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Lux Build Guide by Raxray

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raxray

Lighting the Way to Victory

Raxray Last updated on June 15, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0

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Utility: 9

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Hello everyone, my name is Cedric Withrow (Raxray) and I'm 16 years old, I love to game and I always have a personal need to improve my skills. But enough about me, this is the way that I play Lux and I definatly encourage others to try it. I've been playing Lux for about 8 months now as my main character and she is by far my favorite champion. Despite her being underplayed, I believe that she is a force to be wreckoned with.]

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    -Strong Burst
    -Good CC
    -Fun ultimate
    -Dat laugh
    -Very Squishy
    -Skill shot based
    -Mana trouble
    -Long Cooldowns

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

These are pretty self explanitory. You need the Magic Penatration.

Greater Seal of Replenishment You can choose mana per level over these, but I perfer the ability to be able to harras more early game as this is before I will be grabbing as many blue buffs as possible. Lux mana cost for her E, (Her main harras) are very high even at low levels, which again is why I chose these.

Because your killing potential is so great after level 6, you want to make sure that you are optimizing for your ability power at that level and beyond. This will also help you snowball better.

Basically the only Quints that you should use, the ability power is too great to pass up for the scaling on your skills. The only others I would grab are Magic Pen quints, this is because A LOTof her damage comes from her passive, I have not tried this yet, but would be willing to test.

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Pretty standard masteries, utilising Brute Force , Meditation , Swiftness , and Executioner .

One thing you should note I take 3 points into Brute Force rather than Havoc , this is because last hitting is so important, not mention because of your passive you will be harrasing a lot with your auto attack. This I feel gives a better advantage than Havoc . With Havoc if you do 1000 damage, the only bonus you would get it a very small 15 damage. Which at level 18, is practically unoticable.

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Summoner Spells

This is a must. The most versitle and useful spell for basically any and all AP casters mid. I cannot stress how important this spell is.
Not only can you escape from meany jungler ganks by hopping over walls and ledges, you can also let yourself up for an easy kill. I highly recommend not taking a different summoner.
Ignite is what you will probably grab most of the time, it gives you that extra punch in order to secure the kill, when playing Lux, you will notice that enemies will get away with very little HP, and this can make a difference between a kill or typing "How much health?".
Teleport is a viable option in my own opinion. This spell can be great for putting pressure on other lanes and getting back to lane quicker to get more creep score/experience than your oppenent. However I tend not to take this because your ultimate is already very good at pressuring other lanes and pushing from long distances.
I actually still use this spell every now and then. It synergizes so well with you ultimate and makes picking off low health runners incredible easy. Not to mention stealing enemy blue buffs, dragon, and baron. All around I love using this spell. But when I do, I miss the extra power from ignite. WARNING: IF YOU TAKE THIS SPELL, MAKE SURE TO CHANGE YOUR MASTERIES ACCORDINGLY
This spell can come in handy depending on the your enemies team comp. If your either A.playing against and AD mid (such as Talonor Pantheon) or B.Playing against a very bursty team, I would possible recommend taking this spell. Also then spell can come in handy when landing skill shots.

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We want to start off with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion. This will give us the sustain we need, and because of our runes and masteries, we should have plenty of mana assuming we don't spam our spells all willy nilly.

Our first trip back we want to buy about 2-3 Doran's Ring. I ussally go with 2, but i may take three is I feel I'm doing incredible well in lane, and want the early game advantage or if I need the extra buffness If the oppenent is very bursty (ie. Veigar, LeBlanc, etc)

These items should hold for a while and you may upgrade to [sorcerer's shoes] when you feel you need them. But it is important that we start to rush our deathcap after this, and here is my reasoning why:

Lux is a hybrid mage, she can easily be mistaken as a support and needs the extra damage to stay up with the rest of the casters. SO we need to get a fast deathcap. Now, some people may argue that RoA is a better choice, but I can assure you they are wrong. Sure the exrta health is nice and the mana can be helpful to our high mana cost, but you will be lacking so much damage that the Deathcap brings, that it won't matter. Lux has INCREDIBLE range, so for 99% of the time, there is no reason we should be in the front of a battle taking all the damage. It is very easy to sit back in the safty of our team and throw spells at the enemy all day long. Also if mana is an issue for you, then your probably managing your spells wrong. She does have very heavy mana cost BUT your jungler should be feeding you blue buff 24/7. Lux is like Swain or Anivia, she needs the blue buff to do well. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD NOT PLAY LUX WITH A MANA HUNGERY JUNGLER LIKE Warwick OR Amumu.

Now that we have our deathcap, and are dishing out some good damage we can move on to Lich Bane. This item goes so well with lux, becuase of the fact you will be procing your passive for extra damage anyways, so the damage from Lich Bane with further the burst potential, not to mention the extra movespeed, magic resist, and mana are all very nice stats to add to our set.

