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Lulu Build Guide by Krystedez

Lulu - The Chalice is a Lie (WIP)

By Krystedez | Updated on June 11, 2012
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(~insert Hello World! statement here~)

Heya! My name is Krystedez "Spectrum". People call me Krys.

The rest below is my intro, and you can feel free to read or dodge it.
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Pros | Cons

+Unique lane sustain
+AP Buff for stuff like
+Survival with &
+Good fighter in her own right
+Decent crowd control
+Turn around teamfights
-Squishy as hell
-Mistaken as carry/mid
-Mana dependent early
-Cool downs intrusive
-Non-supportive passive
-Nerfed aggro skills

Why Lulu over...?

One of the more difficult questions. What does Lulu excel at that Soraka does not, or Sona does not, etc...? Let's answer a few of those questions.

  • Soraka has burst heal but can be countered by ignite, while Lulu's ult grants health instantly, not being effected.
  • Soraka is better at providing tankiness to her team due to her passive, Consecration, while Lulu's just allows a bit more harrass ability in lane (pix's damage is decent but still not worthy of a support)
  • Soraka's silence is unparallelled in that it suffers very little cool down, while Lulu's Whimsy is incredibly heavy on the CDR. And for good reason. It slows the opponent, makes them incapable of casting, OR auto attacking AND... turns them into a ******** furry. Come on. Who doesn't want to see a yordle turn people into squirrels, cats...etc...
  • Soraka has star call which is a decent farming ability but costs a decent amount of mana early game and isn't worth even putting a point into for any fight. Star call is a direct violation of what a support is meant for; supporting.. ... NOT farming.
  • While Lulu has a relatively high CD on her Glitterlance, she can at least use it farm/push lanes AND slow enemies down.
Overall I think Soraka and Lulu are even in terms of utility and keeping team mates alive, but Lulu wins out on the CC side of things imo.
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Summon Aery
Lethal Tempo
Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x's 9
That extra end game magic resistance to deal with those burst champions laying waste on everyone with AoE skills, or skill shots aimed at your carries

Greater Mark of Armor x's 9
Extra armor for lane phase and bulkiness later with your build. Excellent choice for a support role that will need to sustain the lane in case your carry needs to go back or you want to take the hit so to speak from some enemy harass.

Greater Seal of Armor x's 2
Meant for that last extra bit of flat armor you'll need for lane phase, getting you to an extra flat 11 armor.

Greater Seal of Gold x's 7
Nets you more GP10, which is much needed early-mid phase. Combined with...

Greater Quintessence of Gold x's 3
Nets you 3 extra hold on top of your GP10. You'll be getting enough to hopefully grab those much needed items earlier.

If you want to forgo the extra 5 GP10 (well close to 5 anyways) on top of your 10 GP10 from Philo and HoG, you can give yourself better armor, and more ability power to begin with (which I highly recommend over end-game ap scales, because you really need to keep your AD carry alive in lane phase.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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Item Sequence

Stealth Ward 75
Health Potion 50
Boots of Speed 300
Regrowth Pendant 435
Nomad's Medallion 850
Heart of Gold 825
Fiendish Codex 900
Boots of Mobility 1000
Chalice of Harmony 800
Aegis of the Legion 1100
Will of the Ancients 2300
Locket of the Iron Solari 2200
Timeworn Talisman of Ascension 2200
Elixir of Fortitude 350
Elixir of Brilliance 250

Here are the items and reasons I chose these items.

-Her base movement or ms (movement speed) is horrendous. Boots of Mobility
-She uses mana up quickly Athene's Unholy Grail
-Lulu's a support. We don't like our supports farming. Heart of Gold, Philosopher's Stone
-HoG builds into a useful support item, Locket of the Iron Solari
-Philosopher's Stone builds into an excellent team-escape and team-gank tool, Shurelya's Reverie
- Aegis of Legion. Come on. It's just really good for support, overall. Late game team fight weapon as well if you wanna hold off on it.
- Will of the Ancients is overall good for you and your team if your team has a AP carry. Giving that AP carry more AP with WotA, and THEN buffing their damn AP with whimsy is a lot to carry the team to victory with. Of course, if you don't have an AP carry or AP characters, you can...

...get a Rabadon's Deathcap to help your own AP, so that your ulit/shield grant more.

Item Order / Phases

Wait five seconds for gold if you can after the start otherwise your point in Wealth will be worthless. I would forgo wealth if you want to just do the normal Faerie charm + pots + wards build most supports use. But I like my mekai <3


Sight Ward

One HP pot should suffice with your mastery choices and runes.
The Meki Pendant is to help get ready to build your Fiendish Codex
The one ward will suffice for when you start pushing their tower further out. Buy 2 next chance you get after getting your first item from the Early and/or Core.


Got boots of speed and a HoG now. This should be able to suffice and get your gold up.


Philosopher's Stone

You will have some AP/CDR, health, regeneration, and movement speed. Good enough for your amount of utility you'll be offering during the mid-to-end lane phase (at least for your lane)


Philosopher's Stone

Athene's Unholy Grail grants 80 AP, 15 percent CDR, 36 MR, Chalice's passive, and a passive of it's own that grants you 12 percent restored mana upon assist or kill. Stay out there longer, Lulu!

Aegis of Legion will be effective in Mid-Game because lane phase is pretty much over, roaming all abound, and any spark could start a team fight. The amount of extra armor and MR plus attack damage could really give your team the edge in the fight.

Will of the Ancients will work effectively with any AP caster in dire need of that extra boost to destroy the enemy's carries/supports, and perhaps the last bit needed to kill that running Mundo. Gah, Mundo... >:(


The Locket will give a nice shield on activation, very useful in team fights, perhaps even more so if there is just enough to counter a Karthus Ult, or you just want everyone to take as little damage as possible. Hell, double up and use your Help, Pix! to add on to that sweet, sweet shield.

Shur. Reverie is ghost in a bottle for all of your team mates. It also gives a bit more health, and will just overall open a lot more doorways to escapes, ganks, and objectives. Get it earlier than Locket if you are not entering full blown team fights often but rather are ganking.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Krystedez
Krystedez Lulu Guide
Lulu - The Chalice is a Lie (WIP)