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Lulu Build Guide by Rykami

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rykami

Lulu - The Late Game Terror!

Rykami Last updated on January 2, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Lulu will make you cry in the late game


The guide you are about to read can be applied to almost any support, the same build works GREAT on and pretty well on too. I am an EUW plat 1 player who has been climbing hard in soloqueue lately with the introduction of the preseason. I would like to mention that I actually main 5v5 ranked and have taken part in an extensive number of tournaments and I am a Go4LoL frequenter with experience against a ton of Diamond 1 and challenger players. If you want to add me in game, that is totally fine, I can help you out with any extra questions! (I'm quite friendly I promise!). I am also a musician and if you wish to check my stuff out, details can be found on my profile!

Okay, now we've got through all of that, let's move onto my choice of summoners and all that jazz.

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Summoners and all that jazz

Okay, this paragraph is going to be really short, but, absolutely invaluable to all support players of all elos. You will ALWAYS take + / ; the struggle is which to choose.

Ignite vs. Exhaust

To put it bluntly, it is different in soloqueue to 5v5 ranked. In 5v5 ranked you will likely take exhaust in most lanes; exhaust gives you an indispensible method of peeling to help protect your adc whereas ignite is great if they take someone like mundo / swain who requires the ignite (but you have morello the best item in the game anyway so you probably don't need it for that).

Soloqueue / Kill lane lulu

Ignite is taken when you are going for kills, this usually means you are running lulu / sivir or lulu / lucian or lulu / jinx. Otherwise exhaust is preferred. In soloqueue ignite is MUCH more viable than in 5's ranked and this is because you don't know your teammates and you have no communication. To win in soloqueue you MUST get kills in lane, otherwise you will not climb. Just outfarming a little in lane isn't usually enough in soloqueue at all, ignite gives you some extra true damage to win trades and pick up kills. Killstealing isn't a problem, since you are AP lulu you can contribute a ton to your team anyway, but kills are preferred on ADC it is better for you that way, but don't sweat it if you steal a kill or 2.


IF YOUR ENEMY HAS A CHAMP THAT IS GOING TO ANNIHILATE YOUR ADC YOU MUST TAKE EXHAUST. This means, if the enemy has any of these champs you must take exhaust: Jax, Rengar, Zed, Kha'Zix, Nasus (you don't have to take it vs. nasus since you can peel with slow etc).

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Why Morellonomicon is the best item in the game

                                                                                                         wow 2200 gold  
                                                      very 20% CDR
                                                                                    very ignite for free                                                                                                                 such cheap
                         so mana/10sec sustain
                                                                           75 AP WOW

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The Lulu Lowdown!

The Lulu Lowdown!


+ Strong late game
+ God Tier Peeling
+ Gotta go slow
+ Looks cute as ****
Lulu will help you dominate in teamfights, when played correctly; it is very difficult to kill an ADC protected by lulu once you hit the 25 minute mark.

- Weak in lane
- Playing aggressively in lane is nigh on impossible
- Boring as **** to play if you aren't in a teamfight
- Only fits in a specific comp (makes her hard to pick in soloqueue)
If you first pick lulu and your team doesn't pick around her, you will be devastated at how useless you become. Try not to first pick her! See: Chapter 10 - Viability!

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Items and stuff

AP scaling item build

The item build I have provided is the build that will destroy your enemies in the late game, it is great if you can afford to take the entire build, but remember that a build is not plastic. If the enemy has a really fed that is killing everyone, you might want to trade out your rabadons for a Zhonya's or not bother getting the frost queen's claim and instead get a randuins; that is FINE. Part of learning to become a good player is learning to elastically alter the build you use as you play depending on the circumstances of the game. Naturally, a ton of armor is not going to be useful vs. a triple AP team. You can also swap out a lot of my build for tank if you desire.


At the end game you will want to sell out and for probably a + / if you run out of things to buy!

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Do not waste your and remember that your is your most important skill, NOT your . is the equivalent of polymorph from warcraft and it will win your trades in your lane. Your adc will get 2 free shots while they are hex'd and that can mean almost everything sometimes.

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General Lulu knowhow!

Lulu is absolutely terrible in lane. Lulu's is hard to hit offensively and her + combo takes a ton of mana. Lulu is a champ designed for players who carry in teamfights! If you see yourself as a good teamfighter who peels well and will carry in the late game teamfights, then this champ will really be great for you. Lulu's ult is a malph ult that goes great in synergy with champs like vi + kha + diana + zed. Tristana + lulu is the makeshift malphite. This combo is insane in lane and is one of the few ways to carry in lane as lulu. Ideally, in lane you want to play passive and wait for your enemies to screw up and then abuse that. Remember to protect your ADC in fights (or fed assassin), protecting and peeling is your number 1 role! Lulu ult effectively works as a heal. Any health she adds onto her teammate with her ult will remain when the ult subsides.

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You can run either 9-21-0 or 9-0-21 on lulu. Both are great, but 9-21-0 is safer, I prefer it actually; so that is the one I have left on this guide!

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Runes are the same as everything else, can be changed to taste; none of it is particularly plastic. The ones I have left are the ones from my 'Holo the Wisewolf' runepage, for a more defensive runepage check out my 'I like Oppai' page on my lolking.

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When to pick this cute ****

Remember, lulu works with a specific comp! Look for your teammates picks in soloqueue and spot when you can take lulu (another step to becoming a better player!)d(-_^) Picking based on your enemies' and your teams' picks is something you will need to acquire in your climb to diamond, friends!

For now here's some tips: Lulu works great in hard engage comps and is your number 1 peeler! (apart from the janmeister).

Look out for your team picking hard engage champs with gap closers: Kha, Vi, Malph, Amumu, Lissandra, Nocturne, Shyvana, Zed, Jax.

Look for their team picking champs your adc will struggle playing against in teamfights without the help of a support like lulu: Jax, Zed, Leblanc, Rengar, Shyvana, Sion etc.

Remember, your ult is a lifesaver when it comes to your ADC's life. Your E is mediocre, but still great. Whimsy is also great when facing dreadful champs like jax, nasus and riven who will decimate your adc. You will find that protecting against them becomes easy as you ult your adc and permaslow the enemy.

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Good luck! がんばって!

Final Goodbye!

I hope this guide can help you climb and show you just how great lulu can be in the late game!

Thanks for reading guys! Remember if you have any questions you can add me on my EUW account CC Tenshi, or you can contact me via other methods:

Why not have a skype chat about it?: Skype - Polarteknikz
Razer Comms is great too! Razer Comms - Rykami
I have a facebook page too (you can message me there if its easier):

Now, good luck in soloqueue guys! Jax will be no problem for you now! d(-_^)じゃね!