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Lissandra Build Guide by OnlyIceWitch

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OnlyIceWitch

Lissandra - Team Fight Goddess

OnlyIceWitch Last updated on August 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pros / Cons

- Tanky
- Easy to farm
- Good wave clear
- Long Range Gap Close/ Escape
- Good Roaming Potential
- Lots of AOE damage, as well as single target damage (in mid game)

- Short Range
- Certain Champs can bully her in lane (lux, fizz)
- If shut down early, hard to get back into game

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Welcome to my first ever guide. Lissandra is a great champion who can bring a lot of utility and damage to the mid lane. In the guide, I'll focus on how I use Lissandra to carry soloQ games.

Note*** Please forgive my formatting, this is my first guide. I assure you though it is worth the read!

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On Lissandra, lots of runes work depending on the lane matchup and how comfortable you are in the lane. The most ideal rune set-up would be Flat AP quints and marks with this build. Since your mid-game core items focus around magic pen, the flat AP runes will really give you a kick in both the early game trading and mid game roaming.

Some other viable runes that I have used to success are flat AD marks and movement speed quints. I use this rune set up against melee champions. The flat AD helps last hit minions as well as giving some harass early which can really shut down some champions. The movement speed helps to maneuver in lane as well as roam to other lanes.

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For Masteries, focus on the offense masteries for the Ability Power, Magic Pen, CDR, as well as general damage output. The 21 points in the offense are a must for play lissandra in the mid lane. Your left over 9 points can be either put into defense or utility trees. I usually prefer defense because of my aggressive play style. The defense tree can give you flat HP, armor and magic resist for early trading. Since Lissandra has a short range, defense tree is very useful on her. If you find yourself facing an easier lane (such as against assassins) then utility could also work. The CDR, mana regen and improve flash are luxuries and nice if you can stay safe enough in the early game.

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There are plenty of ways to build Lissandra, depending on the role you need to fill in your OWN team composition, not necessarily to counter the enemy team composition. What these items do is give you a lot of utility, while still being able to do tons of AOE damage in team fights. This is extremely strong in SoloQ, because you can set-up your own kills later in the game, while also being a team fight goddess.

2x Doran's Ring
- This is a must for the lanning phase. Only being 800 gold, the 2x Doran's rings are extremely cost efficient and will serve as your mana regen items. Once you've gotten these, you will notice how much easier it is to farm with your Ice Shard as well has sufficient mana regeneration for the entire game. Ice Shard's mana cost does not scale, while your own MP/Level does.

Abyssal Scepter
- After your 2x Doran's Ring, I usually rush my abyssal scepter. The AS (for short) is a must have item on Lissandra, even if the team only has 1 AP. Usually in SoloQ, you will go against another ability power based champion in the mid lane. With 2x Doran's and an AS, your opponent will find it hard to trade with you or push you out of lane. The AS is also a key part of this build because of the passive that reduces enemies MR. Right when this item is finished, you gain an extremely powerful power-spike and can really start to roam/push objectives.

- If you are going against an AP assassin like Kassadin or Fizz, try grabbing your negatron cloak first.
- If you are ahead, try grabbing a blasting wand (of course after your 2x Doran's)
- Once you have a blasting wand/negatron cloak and are forced back early, its not bad to grab a Amp Tome before finishing your AS

Sorcerer Shoes
Sorcerer Shoes are a must on Lissandra. Try to grab early boots to increase your roaming potential and to get back to lane after you base. The Magic Pen from Sorcerer shoes is a must on this build. This should be part of your core build.

- Once you get an AS, you can feel free to upgrade your boots which will offer another power spike. The increased MS is also really nice for mid game roaming.

Haunting Guise
To finish off your mid game core items, the haunting guise offeres survivability, damage, and Magic Pen. The passive and AP from your AS mixed with the magic pen from your sorcerer shoes and haunting guise will make your mid game very scary as well as allowing you to scale into the late game.

- If you ended up getting an early Amp Tome, upgrade this into your haunting guise.
- If you can get an haunting guise before your Sorcerer shoes then DO IT!

Liandry's Torment
Once you've completed your mid game core items ( 2x Dorans, AS, Haunting Guise, Sorcerer Shoes)you rush your Liandry's torment. The Liandry's gives you AP, HP, as well as Magic Pen which is all extremely good on Lissandra, but the most important thing to note is the %max HP damage. All of your abilities give your opponent a DOT that does 6% of the max HP as damage. This damage is double if there is any form of CC on them (slow, root, stun, etc.) Since all of Lissandra's abilites slow, stun, or root (besides Glacial Path), the damage output of Liandry's is a must on Lissandra. Being the bread and butter of this build, all other items complement Liandry's by giving Lissandra survivability and magic pen.

