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Lux Build Guide by Mystereyx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mystereyx

Lux, Killing with Light

Mystereyx Last updated on August 17, 2011
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Lux, The Powerfull Blond Lady

Lux is very, very powerfull. She has very low cooldowns, wich makes her the ultimate champion to kill, destroy and support!

This build is fully AP, so you won't see a lot of supporting items.
Also you won't see items with aura.

If you want to kill with Lux on the battlefield, check this out!

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This are the runes that I take.
Remember: You can always adjust them the way you want to.
But this is what I recommend as Lux.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (9x) Gives you increased magic penetration (+ 8.55 MP)
Greater Seal of Ability Power (9x) Gives you increased ability power (+ 5.31 AP)
Greater Glyph of Ability Power (9x) Gives you increased ability power (+ 5.31 AP)
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power (2x) Gives you increased ability power (+ 9.80 AP)
Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration (1x) Gives you increased magic penetration (+ 1.89 MP)

Why this runes?
When I'm playing with Lux, I start with 25.47 AP more then usual.
And you also have got your masteries, which will increase your AP too.

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Lux is powerfull, because of her spells.

And for the spells you need mana.
And for mana you need mana regeneration.
So as you see, almost all the Utility Masteries give you Mana Regeneration.
That's nice, you can lane longer, you can deal more damage, and if you lane longer, you'll get faster experience points.

Besides, you have got clarity. Clarity powns all the other spells when you play with Lux. You'll almost never get out of mana, so you don't have to return to the spawn a lot.
You also got Ignite, so it happens a lot of times that people are very lucky and come away with abut 100 HP. That's why I use Ignite as secondary spell for Lux. It deals a nice amount of damage, and you'll get a lot more kills.

In your masteries you also have got magic penetration masteries (+ 15%), cooldown reduction, increased critical strike chance and increased MP. All together this makes a nice combination to play with Lux.

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Items and Character Damage

As first you start with the recommended Doran's Ring. It'll give you ability power, health and mana regeneration. Nice to deal a lot of damage when you start, and with Doran's Ring you'll start with about 50 AP.

As second item you buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity. They will give you reduced cooldown, and increased movement speed 2. Reduced cooldown means more abilities, more damage!

As third item we have got Void Staff. It will give you nice magic penetration which will grant you kills easier.

As fourth item you build your Rabadon's Deathcap. If you have got enough to afford Needlessly Large Rod, then you buy it ofcourse. Otherwise, go for Blasting Wand. As UNIQUE Rabadon's Deathcap has 30% Increased Ability Power. This is a unique and will only appear one time, no matter how much Rabadon's Deathcap you buy!

As the last items, you only buy Archangel Staff. The 3% of mana to AP is no unique here. So if you buy those 4 Archangel Staff, you'll get up to 12% of your mana converted into ability power. This makes Lux so extreme powerfull! And as a matter of fact, you also have got huge mana regeneration, so you'll be in (late) game almost never out of mana!

At the top of this page there is calculated that you'll have 364.07 ability power. I don't know why, but this is a huge miscalculation. When I normally play Lux and when I have completed my build, I have about 950 - 1000 ability power!

Follow up this item order and you'll pown with Lux!
You'll win in mid-lane from:

Annie You just pown Annie, she is chanceless against Q-E-R combination!
Fiddlesticks You only got to take care of his drain, you don't have a lot health!
Lux Believe it or not, you'll pown with this build, even against your own champ!
Malzahar With your snare he is chanceless!
Karthus Only watch out for his ulti, have your Prismatic Barrier ready at lvl 6!
Teemo He is chanceless if you start well!
Brand If you don't use your combo well, then he'll pown you. Otherwise you'll pown him!

You'll need to take care of this characters in mid-lane:

Warwick He has got a lot of health regen, and his ulti is destructible for you!
Tristana Rocket Jump deals huge damage, especially to squishy persons!
Akali She is very powerfull and w/o Vision Ward you'll be chanceless!
LeBlanc You'll deal quite a lot damage, but Le Blanc also deals loads of damage!
Miss Fortune She'll deal a lot of damage which you can't afford!
Anivia She can be very annoying to you, care for her stun and slow!
Cho'Gath You won't deal a lot of damage against Cho because of his HP and magic resist!

