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League of Legends Build Guide Author FLJAFL


FLJAFL Last updated on November 23, 2013
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Welcome to my first League of Legends guide featuring

The Purifier.

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About Lucian

Lucian is a high mobility marksman,on a quest to free his wife Senna from Thresh's Lantern.

"You may have taken my wife Thresh.......what you left is a dangerous enemy." (Well I dont know how he says it,but still you know what I mean right?)

Although Lucian is low on mana at the start of the game,he can be very powerful.Using his mana wisely can land kills. I will now show you his skills.
Lightslinger is Lucian's passive. Whenever he uses a ability,he double shots an enemy.
The second shot deals 44 damage to turrets and champions.The second shot deals full damage to minions.

Piercing Light is Lucian's most often used skill.
When aiming at a enemy,a trail will a appear showing who will it hit behind.Using this skill to kill minions or finish off champions is really useful.

Ardent Blaze is Lucian's speed enhancement skill.
When he shoots it,it explodes in a star-shape.It will explode on enemy impact,or reach the end of its path,and marks the enemy in the explosion.Attacking marked enemies give Lucian increased movement speed,letting him have a better chance of catching up to the enemy.

Relentless Persuit is Lucian's escape/catching up skill.
When used,he dashes a short distance and removes all slow effects.For example,Ashe slowed Lucian down,but he uses Relentless Persuit and he runs away in normal speed.Also,Relentless Persuit lets you dash through skinny walls,making it easier to escape.

The Culling is Lucian's special skill.
When used,you may choose a angle to attack before shooting.When the angle is chosen,it cannot be changed.He may also move around trying to hit the enemies with The Culling.
Relentless Persuit may also be used during the process.If Lucian kills an enemy champion with The Culling,Relentless Persuit's cooldown gets resetted.

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Unique Skills

In my perspective,his Unique Skills are Piercing Light,Relentless Persuit,and The Culling.

This skills are unique due to them actually being really useful in a combo. My list of combos are (Legend: Q = Piercing Light W = Ardent Blaze E = Relentless Persuit BA = Basic Attack
R = The Culling





As these skills are unique,they deal MASSIVE amount of damage,and The Culling can finish them off if you keep moving to keep your attacks on the enemy.

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Why I Chose Lucian

I chose Lucian at his last Free-To-Play week.I had to refund Nocturne so I could buy him.
I tried Lucian during his other free weeks,and he wasn't that difficult for me.So,I thought I could be good at playing him.My brother told me about this guide.So I remembered what he said,and I also added 1 of my own item.I played a Co-op VS AI game with Lucian and this build,and I got over 12 kills with it :O

His difficulty for new players are 5 stars (REALLY HARD!),but once you have the hang of playing with him,it becomes all the way to a half star (so easy I can just get all the kills :D).

I recommend this champion to players who are level 11 in League of Legends.

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Match Histories

I will be adding match histories of how I did as Lucian. If you want YOUR'S posted,then send me the link in the comment or private message me with the link.

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Well thanks for reading my guide guys,and also another thing is that if you have any suggestions of what you want me to add,comment it and I will check if I can add it or not.