-%HP damage and penetration (ability or attack damage) have a ton of synergy. If your damage output is doing %HP of there health, naturally the more HP an enemy builds the more damage you do. The best defense for items that do %HP damage is resistances like armor and magic resist.
- This build focus around doing the double damage from the Liandry's while having a huge amount of magic pen to shred anyone on the opposing team.

Zhonya's Hourglass
Obviously being a very powerful item on any AP champion, the hourglass is knot at the end of the rope for this build. The extra ability power and survivability on this item makes it perfect for Lissandra. The active on the item also gives Lissandra a potential to be invulnerable for 5 seconds during a team fight. The ability power spike from this item is complemented by the huge amount of magic pen you've built up hitherto, and is the last of your team fight stage item.

The Synergy Between These Items (Hourglass, Abyssal, and Liandry's)
- Gives you armor, magic resistance, and HP
- This is important because of Lissandra's play style and close range spells
- Gives you an absurd amount of Magic Pen
-Gives you %HP damage
- Gives you potential to be invulnerable for the entire duration of the team fight

*** After you finished this build, you can choose to replace your doran's rings with really any item. Usually I get a Morrellenomicon because this build lacks CDR.

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Skill Sequence

R > Q > W > E

Max your ultimate whenever you can. Reduces the cooldown, does more damage, and has a greater slowing effect

Q - Ice Shard - Main source of damage, and easiest way to farm. Max this first always to maximize harrass potential as well as farming capability. Also excellent for kiting opponents.

W - Ring of Frost - I usually max this second because of the lower cooldown and longer stun duration.

E - Glacial Path - Usually meant for pure utility, I max this last.

Note*** Some people choose to max E before W, but I find this to be a less aggressive play style. This build makes you very tanky, so I like to make W to get into the thick of battle.

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Ranked Play

Early Game

Lissandra's early game is much more focused on farming then it is on pushing your opponent out of lane or going all in to kill them. Use Ice Shard to farm safely, while harassing your opponent. Be careful of the enemy jungler before you have Glacial Path. Once you have Glacial Path its hard for the enemy jungler to pick up a kill in your lane. If the enemy jungler has a stun, make sure you use Glacial Path AFTER they stun you, because if they interrupt your blink then you will most likely have to burn your flash or die. If you can hit the enemy while also last hitting minions with Ice Shard then do it. Make sure you know where the jungler is though, because it is easy to push up your lane with Ice Shard. Once you are level 3, you have a lot of kill potential if your jungler comes and ganks. If he doesnt, you can't really kill your opponent (unless you choose ignite.) The ideal situation would be to harass your opponent down while farming, and to all in them with Frozen Tomb. You can get your level 6 before your enemy if you soft push your lane when you and your opponent are level 5.

Mid Game
Once you have your mid game core items, you can set up kills for yourself and your allies extremely easily. Push your wave up hard if the enemy is back to base or out of lane, then roam bot or top to secure a kill. Teleport is extremely powerful at this point, not only because Lissandra has incredible roam potential with Glacial Path, but because the amount of CC you bring to the table can lock up anyone for a long time. What I usually do is look for an opportunity to teleport to bot lane if your friendly support can bait a fight. If you can manage to roam or teleport bot and pick up a kill, you can snowball your game by taking an early dragon or tower. Lissandra's strength is her mid game roam potential. This is the point in the game where you can carry SoloQ by setting up kills for your team and taking objectives.

Late Game/Team Fighting

Lissandra scales well into late game, but I would not consider her a hyper carry. She is not a champion like vayne/kassadin who will become incredibly strong as the game goes on. Lissandra doesn't fall off, but she has a more powerful mid game then late game. Her late game is much more focused on peeling for your ADC or initiating fights rather than picking off a single target. With this magic pen focused build, it is always wiser to initiate (or follow up) into the back line of the enemy using your E --> W --> R combo. 95% of the time you should use your ultimate on YOURSELF. You will do a ton of damage to everyone around you, as well as slowing them. It incredibly easy for your team to follow up. Only use your ultimate on an enemy if you are sure you are going to kill a high priority target like the enemy mage or ADC. Make sure your team is position and ping to let them know you are going to initiate, because you could end up in the center of the enemy team and get picked off easily if your team doesn't fallow up.

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Thanks for the read guys. Since this is my first ever guide, feedback is extremely helpful. Also, feel free to discuss more about Lissandra with me!