There are a lot of other enemies, but I'm not gonna place them all in here. You know for yourself if you will stand a chance or not.

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Summoner Spells

As last chapter of this build, the summoner spells!
When I play with Lux against another Lux, I almost always know if I pown her or not.

Clarity: With clarity you can lane a lot longer. It will give you the mana you need when you need.
Ignite: Just to deal the last piece of damage. It happens a lot that people get away with low HP when you are playing with Lux, so ignite is a very nice spell here!

Other possibilities:

Ghost You'll get away faster when you are attacked. You are squishy, so it may be nice to take Ghost. And you can also chase the character you are trying to kill! Remember that if you take ghost in stead of clarity, you'll need to recall a lot more, unless you've got blue buff!

Exhaust Take Exchaust to slow enemies that are trying to get away! Then deal the damage you want to them to kill them, or to support an allie!

Never take:

Teleport Never take Teleport with this build! If you are playing as support, then you can get Teleport, but never when you are going for AP!

Flash It will be useless for Lux! You won't get away from your enemies, very high chance that they also have got Flash as Flash is the most used spell!

Heal You only need it when you play support. Heal is quite chanceless for Lux, because you've got enough escape options. Throw your Prismatic Barrier at your self, or your Lucent Singularity, or ofcourse, your best escape option, Light Binding to snare the enemie to a place.

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Lux has nice abilities, so you need to know how to use them!

Light Binding: This snares the target enemie to the ground and it will hold for 2 seconds. Remember that it'll deal 50 % less to the second target! So first stun the champion and then a minion, not first a minion and then a champion!

Prismatic Barrier: This gives you a nice absorbing shield. At the beginning it isn't very powerfull, but how more AP you gain, the better the shield will work! It'll be a lot greater!

Lucent Singularity: This is your slow and damage. If you are trying to escape / run away, try to snare the enemie first. If this won't work, then throw your Lucent Singularity a bit ahead of your enemie. He'll walk trough it and get severely slowed.

Finales Funkeln Your ulti is everything! It won't slow or snare, but it's very, very powerfull! With his short cooldown, you'll be able to do your ulti in 35 seconds after you used it! And it deals a lot of damage trough the whole game! The more AP you have, the more damage you'll deal with your ulti!

How to combo your abilities?

When you've got all 4 of your abilities, this will be your combo:

1. Light Binding Shoot it to your enemie and let him be the first to get hit!
2. Lucent Singularity Right after you have done Light Binding, throw Lucent Singularity


3. Finales Funkeln Pop your ulti at one or more enemies in a lane! You'll deal a lot of damage to them with the guarantation that you'll kill them if you aim right! When you used your Light Binding and Lucent Singularity, it might be possible that you don't need your ulti to kill them!

4. Prismatic Barrier If you don't kill your enemie and they are coming to chase you, protect your self with Prismatic Barrier.

Note: When you have snared / hit an enemie, your basic attack will deal a lot more damage.

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The items that you are going to purchase are expensive.
So farming is really necessary!

Don't go jungle, but kill the enemie minions by last hitting or just throw your Lucent Singularity. Remember that if you hit the enemie (minions) with Lucent Singularity, that you'll deal a lot more damage to minions / champions, as long as they are lighted.

When you've got your ulti ready with 35 sec cooldown, you can use your ulti to farm all the minions coming towards you in one lane! Just shoot in one straight line, and you'll get all six / seven minions.

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Pushing / Towers

With Lux it's easy to defend your towers. You have a very long range to do your abilities, so you let the enemie keep distance from your towers.

Lux is great in pushing late game. Then you've got a lot of Ability Power and then your basic attack will deal a lot more damage, and you'll easily push a turret down! Don't go without minions, always go with minions and let the tower attack the minions first!

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Good luck and have fun with Lux!

Play well and have fun with Lux!

Hope you liked this build!