyn 1/3
this is too easy, dodge Piltover Peacemaker when you see it coming, and don't harass her when she has her passive stacked. other wise you may end up trading damage but as long you don't let her heal it back via life steal, this will end up in your favor, buy extra pots if you recall back and don't have a enough for a Giant's belt.

Cassiopeia 1/3
just don't get hit to much and harass her, when you go to kill her if you can turn away from the ult then dark frenzy the slow away this will be easy. worst comes to worst, she will just keep getting away with her ult.

(more Info needed)

another long fight but do-able. you need to get ahead of her by ganking and weaken her before hand. how you harass her may take some practice, you need to run around her counterclock wise spaming hate spikes but not getitng close enough to be pulled with moonfall or hit with her shield, because Crescent Strike comes from Diana's right, she can have a hard time reaching to the left. if you have to move to the right at any time, just be ready to turn to the left.
*every time i say "left" i mean Dia's left.

(more Info needed)

(more Info needed)

Fizz 2/3
i love getting matched with Fizz, being a agile fighter like Eve.
this a even match. you don't need to be ahead to kill fizz, but it comes down to if you can dodge Playful/Trickster and his ult, his ult a must to dodge if you don't you will lose. also don't ult untill after he's used Playful/Trickster.
anything else comes down to skill.

Gragus Gragus
(more Info needed)

Heimerdinger 3/3 Warning!
don't think you will win lane vs this guy easy. if you try to kill him he will just Micro-Rockets you to death or pop his ult and kite your sorry but around his turrets. and his passive makes damage he take just slowy waste away, however you still get him to waste Mana. if you think tanking Micro-Rockets will work, no, you will die first. you have to pick of his turrets, if he uses the mana to replace it, then pick it of again. this is the only way to "Tie" with him. once he's out of mana heim is good at leaving some turrets to hold lane, then recalling. once he's done this you can gank another lane. but make sure to not take to long. if you have to recall, it my be an idea to ignite heim before you go. heim will most times recall the same time you do, cause his turrets can hold minions no problem, if you ignite he can't recall right away, you will get first, and can push the minions. you will never win VS heim.. but you can Tie