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Lulu Build Guide by Minkey

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Minkey

Lulu - Ahh.. There is my squirrel! (Support Build/OUTDATED)

Minkey Last updated on December 5, 2012
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xAncestor (3) | September 9, 2014 6:50pm
I'm going to vote a like in this guide, because I can do so.
xAncestor (3) | September 9, 2014 6:49pm
I'm going to vote a like in this guide, because I can do so.
Bludes (51) | October 25, 2013 2:59pm
The banners thou *-*
accela | November 2, 2012 5:01am
Wtf is the point of being an editor if you no responsibility?
Sukero (1) | October 21, 2012 9:59pm
You forgot to mention the biggest advantage of Morello's: it's active. You don't pick it for cooldown or AP, that's just a bonus...
Laggermeister (242) | October 13, 2012 10:14am
Pretty good, one thing though, under Summoner Spells you listed Ignite as good and Exhaust as decent, which is obviously a mistake.

Also, Spirit Visage sucks on Lulu, there's no reason why you should get it.
bigpickle0 | October 9, 2012 3:12pm
my friend, I congratulate you on an amazing build, I just played a draft pick with lulu, I went 1/0/16, in my mind, as long as a support does not die during a game, they did their job, they don't need kills, all they gotta do is support, I was helping our graves rush in, shield him, and make him a giant. I played lulu many times with other build, but it does not compare with this one, the ONE thing I changed in the process was that I gave lulu the Ionian boots of Lucidity so I can get more support on my team, and it worked fabulously. again, great build, I tip my hat to you good sir
Minkey (78) | October 4, 2012 1:56am

I do agree with almost everything you say, I wrote this guide in 1~2 hours and didnt care about it to much. Never expected it to be number one and I know it doesn't deserve that spot (many people seem to like the guide/build though). Thanks for your criticism, but I'm a very unactive moba user so I wont be changing anything.
astrolia (261) | September 28, 2012 11:51am
BEEP BEEP Greetings from the "weekend warrior" guide reviewer!

I don't think this guide deserves its 87% approval rating, nor does it deserve to be the #1 Lulu guide.

Your justifications for all of your decisions on items/etc are shallow and borderline nonsensical. Your explanations are basically restating what the item or spell does instead of fleshing out what the benefits are / can be.

I mean, seriously, look at your summoner spells section. You repeatedly say, "Well, I prefer Clairvoyance." Okay, great. But why? You don't ever say why you would rather take Clairvoyance over any other spell, but you repeatedly tell us you would rather take it, and you never really explain how it can be used in ways that make it a stronger pick up compared to other summoner spells.

Maybe you don't even know why you take Clairvoyance.

And content-wise, "CV is a must have on supports"? How so? In the current meta, bot lane is dictated by kill potential in order to snowball it in your carry's favor, and for that, Exhaust is the must-have spell on supports. But according to you, Exhaust is not a "good" option, only a "decent" option, and on par with Ghost (pointless on Lulu who has 2 movespeed debuffs and 1 movespeed buff), Teleport (not at all useful on a support), Cleanse (basically for on "counter-initiators" and better on the AD carry).

And then, "Heal is a great spell on supports". I agree, but only versus AoE teams where you can't Exhaust all of the AoE damage dealers at once. In reality, if someone bot lane is going to take Heal versus a non-AoE focus team, it's preferred on the AD carry so they can receive the full benefits instead of the 50% heal.

Then like, your rune section.

I don't care if you prefer HP quints, but you justify your decision to take them with: "Lulu is a pretty squishy champion, especially early game because we aren't buying any health items at level 1" and this makes me very, very confused. Are you implying that on other characters, you should be starting with a health item (like a Doran's Ring) so it makes you less squishy? Truthfully, starting with a Doran's Ring will just get you ganked by an intelligent jungler.

