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Trundle Build Guide by LiquidJade

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LiquidJade

Liquid Jade Guides

LiquidJade Last updated on May 27, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Kind of new to this site making builds and all.

I think i got the set up right tho!

Ok Welcome thank you for viewing my guide.
Coming from Chicago IL bringing you a solid Trundle Guide that will get you some WTF? comments in game.

The way this Trundle works is by slowing the fights down. Honestly thats how this works. HAHAHA Sound stupid right? Who wants to fight slower in LOL????

Key points here are:

    When you hit someone you move faster (boots)
    When you hit someone they move ALOT slower (Iceborn and Skill E)
    % of life damage and life steal (Ruined King)
    High armor to hold up in combat
    Good health for sustain
    3 Wards per tele back to base! BE A DAM TEAM PLAYER!! LOL (Nice health boost as well)

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HUGE NOTE: Get your E first!!
I know your asking me... "Jade WTF do I slow for my first dam spell?!!?!??!?"
The answer is it acts like a ward when casts!!! When your in bot lane try casting into bush when you know there there. It will not only slow them give your ADC a chance to pop them once (Where is CRIT Ash when you need her!) but you will have a full view of the area over and over again.

Now i try to max out my Q first let me explain!!! before you start crying!
Your in a support roll with this guy. If your going to hit the enemy 2 things you want to happen here.

1st - BURST as much as you can if there going after your ADC
2nd - This is not a AD build, again your Support!!! Your Q will give you the AD to make some power.

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How to BEAST with a Troll

Tier 1

The BASE items get this built as fast as you can in this order.

This will most def keep you alive and strong in any battle till you get rolling on farming and team fighting.

Just have some faith until you try this. You become a monster VERY fast and snowball even faster.

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Tier 2 Mid Game / Early Late Game

Tier 2 Gear Set

These are going to allow you to farm up some GOOD gold and let the enemy team know your not playing around when you solo/team fight.

Adding 45AP per hit mixed in with your W which at this point should be level 2. You will pump out some damage.

Now by the time you get your Ruined Kind the enemy team should have there confidence up enough to start some heavy team fights. If a team fight breaks out after the pull count to 2 and charge in. You WILL hold your own in there, so dont be scared!

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Tier 3 Final Item (Know the game your playing!)

Tier 3 End Items
Yes i made a whole section for this because this is going to save or break your team if the game last this long.

Ok by this time you can figure out what item you should be buying to end the game. Its going to depend on the game honestly and how it is going.

If you got some scrub that needs to be slow down in his ATT speed I highly recommend buying a Randuin's Omen. Now that is one of my fav items for just jumping threw everyone and grabbing the ADC. Run threw pop your CD on the group and keep charging the ADC. They will either run (which is smart) or try and blow you away. Either way you should be able to grab them.

But if your going to stay in the fight and help off tank some of the enemy group then i would honestly go with the Sunfire Cape. You will last long enough by FAR to be able to use its extra 40AP per sec.

Both offer a great sustain in battle but its going to be your call on what you need. Watch the game know what your team is missing. With this build you can drop wards, benefit from the extra health from it and have a slow with AD burst. You will hit like Master Yi and tank like Garen!

Dont knock it try it!!
You will see what im talking about when you get into a 2v1 and blow them both away.

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Now this took me a while to fine tune this.

I was playing with alot of missing MR, so what i did is make up for it a little in the rune page.
You honestly dont want to get popped by both there support and ADC. It just is not a good thing because you will loose life to fast!! Early game with this build you will hold a strong stance and people will not expect that. (GOOD)

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Ok this is where it gets little strange.
I know i know... Your a DAM support you should not farm... bla bla bla.
Save it! This is not a Sona guide or a Sok guide!

This is a Trundle guide!!
When your ADC is out of lane!!! FARM my FAV little creeps as fast as you can! Push the lane all the way! (If its safe) The team will most liking cry about taking farm and bla bla. IF your ADC out of lane buying then its your turn.

They will tank you later trust me!