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Lucian Build Guide by nakiyami

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nakiyami

Lucian Black Panther (Not a full guide)

nakiyami Last updated on August 23, 2013
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Lucian hasn't been out long, but I have seen him around enough to know that many people have no idea what they are doing with him. With different incarnations of this build I have consistently destroyed other Lucians. This build centers around his burst with a huge focus on damage and crit. Without Damage and Crit attack speed means very little and most Lucians I have seen are just walking tickle machines. They hit a lot but not hard. For a champion whose kit is centered around burst, I don't understand. I don't really like making guides but here is a very rough crack at it just because I'm really annoyed.

This isn't a strictly bot lane guide per-say, I like Lucian a lot Mid Lane and even top given the right match up.

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Pros / Cons

-High Burst
-High Mobility
- Fun to Play
-He's a Black Panther

-He's an ADC and thus is Squishy but not unusually so
-Limited Sustained Damage without items
-His ult can be unwieldy

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Flat Armor Pen Marks Armor pen is awesome, and as long as your opponents are too stupid to really stack armor you have some leeway in what you do with your build if you go for A-Pen Marks.
Flat Armor Seals Armor is awesome for Early game especially in bot lane. You need that armor. Just get it. Damage is great, but not if you can't live long enough to unload.
Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs Magic Resist is nice for mid to late game. Eventually you will start team fighting, you should have some Magic Resistance for this instance. Also you could have an Ezreal Match up with his blue build or a AP jungle so, it doesn't hurt just to be safe and pick these up.

Damage Quints Damage Quints... More Damage. I don't even want to explain more than that. You can replace this with Armor pen and take damage else where, but why? Just get the Quints.

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Standard ADC stuff. And it works well. Damage, attack speed and such and a little bit of Defense. It works well. Adjust to reflect your play style.

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Here is the interesting part for me. For some reason everyone and their brother's build revolves around Blade of the Ruined King. Before anyone has much health or movement speed to drain. More attack speed to support your minimal damage. NO. I don't understand what the heck the thought behind that is. That being said, I like Blade of the Ruined King. Just not for your first dang item. Initial rant over. Moving on.

Out of these I like start 3 because I'm always feeling saucy, however, it's not a safe start, but that passive keeps you in lane far longer than the Standard Start. Start 2 is my least favorite, but if you need to dodge skillshots or hoots and you have slow reflexes, I guess that's an alright choice? It comes down to personal preference for this.

Get damage before Attack Speed. B.F Sword is ideal, but if you don't dominate grab a pickaxe. It's just as well. Then for your second buy before you get to the big gold items get your boots. Save a life... your life.

Infinity Edge is amazing on Lucian. It increases your burst capabilities generally, but also gives you full utilization of his passive. For every ability you use you have two chances to land a crit. It's good stuff.

BloodThirster is what I get for Sustain. You could also go with Blade of the Ruined King here, I don't. I much prefer the damage on Bloodthirster to Blade of the Ruined King.

Phantom Dancer
this gives attack speed a bit more crit and a passive that will help you split push and lose the haters in the brush. I like this item a lot. I almost always grab it.

If you need Tenacity even with your e, grab Zephyr. Attack Speed, some damage. It's a solid choice.

Ruaan's Hurricane I like this item a lot. In my damage oriented build it gives quick attack speed, and gives you more sustained damage. There are other items you could use that would probably be better. It's a lot of gold. Still testing it though so I included it.

Trinity Force I'm not sure what to really say about this. It's change is interesting but it's a lot of gold. I'd grab it if you're doing well.

Blade of The Ruined King Get it later, not as your core as a finishing item or if you have someone building straight health counter them. Build Ruined King. I talked about it above.

Defensive Finishes Sixth Item. Go Defensive. Late game will not be fun for you if you ignore your main weakness as any ADC: your natural squishiness.

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I'm Done

The guide is done. Yes it's rough. Going to archive it after other guides pop up. Thanks for reading. Feel free to chew me out for not being crazy about Blade of the Ruined King.