Here is when you need to start making some choices,

Are they stacking MR? Grab a Void Staff
Are they very AD heavy/fed? Grab a Zhonya's Hourglass
Are they AP heavy/fed? Grab a Abyssal Mask

All in all you will probably be grabbing most of these at some point anyways, but the order of which you get them are key.

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Ability Explanations

This spell is a single line skill shot that stuns up too two targets in its path.This will be your main source of CC.

This spell will help you set up the rest of your combo. Its recommended that you don't try to land your shots without stunning them with this first.

Its incredible important that you dont spam this in lane unless you know it will hit, because not having it off cooldown could be fatal when a jungler comes to gank.
This spell is a shield skill shot that gives you a shield when you first cast it, then again when it returns to you like a boomarang.This spell is VERY under estimated. It will save your life COUNTLESS times as it has saved me. One of the most important things about this spell is to utilise both of the shields. For example diving towers becomes a lot easier when your able to take 2 shots to the face without damage being taken.
A AoE nuke that leaves an area of light on the ground for a few seconds, revealing bushes and fog of war all while slowing the movement speed of those who walk through it. Then exploding after a few seconds dealing damage to all those standing in it. Of course, this spell my be detonated early to deal damage quicker.

This is your main harras. Throw E then auto attack.Doesn't get simpler than that. Use this spell to face check bushes that may have scary Garens waiting for you or to catch up to/slow down chasing or fleeing enemies.
Finales Funkeln Also know as "The Laser". This spell is what makes lux who she is. A long range skill shot that charges a laser then shoots its immiedately after a short delay.

This spell can be used in a few ways because of its amazingly short cooldown. Pushing lane/farming creeps, Damaging multiple enemies in teamfights, stealing buffs, dragons, and baron, and killing low health straglers from a large range.

Note how very short the cooldown is, do not be afraid to spam this spell.

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Illumination is the secret to Lux's ultimate harassing ability. Every time you hit someone with a spell the will glow. Hitting them while they glow with trigger a magic damage burst on the target depending on your level. Knowing this, lets look at some combos.


1) Lucent Singularity + Illumination = Simple laning harass
2) Light Binding + Illumination + Lucent Singularity + Illumination = Strong Pre-level six Kill Combo
3) Light Binding + Illumination + Lucent Singularity + Finales Funkeln= Post level six Kill Combo

NOTE:The reason we don't auto attack the target in Combo 3 After Lucent Singularity is because your ultimate will proc it for you, saving you time letting you have a better chance of hitting your target.

Another very common combo is to throw Q, then E, but let the E sit there and R before, then explode the E after the ultimate hits. This will not sum to as much damage as combo 3, but it is a very safe combo to use in situations you know you will get the kill. The reason we do it this way is to make ur that your ultimate will hit them for sure, without their chance to escape its range.

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Early Game


You soul job is to farm. Farm farm farm. But also there is one other thing lux is great at, that we should take advantage of early game. And that is zoning. What is zoning you ask? Well here you go.

Zoning in LoL is described as denying the gold/experience of creeps from the enemy player.

Lux excells at zoning others due to her large skill set of AoE and range. Their are very few who can hit lux when she is at full range of her spells. Knowing these things we are able to use are spells such as Lucent Singularity to force enemies to either A) Take damage or B) Miss the oh so precious minion farmThis will give us a gold advantage and level advantage to our oppentents which can easily turn the tides of a game.

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Mid Game

Here is where some teamights are bound to happen, and this is where lux is going to shine. Bottom tower is probably gone and you get some pesky roamers coming into your lane. No big deal, just let your team know so that you can start locking them down for your team to pounce, and laser them to their graveyard.

Hitting more than one champion with your ultimate is very important.

When dragon attempts start going down, this will be the best time for lux. When lots of people are clustered into small spaces you can start doing huge amounts of damage. 1 good ultie and the entier fight can turn in your favor.

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Late Game

With Lux, at this point you probably have your deathcap and lichbane. Just keep throwing your spells from the safty of your team.

Lock down carries with your Q

Shield friendlies from danger with E

Burst down carries with your combos

And kill low health fleeing enemies are your hearts desire with R

THIS IS IMPORTANT:Lux is EXECPTIONAL at Baron control. Throwing E over the side to see whats going on, and stealing it with a laser from a long range as a smite can basically win you the game. Which is why it's important to know when Baron attempts are going down, because your ult HAS to be off cooldown during these fights.

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All in all Lux is a completely fun champion to play all while having a great skill set. I recommend her to anyone who loves playing AP Mid. She may be underestimated, but I assure you she is great.

This was my first guide so feel free to let me know what I can approve and what you liked. Any comment good or bad is helpful. Thank you for your time!