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Lux Build Guide by yetty

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League of Legends Build Guide Author yetty

Lux Mid - laser precision guide

yetty Last updated on August 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi welcome to my Lux guide. This is how I play her, which may be similar to what most do but I'm pretty sure I do a few things differently.

I love Lux, she has a great skill cap due to all the skill shots having to land, the timing and the most subtle bit of all is proccing her passive. She has the best damage of all the mages I play by far, in fact I often have the highest damage in the whole game.

Feel free to discuss anything in the comments, because I might even get to try out a great idea and implement it myself.

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Runes & Masteries

I've gone for movement speed quints and the movement masteries because Lux really needs great positioning to land all of her stuff safely. It also allows you to win lane by dodging a lot of skill shots, get to the right position to last hit.

The Cooldown reduction per level glyphys is so that with blue buff your laser has about a 25s cooldown or less. That is amazing because it does so much damage, can farm so well for you, and finishes people off. I've gone for per level because early on you don't need cooldown reduction. It makes you run out of mana fast, and your spells aren't that strong. On a champion like Mordekaiser or Vladimir it might be useful but otherwise.

The magic penetration I just feel is more useful late game than flat AP.

Offensive masteries because Lux is great at finishing people off and has great damage.

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Pros / Cons


  • Great pusher
  • Great damage - I often get the highest damage in game and in my ranked stats I have the highest average damage with Lux over all of my champions.
  • Great laner - Great harrass, great at last hitting, a shield and a slow and snare at long range.
  • A relatively safe first pick for mid The only real hard counter is a good Gragas but even then should still be able to farm relatively safely. She can even hold her own against Fizz and Kassadin as long as she plays safe.
  • An AoE shield - Perfect for team fights as it reduces a lot of damage. Also in a chase can bag you a free ***sist if you can't actually hit the target with anything but your team mates can.

  • Very squishy
  • Long cooldowns early on
  • Requires a lot of farm - Don't worry too much about this farming with Lux is easy.
  • Not the best ganker - She has a snare and a slow but the snare is hard to hit because minions are always there, they can be dodged, ganking involves awkward angles. The slow she has to pop for damage and is easy to flash out of. She's by no means the worst but there are far better roamers
  • All of her moves are skill shots - which can be dodged, flashed out of, hidden behind minions, or you can just miss. But of course practice makes perfect.
  • A lot of people don't like to see Lux on the team and think she's bad. She's in tier 3 or 4 on Elementz Tier List. I personally don't feel she belongs there. She's great laner, has amazing damage and amazing late game with good CC, one of the biggest bursts in the game if you get the combo off properly (and it's all AoE) and comes with a shield.
So as you can see, the pros quite outweigh the cons

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Skill Sequence

Fairly standard Max her E first It's her main harass and damage. You can start with this as it's nice to leash with.

Usually I start with her Q though. It's great for invading and I try to avoid using skills til level 2 if possible to save mana. But I max this last.

After her E I max her W, . I just feel it's more beneficial than her snare. It shields more than her snare damages, and it's an AoE. So at mid game, where team fights start happening I think it's a better skill to have. Also the snare duration doesn't increase.

And obviously put points in her ultimate finales funkeln whenever possible.

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Start with boots and 3 health pots or 2 health pots and a mana pot if you think it will be an easy lane.

Rod of Ages

Sorcerer's shoes upgrade to these for obvious reasons

kage's lucky pick Kage's Lucky pick - gp/10 and also builds into death fire grasp, great for cooldown reduction and adds another element to your combo. It's not necessary and personally I would only get it if you're winning your lane and don't need a much better item immediately.

Rabadon's Death cap For obvious reasons

Lichbane By now you've got a lot of AP. This gives you movement speed and another element to your combo. Also gives a little bit of magic resist.

Deathfire grasp Adds to your combo, builds out of Kage's Lucky Pick and gives you cooldown reduction. Perfect.

Your final item should be a Void staff or if for some very unusual reason you particularly need it a defensive item such as a Banshee's Veil, a Quick Silver Sash or something like that.

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Controversial Items

Some people don't like Rod of Ages. They say "Lux doesn't need HP she's long range and should be out of the action". However, if you do this you're not using her to her full potential because her passive is what allows her to do such amazing damage and she is very lack-lustre if you don't use it especially early game.

If you don't use her passive you miss out on a lot of great damage, and she also benefits a lot from the mana and AP.


Same reason as rod of ages, goes so well with her passive. Obviously the way your combo works you don't really have time to spare 2s in between each skill, but after that initial burst you will get it every time you use an ability. When you have around 500AP, that addition to her auto attack and passive will be around 600 damage late game after armour.

Furthermore Lux is all about positioning to land those skill shots. Movespeed always helps. The magic resist is also nice for the health.

The main reason is cooldown reduction. You want that laser as much as possible and this helps. It's also decent AP. And don't forget to use the active at the beginning of her combo. Also, once you have the other 5 items, there are no better items. Hourglass? Doesn't need it, Lux doesn't have a channelling ult like Morgana or Kennen. Archangels? Didn't buy tear at the beginning so you don't make full use of it. (Although with RoA and Lichbane it will still give insane AP.) A defensive item? Well Lux already has a lot of HP and is very long range so you shouldn't ever need to go that far unless you really are being targeted and need to keep them off you. The only item I could ever say would be a quick silver sash quicksilversash but you should never be in range and you wouldn't normally be a primary target for that.

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Laning tips and tricks

1. Don't zone yourself out by putting your AoE on minion waves getting them really low and not being able to last hit them, for example if they're too close to the enemy tower.

2. The best way to use your E lucent singularity size-32 in lane is to apply the same rule as Mordekaiser's E , you want to hit champions and minions at the same time. Then auto attack the enemy if you won't take more damage than they will receive. Then proceed to last hit by proccing your passive and if you can auto attack the enemy to do more damage. It's really not that hard to do.

