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Lulu Build Guide by TyranoMike

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TyranoMike

Lulu: The Glade Dweller

TyranoMike Last updated on March 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my first guide! Lulu is an incredible support with great slows and disables.
If you have any advice on how i could improve this guide, please comment in the section below! This way I can improve the guide!
In the near future I will be adding new videos, maps, etc. As well as diving even more in depth in Lulu's abilities!

Lulu is a support but what is your job as a support? The support resides in the bottom lane with your AD carry. It's on your hands to keep them alive, and to ward important locations like it's your job! Also you need to give your lane partner nearly all of the minions, your job is to get the AD carry as much gold as possible, not take all of his money! This is the reason you get a Heart of Gold and philosopher's stone. Lulu is mainly a harassment, Glitterlance can be used in combination with Help, Pix! for some great early game burst damage. But I will talk about those later in the build.

This is my first build on mobafire so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Item sequence

First you need to buy the Faerie Charm, 3 Health Potion, and 3 sight ward. The health pots will help you sustain in lane while taking a beating, and the Faerie Charm will take care of your Mana regen needs! The wards are used to prevent ganks.

Here is where things get tough. You NEED to buy items according to the needs of your team! After you buy your Ionian Boots of Lucidity then you should be going for the Aegis of the Legion if the tank hasn't bought it yet.

  • shurelya's reverie is a great item to have on any support. It provides good cool down reduction, and also can help your team to get the **** in or out of a situation.
  • Locket of the Iron Solari is a good item on Lulu, it provides your team with some extra health, but also has a great active, the shield that it gives can completely change the outcome of a teamfight, or if your Help, Pix! is on cool down but an ally is just 100% for sure going to die from a turret or enemy champ, this can be used for a life saver.
  • Will of the Ancients Only get this item if your team's AP has not bought this item. It gives AP champs the sustain they need to stay alive for a lot longer, but I included this item because it gives Lulu some AP that she could need in the late game.
  • Soul Shroud Is another good item for Lulu, it can be used for the good amount of health it gives and the cool down reduction, but the best part about it is the insane mana regen it provides. I find that this item is great if you have an AP in mid or if you are in lane with a mana heavy AD carry.
  • Abyssal Mask Can be bought if your team is very nuke heavy, like Anivia or Veigar
  • zeke's herald is another good item that you should buy only if your AD carry has not bought it!
  • Frozen Heart could also be viable, but only if their team is composed of practically nothing but AD, you should not have to worry about lowering the attack speed of their team, because you should be able to Whimsy their AD carry in an initiation.

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Summoner Spells

The Good Spells!


Heal is a great pick on Lulu, mainly just because Lulu does not have her own spell to heal allies. Help, Pix! is a great ability for supporting your carry but, if all hell breaks lose, its a good spell.


This is a great spell for any support. sight ward run out but you still need to push? Pop CV in the river and prevent a gank! All five of the enemy are mia? Call in CV on Baron or Dragon!


Flash is what I'd recommend if you don't need heal, I've had times where an ally would die by a turret hit but I managed to flash in and shield them. It's a versatile and overall good summoner spell to have.

The Not So Good


This is a viable option on Lulu but due to Whimsy being a built in Ghost and this build going pretty cool down heavy, it is not the best option for Lulu.


I don't recommend using Cleanse that much, for instance. If you see an Annie charging at you with her stun ready. Use Whimsy to run or to disable her OR use Glitterlance to slow her to a more manageable pace.


Surge is not a good pick on Lulu, however you COULD pick this spell because of your passive giving the extra damage, who knows? Maybe you got the kill from that one extra hit you managed to fire. But, it's better to not waste the spell slot.


Quite a good option if you are looking to shut down the enemy carry in a team fight. However, you are Lulu and due to this fact, Whimsy will do the disabling that Exhaust offers, but only 10x better! Also, Glitterlance provides a slow very similar to Exhaust so it is not the greatest choice.

The Bad Picks

This list is pretty simple. All of the leftover spells from here on are not a good pick for Lulu here is why:
  • Ignite: Please don't try to steal your carry's kills.
  • Revive: Stop dying.
  • Smite: This is not a jungle build.
  • Clarity: Please stop spamming.
  • Promote: Big minions are not good minions.
  • Garrison: No one cares about this one. (At least on Summoner's Rift)

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Skill Sequence

Some people disagree on whether or not to get Glitterlance first or Help, Pix!. I personally think, that despite the mana cost that Help, Pix! is the better pick at the start. The damage potential it has is great for harassing for that first level. But where it really shines is early game ganks in lane. Lulu is all about positioning. You should not be in front of your AD carry at the start. So then when your carry runs into the bushes and starts getting wailed on you can use Help, Pix! and save them! I have tried both at the beginning but Help, Pix! really seems to be the better pick.

After help pix is maxed I think that Whimsy is a good thing to max out second because of the crazy incredible cc it causes. Lastly you level up Glitterlance you really don't need the crazy damage it gives at level 5 until late game. You should really just have it for the slow.

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Pix, faerie companion

Lulu's passive, you have a faerie following you everywhere you go! Deals great damage for harassing with the three bolts it shoots.


Great spell to max first with AP Lulu, but you are not going AP now are you! Has a great crowd slow capability, and also should be used to harass early game.


Lulu's great disable. Cancel out channeling ultimates, or just annoy the **** out of the enemy carry.

Help, Pix!

Lulu's shield, this is what you want to max out first to keep your carry in lane as long as possible. Also you can use it to harass to get your enemies out of lane as quickly as possible!