On the other hand, what exactly do you need +78 health for? Lulu's Glitterlance outranges every AD carry. Are you constantly getting poked or something? It's contradictory that you feel "safe" enough to take Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for poking/damage over a defensive rune like Greater Mark of Armor, but are apparently are not actually "safe" enough because you then also take Greater Quintessence of Health (and 9 in defense) for more health.

Then when we get to your flat mres glyph section, you say, "If you are fighting vs a team with much magic damage, these runes will help you much more to stay on lane earlier on." I don't understand. If there's "a lot of magic damage" on the team, it probably won't be bottom lane versus you since the AD carry and support go bottom. A better example of when to use flat mres glyphs is when the AD carry is someone who levels a magic skill first, or the support is one who has strong magic abilities early game.

"The reason you want to level this up at level 1 is because it has a high base damage and it can hit multiple targets + the fact you want to slow your enemies so your lanemate can kill him." Wait, what? If you take it at level 1, it's to check the bushes with the sound effect. And since you're taking Clairvoyance and not Exhaust, you Glitterlance is not going to help you get a kill @ level 1 unless the other guy is AFK. Whimsy helps setup early kills better because it's a lockdown.

Considering that the majority of your item descriptions are restating what the item does / what the items stats are, I find it funny you don't mention that Whimsy gives an AP boost, thus making it a useful spell to cast on your team's AP carry. You also mention casting Wild Growth "on your carry", but not on an initiator.

Then there's your main item section. Let's look at your item description for Locket of the Iron Solari: "This 'new' item is great, it gives alot of armor and it gives alot of health. It also has a really nice health regen aura which gives your team the ability to stay longer in the battlefield. The active of this item gives all of your allies a shield which makes saving lifes much easier."

You literally restated what the item tooltip tells you. How about mentioning that the shield strength scales on levels, and supports are under-leveled? In my opinion, Locket of the Iron Solari is not a good item to begin with, and I can't say reading your "description" has made me feel any better about it.

Building Morello's Evil Tome straight up sounds pretty questionable. What does it add to your team that makes it worth rushing over Shurelya's Reverie/ Aegis of the Legion? Also, Will of the Ancients gives "lifesteal to your abilities"? That's called spellvamp, and I think you should've just restated the item description again there, cause you would've gotten the term correct.

Under alt items, how, exactly, does Zeke's Herald sound like ****? Also how does it "only" help AD champions? Like you even go on to mention that it "makes pix attack faster" so clearly you don't think it only helps AD champs...

Also what's the point of recommending Rod of Ages? It takes 20 minutes to build up and it costs 3k. Where is a support getting that money? And Spirit Visage? You don't understand how the healing thing works either - it's heals done to you not heals you do. If you want both cooldown + health + magic res, sure why not. But your comments about the healing don't even make sense.

And in your warding section, how does say #15 only help blue side? It shows purple side if someone is coming to gank through that bush. #16 doesn't really cut it because it could be someone who can blink over the wall without passing by the bush from #16.

Lastly, in your gold/time section, you are really ignoring how Philosopher's Stone/ Heart of Gold/ Kage's Lucky Pick also cost an investment to purchase, meaning they won't actually be generating gold until after they've paid off their investment price. GP10 items are not comparable with Greater Quintessence of Gold or Greed which start giving you "free" gold from the start.

Btw, it's "a lot" not "alot". Just mentioning it since you misspelled it like 40 times.
TauntingNex | September 24, 2012 5:41am
Thanks alot for the guide, pwning everybody in ranked atm!

Uploaded with
Minkey (78) | September 24, 2012 1:33am

Played Lulu during her free week a while ago and forgot to credit this guide ;o. Your guide helped out a ton! It was really fun supporting my team and turning every single enemy champion I saw into squirrels... huehuehue

Haha laughed at that comment mate, thanks and glad you liked it
Major Evers | September 22, 2012 3:10am
This build, as is... Holy hell. Ran Lulu for the first time and went 5/0/36 (I used the assist xp mastery for that very reason, meaning -2% CD, but it worked out)!!

Thanks, Cheers, Merci; love it!

a.k.a. Major, Wicked
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