3. Don't be afraid to use your laser before you B to push the wave. You'll need to use your E to finish the melee minions though. Do it whilst they're still walking in a straight line before they bunch up. The only thing with this is your laser will be on cooldown.

4. At level 6 the combo is snare, finales funkeln laser as this uses up your passive mark and puts a new one on, slow (but don't pop it), auto attack, pop the AoE slow as late as possible and auto attack again. Obviously use DfG as soon as possible if you have it. And don't be afraid to use your shield just to proc lich bane lichbaneif you have one of those.

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Laning Matchups

Obviously depends on the skill of your opponent.

- You won't want to fight her head on because she'll win. Try to avoid her harass and give her some of your own. If you can't then you will just have to last hit from the tower (with your skills it's not that hard) because she can't dive you.
- Should be very easy until level 6. Hopefully by that point you can way out damage her. You can hit her in her bubble with your AoE. If she does outdamage you then snare her and slow her to keep her off you.

You can beat her quite hard if you can dodge her stun, until level 6. By then you should be outfarming her so just push her into her turret, making sure to last hit and ward both sides of mid.

- Easy, you outrange her, but you can zone yourself if she has her stun up if you AoE the minions so be careful. Lux is a good counter to Annie.

Easy, your AoE travels a lot faster than his and is more reliable.

You can hit her with stuff easier than she can hit you. But don't commit unless she's less than 70% HP because she will beat you in a head to head.
Easy until he builds a Banshee's veil. You outrange him and almost match his burst near enough at level 6

She is very annoying. You have to get used to her harass and move backwards to dodge it instead of to the side like a normal skill shot. You outrange her a lot though so she is managable but if she gets you you're dead, which will probably happen eventually.

You outrange him a lot and can snare him so he's managable but if you overextend he will kill you.

At first it's an easy lane but at around level 4 he will start to dominate you quite easily.

This guy is the one person I hate to fight as Lux. He has so much sustain and so much more harass and a much larger health pool to deal with it.

You outrange him. He's quite simple til level 6. Just poke the **** out of him whenever he goes in for his melee last hits. When he is level 6 if you see the rift walk get your shield ready because it will shield you before the silence particle hits you. He should still be in range to snare when it wears off so return him his damage with your QE combo. Throw your laser in straight away so he can't go in on you again because if you don't then he'll be able to commit and kill you before you kill him. This will get him low. And you should have no trouble outfarming him.

She can actually be a pain in the arse. She can dodge a lot of stuff because she has incredibly high base move speed and low cooldowns and no mana restrictions. Also none of your moves cancel her ult. Very dangerous.

If you can dodge his shuriken you can win.

Easy you outrange him just don't get caught by one of his malephic visions Malephic visions.

You can win the lane slightly but probably won't be able to kill her unless she makes a big mistake because her spell vamp will mean you won't get close enough. However one of your mistakes will end in death. One of her mistakes will end up in her being sent back to recall. She's the stronger pick so you'd have to win the lane hard so as not to be at a disadvantage in team fights after the laning phase. You can keep up with her constant pushing by using your AoE and proccing your passive.

oriana She is quite similar to Lux but perhaps better in the laning phase.

You outrange him massively so can win. Just don't be stupid enough to get stunned. He may end up pushing you into the tower though.

Easy until he builds a Banshee's veil. You outrange him and almost match his burst near enough at level 6

His wild card is not particularly difficult to dodge but after a while he will get you with it. Try to match his harass. Your Q, autoattack, E, auto attack combo beats his stun/ slow wildcard combo. You will have to recall more than him because he has mana sustain and you don't. When you get blue buff, try to keep him low so he can't go and gank too easily.

He has the advantage because he can kill you if his snare lands whereas you can only get him low and he can heal it back up. If you can avoid the snare it shouldn't be too difficult to at least match him in farm.

Easy. Avoid his harass easily and stay out of range until he is on half health and you are not. You will catch him with a snare if he tries to silence you on the way out. If all of your spells are up you can kill him if he's at 60% HP or below. But don't overextend if he's at full hp. He will kill you easily or put you on 20% or less and force your recall.

A very easy lane until you slip up that one time and he kills you. Everyone gets hit eventually with the combo and dies. Get an abyssal sceptre and perhaps an early lichbane for MR.

Not a difficult lane at all.

It's unlikely you can kill him because he can dodge the bulk of your spell damage with his pool. But you can win lane in farm and perhaps force him back.

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Other Tips

1. You can laser the minions at any time to clear a wave. If you just want it pushed, if the enemy team are ahead to stop their push and buy your team time, just to farm if you don't anticipate a team fight happening soon... Remember without AP runes, just MPen, you can last hit everything except the cannon once you have a RoA and Deathcap

2. Never forget to use your shield in team fights. It makes a big difference.

3. When you place your E down, keep it there as long as possible for the slow.

4. Remember to get your auto attacks in. That's why you buy health. You have to proc that passive, your laser only does it once.

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Team fights

This should be fairly obvious...

Stay behind your team, try and get the combo off and throw in as many shields as you can. Try to use your laser as early as possible because by the time the fight is over if you win you will be able to pick someone escaping off perhaps. If you lose you can also destroy a minion wave to delay a push.

Also you will need to decide whether you want to damage as soon as possible or slow people for as long as possible with your E . It can also be used to escape a sticky situation or help others escape.

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Lux is under-appreciated. Believe me when I say she does huge damage. Play a few games and check the damage graph. Since they buffed her mana regen (summer 2012 not sure of the exact date) she's become a great pick and is hard to beat mid and does a lot in team fights as she has a lot of utility. Anyway, good luck and leave comments.