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Lulu General Guide by GICGIC

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GICGIC

LULU - guide to suppordle

GICGIC Last updated on November 10, 2012
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Lulu Build

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Hi there, welcome to my guide for support Lulu.
It contains information, tips, strategies, videos.
This introduction will help anyone who wants to know why to play Lulu.
I hope you'll like it :)

So, why would you play Lulu?
I will explain it in all the colours!

1 Extremly fun
2 Hugeify
3 Tricky
4 Fly on a broom
5 Support
6 Yordle
7 Machine gun fairy companion
8 Speed
9 Adorable critters
10 Make Cho'Gath bigger

Ok then Lulu is also pleased to meet you!

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So as mentioned before you are support but definitly not an ordinary one!
Lulu has unusually high damage early for support that must of course be used well.
Now probably the most special thing is that Lulu can use her abilities in multiply ways. To explain it easily: You can cast some of your abilities on an ally or on enemy.
Unlike many other supports Lulu uses shield instead of heal.

Pix, Faerie Companinon

Playing Lulu?
Pix is your best friend.
When you basic attack Pix attacks twice more, this is magic damage, but doesn't go up with ap.
That is 3 attacks total, but sadly it doesn't work on turrets.
Still you are not an AD carry so this passive gets more useful in other abilities.


This is your most important damage tool that also has slow.
It is first ability and is used for slowing enemies and dealing damage by combining it with Help, Pix!

It is unique for shooting two bolts in different directions.
That is best used while firing from bush or if you are fammiliar with it you can use it while chasing enemies.


On ally - Inscreaces movement speed and abitlity power. Movement speed buff is always useful.
With this you'll go zippy in a moment!

On enemy - Completely DISABLE enemy's attacks and SILENCE them while SLOWING they're movement speed. It also turns them into adorable critters!

Help, Pix

On ally - puts a shield on an ally while pix will remain on them for 6 seconds

On enemy - this deals damage while pix will remain on an enemy for 6 seconds

Wild Growth

Now...your ultimate makes you allies grow! It inscreaces health and stuns enemies that are in it'range. It is very good for helping others or yourself escape or to start a fight.

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Pros and Cons


    Stuns And Slows
    Movement Speed Buff
    Vision On Enemies
    Multiply Ability Uses

    Low Ap Ratio
    No Heal

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Skill Sequence

This part contains only the most important information!
For more go to skill sequence part on top of the guide!

I'd recommend Glitterlance first because it can slow and damage more than one target.

Second, take Help, Pix! to shield your allies or deal more damage when able to.

I'd take Whimsy on level 3 to help you disable important target or speed up your lane partner.
On level 3 you will have all 3 abilities so you can start a fight.
Be careful how you'll use Whimsy and when you'll use it.

Later take a rank of Help, Pix! and don't forget to take Glitterlance too.
Until larger fights occur it's best to have whimsy around rank 3.

Take a rank of Wild Growth whenever you can!

For more information go to skill sequence part on top of the guide.

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Supports help teammates so it is important to have one in every team but you will also need to ward.
This is simple introduction to warding.
If you want to know more check this awesome warding guide!

Main warding spots:

Purple - to protect Dragon and Baron Nashor

Orange - highly recommended for gank protection

Blue - to protect your jungler

Brown - for counter jungling

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Here are best items you can start a game with and or with sight ward and

I'd recommend picking between these boots or

Considering you will already have some of the items needed to buy philosopher's stone it is best to get it early.

Taking shurelya's reverie after helps alot combined with other abilities.

Buying gives you more survivability to you and your teammates with it's aura.

Get for it's health regen aura and shield active.

Getting gives ability power and spell vamp to your allies and gives you ability power.

Situational items you can buy are zeke's herald and

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- Published this guide!

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Some of advantages Lulu has over others are very easy and efficient ways to help her allies.

So...let's say that your teammate, helpless Teemo is running around while being chased by the enemy team.
What can you do about it?

    1 Use your ult giving Teemo bonus health and stunning neraby enemies allowing him to get away from them.
    2 Use whimsy on Teemo giving him a speed boost.
    3 Shielding is always great especially when it is combined with glitterlance for slow.


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