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Lucian Build Guide by OhBall

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OhBall

Lucian | AD Carry | S5 {OUTDATED}

OhBall Last updated on November 16, 2015
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Varus He has no escape/mobility, feel free to spam your abilites/auto attacks on him until he dies.
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Hello! My name is OhBall, I main AD Carry and this is my first guide I've ever created. It is a brief Lucian guide going over the basics of items, abilities, a few tips, and team fight positioning. I hope you enjoy and learn a few things!

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Standard AD Carry start items.

Like I said, get a Statikk Shiv if you are getting pushed in lane, why? The passive on Shiv helps you clear waves really fast and you can un-push your pushed lane.

Phantom Dancer is good for early game fights in lane, it has some potential to get you ahead. Why not just get Shiv, they both have about the same stats AND shiv has that cool passive? Well, the extra bit of attack speed and critical strike chance Phantom Dancer gives you can change the whole early game, one lucky crit can give you first blood.

I recommend buying the Furor enchant if you want to focus on picking people off during fights. Alarcity is useful if you find people are always able to easily escape you because the extra move speed alarcity gives you can help you chase. If you are fed and don't need any extra damage or move speed get Homeguard, you will get to lane/objectives much faster. Ionian Boots of Lucidity are a little bit troll, but the 15% cooldown reduction can help with spamming abilities in lane.

If your team is having trouble in team fights because pesky enemy tanks building tons of armor are getting in the way build Last Whisper, the 35% armor penetration help A LOT. I think Last Whisper is the best item in most cases, always build it unless the enemy team literally has 0 armour.

Blade of the Ruined King is useful if you want life steal and some attack speed, the active is very useful in 1 on 1 fights and escaping/kiting. Bloodthirster is good for life steal and a lot of extra damage. You can choose which one you want, in most cases I recommenced BotRK.

If you didn't build Yoummu's Ghostblade for your first item, you can still build it later. The CDR, armor pen, and crit can be very useful. It is also a very good item if you are focusing on split pushes because the active ability on it. Yoummu's is a pretty good 2nd item as well.

If the enemy team has lots of Crowd Control (Slows, Stuns, etc.) or lots of AP I strongly recommend Mercurial Scimitar. The active helps counter CC and it has good magic resist to counter enemy AP, also you get a really good source of AD. I think this is the best 6th item.

BUT, Guardian Angel can be very useful if the enemy has an equal amount AD and AP, it gives armor and magic resist and if you do happen to get caught out and killed, your Guardian Angel comes from the heavens and resurrects you, if you happen to start dying a lot I recommend this item.

Banshee's Veil, like I stated before, is a really good item when facing champions/team comps that rely on good lock down abilities. For example, if you are in a fight and Ahri manages to sneak around your front line and land a Charm (E) on you the CC wont apply.

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Skill Sequence

As Lucian I start by maxing Piercing Light (Q) for obvious reasons, it has the highest damage and is just an all around good ability. Now, personally I like to max Relentless Pursuit (E) next, it is a great gap closer/escape and I like to lower the cooldown on it so chasing is easier. I know what you're thinking (if you've never seen someone play Lucian before), Why wouldn't you max Ardent Blaze (W) second? It actually does damage! No, W does no damage at all when building AD. Your W isn't completely useless though, it is a good ability to proc your passive (and if you hit someone with W then auto atack them you get movespeed) which leads me to my next topic. Lightslinger (∞). Lucian's passive can completely change the course of the game so you have to use it effectively. Early game Lucian (level 2-3) is very strong purely because his passive, a good combo is Q, double-shot, E, double shot, W, double-shot + your supports CC = first blood. The double-shot does insane damage early game so never shoot 2 abilities in a row, always use your passive! The big range on Lucian's R is very useful for doing a lot of DoT damage on enemies under turret, good for sniping low enemies.

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Pros / Cons

- Good burst
- Great early game (laning)
- Team fighter
- Multitasker (can do dmg and CS at the same time with Q)
- Lots of carry potential

- Pretty mana hungry
- Really low ult damage to tanks
- Very, very weak if behind

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Most people will bring 3 Quints of Attack Speed but I bring 2 Quints of Attack Speed and 1 Quint of Attack Damage, why? I think Lucian doesn't really need the extra attack speed quint because his passive is already very effective at attacking fast.

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Team Fighting

Lucian can be very useful in team fights, not only filling the role as a regular AD Carry, sitting behind the team doing damage from a distance. No. Lucian can be much more helpful, his R (The Culling) can completely switch the course of a fight. Try to force fights in tight spaces (like jungle) so you can use your R to zone out certain areas/players in fights which can be the difference between losing and winning.

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In summary, I believe Lucian is a very strong AD Carry right now. He has a very strong laning phase and insane burst damage if he is ahead. Also, his ultimate is great for doing AoE damage or zoning in team fights which is something I feel not many ADCs can do. He is an all around great champion and very fun to play. Now go on, buy Lucian and have fun!