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Lulu Build Guide by wdobry

Lulu Hybrid DPS

By wdobry | Updated on June 17, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Lulu
  • LoL Champion: Lulu


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Hello Summoners!

It isn't full AD Lulu build. It combines attack speed + attack damage + ability power.

It is my first guide on MobaFire. Sorry for any language mistakes. Try to read the whole guide then try it and comment. If you want help me writting this guide just message me, becouse it is not finished yet. : )

Please vote and comment : )

I highly recommend you to try this build, even on custom game before you write anything about it : ).

I created this build just for fun when i was playing with my friend ( he was playing as AD Soraka). Than I realised it is very good build on this champion. I've dealt tons of damage and when it was combined with Lulus slow, silence, shield and ultimate I became unstopale (even on 2v1 or 3v1)...

This build makes Lulu very strong and powerfull DPS. You will constantly hit your opponents. You can play very agrresive and deal big damage. Your criticals will strike around 800 damage and every single hit will make 80 magic damage + Madred's magic damage.

In few days I will add screenshots from my gameplay. To explain your role and tactics.
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Firstly, I took theese runes to get some physical damage and armor penetration (as you know Lulu is basicly AP/Support champion and she doesn't have much AD). Secondly you will need some armor and cooldowns runes. They were my typical AD/Jungle runes - I modify them by adding more attack damage then armor penetration runes.

Greater Mark of Desolation x 9
Greater Seal of Armor x 9
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction x 9
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x 3
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I don't want to talk about 30-0-0 masteries yet. I've tried many different masteries (21-0-9, 21-9-0, 24-6-0, 24-0-6). Theese were the best for me.

Feel free to take yours masteries, but i recommend theese.
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Pros / Cons


-Constans hitting with physical and magic damage.
-Well ballanced defence and damage
-Hard to get killed
-Extreemly good slow and silence
-Still good support at teamfights!


-Little bit squishy at early
-Need farm
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How to use your skills?

Your abilities

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

You should max your Glitterlance at level 9, becouse slow will be your biggest adventage (combined with attack speed). Secondly get level 4 on your Whimsy, because it will help you fighting against CC teams, and give you enough speed to follow enemies or run out from them. You are not support, so you dont focus on Help, Pix!, but remember you will need this skill at level 3.
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Playing as Lulu Hybrid DPS.


You will play on mid lane. Your role is to harras your enemy, farm, farm and farm... Glitterlance and Pix, Faerie Companion will help you last hit creeps.

If you know that Akali is on top lane, you can go on top and counter her easily.

When you get level 4 you can easily harras or even kill your opponent. Don't play too agressive before level 4, because it is just a waste of mana.

This is how it works:

- Firstly you silence your opponent by using W skill.

- Almost in the same time you must use E skill on your opponent.

- Propably in this time you will hit him about 3 times.

- Your last skill is Q, becouse you will be able to fire a piercing bolt from Pix wich is over -your oponent head. (this part require some practise becouse it is hard at the begining)

W > E > Q
You use this sequence almost through whole early game.


This is the part when your ULTIMATE Wild Growth comes.
There are 2 ways to use it:

-First. Use it Wild Growth to save your teammate (so obvious...). Remember to combine it with Help, Pix!.

-Second way. You can be second initiator for team fights by flashing Flash into enemies and imidiatly SELF CAST Wild Growth (default ALT+R) combined with self casting Help, Pix! (ALT+E). Then you must disable enemy DPS by using Whimsy on him. This technique requires more tanky build ( frozen malet and Rylai's Crystal Scepter ).

You can also do the same on your team initiator by casting Help, Pix! and Wild Growth just a second after team fight begin. It is better way to use your ultimate. Then you should not stand in center of the fight, but you should focus enemy DPS, nuker, or carry.


(like Akali , Shaco , Twitch , evelyn )

Help, Pix! - This is your big adventage when you are fighting against stealth champions. You must use it just before your enemy get stealth. Now when u see him you must use your Glitterlance fast to slow and then Whimsy to silence. It will disable in team fights champions like Akali or running Shaco.

This sequence is situational but it is only example how to fight with Lulu.
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There are few options for this biuld to finish your champion. Also there are some situational items you can buy.



- FOCUS ON YOUR ATTACK SPEED - you will build it first after Berserker's Greaves, star from building Zeal

- you must have it, but u don't need to go fast for it, start from B. F. Sword which u must buy after Phantom Dancer

- start building it from Zeal (you are still focusing on your attack speed) then Sheen and rest.

- it works perfect with your passive!

- it is your finishing item - you add more AP - it gives you more SHIELD better ULTIMATE and MORE damege from your abbilities.


- if you feel you can't play without lifesteal. (instead of Madred's Bloodrazor

- you can buy it when you feel you are too squishy, but I dont think it will happen ; ) (instead of Madred's Bloodrazor

- is's optional item for Rabadon's Deathcap if you need more HP and extra slow, it work realy good! ((instead of Rabadon's Deathcap
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Ranked/Normal Play

I don't recommend playing ranked with this build yet, just becouse it is my new experimental guide. I think it could be used on ranked, but only if you know you are good with my Hybrid DPS Lulu. : )

Please send me some screens if you test this build - I'll add them here.