Wild Growth

Lulu's ultimate, acts as a great aggressive or defensive mechanism, you can use it to knock up people that your team is chasing or you can use it to save lives with the bonus health it gives, also can be used for initiation.

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This is a quick warding guide, which I will be updating in the future with a map and more detailed descriptions.

Wards are an extremely important step to being a successful support especially in the lane phase. Whenever you and your carry push out to about 1/2 way through the river section of your lane, your are better off putting a ward in the river bushes.

If you are pushed back in your lane I like to ward the Tri-bushes that are near the turret, as well as the bushes in the actual lane, but only ward those bushes if your enemies are using them to harass you.

Late game It's a good idea to ward baron, if you do not have any wards and everyone is mia, use Clairvoyance on baron to check!

Also ward dragon, the near 300 gold it gives can help a lot.

Once again, I will be adding more details and a map later.

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Using Glitterlance

Glitterlance is an amazing spell, you can do crazy damage as AP Lulu but where it really shines is the 80% slow it causes. However, many people I've seen play Lulu does not use its amazing passive to it's advantage. When Lulu shoots Glitterlance you will notice that pix shoots one as well. More often than not, I've had situations where i could not hit them with a Glitterlance but then i can hit them by chaining it with Help, Pix!. When you are chasing and your carry or any other ally is in front of you, use Help, Pix! on them and then aim Glitterlance in an amazing combo of awesome! Also try using it in crowd scenarios, you can shoot the ability in some crazy angles and hit their entire team.

One other thing I've experimented with but it's quite hard to pull off is if you put the cursor directly over Lulu then you shoot Glitterlance off in two completely separate directions, this could really help against "multi-angled" ganks.

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Using Whimsy

Whimsy has 2 main functions, It's a built in Ghost, and also it is a complete disable. One thing I've liked to do is whenever i harass the other team i try to use Whimsy on myself as much as possible in order to max out the damage output. Dealing that extra 40 damage can completely change a situation. Also try to use Whimsy on yourself before you use Help, Pix! on a teammate, this will maximize the amount of shielding they have.

Whimsy has one other function, which is a disable. The disable on whimsy is so insanely effective, for one you can nail the enemy carry with Whimsy and completely shut them down, or maybe use it on the enemy Nunu to cancel out that horrible ult, or maybe use it on that darn Fiddlesticks who's channeling his Crowstorm. The possibilities are endless!

Whimsy has one last essential function, speed. I cant tell you how many times I've saved myself with this awesome ability, or how many times it's caused me to arrive right in time to a situation, spam this ability on yourself when trying to get from point a to b.

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Using Help, Pix!

Help, Pix! is simply a shield, but when do you use your shield? Well, this ability is similar to Janna's shield, janna's shield also increased the attack damage of the person who it is used on. When Lulu uses her shield, then Pix, Faerie Companion flies over to them and gives them the extra attack you get from your passive. Due to this, you should use the shield in an aggressive manner, have your AD attack with the shield on, this will add up lots of extra damage. Also you should use your shield whenever the enemy is going on the offensive. Also you need to use this in a defensive way as well, of course. That Gangplank rushing up to parlee your carry? Use Help, Pix!!! You can use it to save allies from turret shots too! I've also been able to communicate a gank with my carry by using this in combination with Wild Growth

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Using Wild Growth

Wild Growth is your ultimate, this ultimate can be used in a few different ways. First off you can use it simply as a heal, this isn't really my recommendation but I mean, if your carry has 10 hp and Help, Pix! is on cool down, you really don't have much of a choice now do you?

This can also be used as an initiator, whenever your tank runs in you can put this on them to knock up all enemies and also slow them. This almost sort of helps just because the target gets larger, it seems like people might have the urge to *click* on the big guy.

This can also be used for a chasing mechanic, if your only stun is for some reason in the back of the chase you can put this on whoever is in front to knock whoever it is you are chasing up into the air, and of course slow them. It really isn't a great situation for them.

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Your job in team fights is to assist the initiator, and protect your carry. Use Wild Growth on whoever is in the middle of the mass of enemies, (usually the tank) and then proceed to use Whimsy on their carry.

If their carry has been killed already, use Whimsy in order to either
1) Give yourself AP to give a better shield to your carry.
2) Give more AP to an AP champion on your team, the bonus AP that Whimsy provides really does help.

Finally your job is to give shields to those who need it most, people getting focused, low on hp etc.

Then lastly you need to assist in cleanup. Use Whimsy during a chase on yourself, and do a Help, Pix! then Glitterlance chain to slow the last remaining enemies. Then let your team members rack up the kills, and allowing you more assists to become the best support ever!

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Not really too much to it. I like the mana regen runes due to Help, Pix! having a semi high cost, I also use the armor and magic resist runes because you are quite squishy at the start. Finally, having 3 more gold per 10 seconds DOES help you, A LOT.

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So overall, Lulu is a great support who can take a bit of skill to fully master. But you need to remember a few main points.

  • Use Whimsy on yourself to get around the map and to enhance your abilities!
  • Don't take your carry's farm!
  • Use Help, Pix! to harass early game and use it in combination with Glitterlance!
  • Use wild growth for an initiator, a chase tool, or a rescue tool!
On one last note, remember, this is my first mobafire guide and all input will be helpful and appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time to read my guide!

And on one final note! Check back often because I should have some video examples of Teamfights, and Whimsy and Wild Growth used in good situations.

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Change log

3/27/12: Build created!
3/28/12: Changed skill sequence. Unlock Whimsy at level 3 instead of 4.