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Lulu Build Guide by Afro Hoodsta

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Afro Hoodsta

LuLu - Supporttastic (updated 3/25)

Afro Hoodsta Last updated on March 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone, this is my guide on the support class champion Lulu.

I could go for a spin!

This guild will be very colorful to mirror Lulu's personality!
Oh.. and please vote for my build if you find it works! Thank You!

(3/25/12) Updated Skill Sequence

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I usually start off my game with a Faerie Charm, three sight ward and two Health Potion, but
whatever your support set-up is will be fine. I take a Faerie Charm so that i can rush a philosopher's stone and get the Gold flowing. I buy Boots of Speed next and then I get a Catalyst the Protector to increase the sustaining power of Lulu.
Next I finish the Ionian Boots of Lucidity but versus a Melee heavy team you may want to get
either Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads if the enemy is full of Crowd Control. The reason for Sorcerer's Shoes against a Melee team, is that Lulu has more that the maximum Cooldown Reduction in this build. By getting the Sorcerer's Shoes you are able to get a Frozen Heart and still be able to benefit from it's Cooldown Reduction. After my shoes I rush into a Rod of Ages then work my way into the aura part of my build.
There are two paths I take after Rod of Ages, either go for my Shurelya's Reverie or save
my Philosopher's Stone and the Gold it gives and head straight into Zeke's Herald. This item is great for Lulu, but it really shines in conjunction with Help, Pix!. The increase in Attack Speed means that whichever champion Pix is attached to will obviously attack faster but, also Pix, Faerie Companion will attack faster resulting in more Damage.
The next item I go for is Abyssal Mask, now this is an experimental item I've been using
for a while. I decided to add this to my build, because if any carries manage to get past my teammates or if they start to focus me I can Whimsy them and have my AP carry burst the enemy. I will update this section when I figure out if this is a viable item.
My last item is Will of the Ancients since Lulu doesn't have a heal other than Wild Growth
this item is a great for her. Obviously you can switch the order of these aura items to suit your needs.

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Skill Sequence

So I have updated the skill progression on this guide! I changed it to focusing on Glitterlance
first and Help, Pix! second. This maximizes the damage done early game, because Help, Pix! only gets more useful as Lulu gets more Ability Power. The reasons for each skill is still the same though!
Lulu has a lot of different skill progression paths. I start off with Help, Pix! for two reasons.
The shield and extra damage is very good if you want to help your jungler get their blue buff. Just apply it to them and they will take less damage and be able to jungle a little quicker. This ability is also very useful in lane. The champion you apply Pix, Faerie Companion to gets a shield, and extra damage, but they also get three magical attacks that help them get more Minion Kills. I max Help, Pix! first because of the benefits it gives your lane partner.
Next I get Glitterlance, because it combos very well with Help, Pix!, also it is the highest
damaging ability that Lulu has. One of the greatest uses of Glitterlance is the massive slow that it applies. I max this ability second.
Lastly I choose Whimsy at level three, this ability is more of a utility, that does not scale off
of any attribute. One of its more powerful uses is the Exhaust effect it applies to enemy champions. I max this last because the speed buff and nerf to allies and enemies respectfully are static through all levels.

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Summoner Spells

I take Teleport and Clairvoyance on Lulu.

Teleport is one of my favorite Summoner Spells. It allows Lulu to be able to support her allies no matter where on the map they are. So long as I place wards down, like a support should, Lulu is able to hop to any fight and turn the tide.

Clairvoyance is a great support Summoner Spell it allows Lulu to show a rather generous area of the map every 70-75 seconds, depending on if the mastery is taken.

Other viable Summoner Spells are Exhaust, Promote, Flash, and Heal.

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Lulu is the funnest support class champion I've been able to play. She isn't much
in the area of damage or healing, but coupled with a smart lane partner you can easily dominate the lane. I will be updating this guide more as I find more tricks and tips to playing Lulu.

Please give me comments on improving this guide or if you find that I haven't explained enough on my choices. Oh and if any of the colors I used make the words hard to read please tell me that too!
Bye Bye for now!