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Lux Build Guide by Apollymia

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Apollymia

Lux - PewPew Lazer

Apollymia Last updated on July 16, 2011
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Updates, Intro, Info

July 13
I am taking this build down. Too many people troll the build and say it's terrible because I don't play a "normal" Lux. This ISN'T a normal Lux build. I play her differently then a lot of people do, and from what I've seen over the past six or seven months of the build being up, people really liked it and were thankful for the advice and the item layout. I hate using LichBane, yeah, it's good for her passive, but I personally don't like it. Sorry that it's not in there to make the guide perfect for you. I don't use normal summoner spells. Lux is a support champion, if you don't know that, so I run spells to help my team. I never claimed to be the best Lux player out there. No where in this guide does it say I'm awesome and I'm better than anyone. No where does it say this is the best Lux build. This is MY Lux build. It's what I use. I never intended it to be popular either. My sole intention was to post my build and help other people learn to play Lux and hopefully have more people main her, because she is an under-appreciated champion. And I'm sorry if you've played with me and don't like my play style or think I suck. I'm not the best at this game. I don't have a high ELO, hell, I have more loses than wins. But I love Lux, and I thought I would share what I did with the community, not have people troll me and tell me the build is bad because I don't get the items they like or do what they like. If you don't like my build, don't use it. If you don't like my build, don't troll it. The build will be taken down in a few days. Goodbye Mobafire, and thank you to all the supportive people.

/end rant.

I've played Lux from the day they released her into the League, and loved her. Admittedly, I'm not the best and have experimented with many, many builds. The one I have here seems to be the best one I've tried. But it may not work for everyone, so if you do play this build, feel free to switch it up. =]

1. A few notes before I begin here. This is my personal build. The items I have set forth are what I use and what I succeed with. The particular runes and spells I use are listed here, and they work best for me. You don't have to use my build exactly as it is. Feel free to change it up to fit your personal play style. I'm flattered that so many people like my build and use it. And it makes me smile when I play against Lux's using my build, (with or without some variations of their own) and are kicking my butt. Thanks to everyone who likes/uses my build <3

2. Also, if you play Lux and think she needs a new skin, go here and bump the thread! Sailor Moon Skin for Lux. Thanks guys!!!

3. The new "no comment to vote" thing kinda aggravates me. Now it gives people free reign to troll all over builds. If you vote on this, up or down, please comment and let me know why. I love feedback and am striving to make the build better.

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Masteries and Summoner Abilities


I've updated my masteries to fit my little experiment. I get 5% total Cooldown Reduction from my masteries, and 35% from my items. Hitting exactly 40% with absolutely no waste.
Sorcery, maxed out, gives you 3% Cooldown Reduction.
Intelligence, with only one point, gives you 2% Cooldown Reduction.

Combined, this gives you the remaining 5% you need to get Cooldown Reduction Capped. Of course, again, this is my personal build, feel free to switch it up to suit your playing style.

Summoner Abilities

Clarity works best for Lux because without Mana, she is useless. I usually save my Clarity for level 3 when laning. And then hit it again around level 6. After that, you shouldn't have to use it all to often. If you're going mid, I recommend saving your Clarity until level 6. You level a lot faster laning by yourself, and if you hit it at 3, by the time your ulti is available, it'll still have 90 second left. After getting my ulti, I usually only pop it when in group fights or I need to get away and I'm low on Mana.
Ghost is a good spell for Lux because she is squishy. I get caught a lot of times because Lux has so little base armor. If the opposing champion has an Exhaust and/or an Ignite, and they pop them as I run away, I know I'm dead. The bubble only protects from so much damage, and usually allows me to get behind my tower before they dive and kill me. Ghost is ideal for saving your butt.
Most times, I run a Fortify, because no one else runs it and I like to protect my towers. =]

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Skills and Runes


Let's take the time to explain her skills before getting right into them.
Illumination is Lux's passive ability. Lux's damaging spells charge the target with energy for 6 seconds. Lux's next attack ignites the energy, dealing 20-190 (depending on Lux's level) magic damage to the target. Basically, every time you use an ability, Illumination is put on your enemy. If you auto-attack them or use another ability on them while it's active, you hit harder. Which is why you see some Lux's (rarely!!!) go AD. (Which crushes the very essence of my soul T.T)
Light Binding is Lux's lockdown. It locks down two enemies, champions or minions, dealing a certain amount of damage to it's target. The second target it hits, if any, will take half the damage of the first target hit, the stun also only lasts half that of the first locked down enemy. Be careful to note that it does not pass through minions, so take time to line up your skill shot if you're aiming for champions. This is the first thing to max out, since, it's essential to have your lockdown.
Prismatic Barrier is Lux's bubble. It will only bubble ally champions. As far as I know, it does not have a cap for how many people you can bubble, the only condition is that they have to be in the way of the bubble to get. It sort of acts like a boomerang and bubbles twice, instead of most bubbles only ticking once. So if you need to bubble an ally and they're not in front of you (or behind you or beside you, whichever way you decide to throw it) if they manage to get between you and the bubble before it returns to you, it'll bubble them. The bubble will always hit you, no matter where you throw it. It will also bubble you against twice (or so) the damage on the second bubble. Max this last, as it doesn't defend against as much damage until late game anyway.
Lucent Singularity is Lux's best harassing tool. It's a bit difficult to describe, but think of it like Morgana's Tormented Soil, but if you hit you're E again, it explodes. Contrary to popular belief, it does NOT do more damage the longer it sits on the ground. Which is why you see Lux's throw it and instantly explode it. It also acts as a slow. Any enemy, minion or champion, that passes through it, will be slowed by a percentage, making it a great escape when combined with your Light Binding. They are also an amazing harass combo. Locking them down, then throwing Lucent Singularity takes out a good chunk of their health, even at low levels. Lucent Singularity is also an amazing scouting tool. Throw it into bushes or just out of your view, and it will reveal the surrounding area. It will reveal the entire inside of the bush, much like a ward would. It is clearly visible by the green/red ring around it when thrown on the ground. This is great to help spot early ganks and counter them. Max this after Light Binding.
Finales Funkeln is Lux's ultimate. It's a lazor beam, that after a short delay, launches a beam of pewpew. Depending upon your level, it can hit anywhere from 300-1000 magical damage. It's launching mechanism is much like Ashe's or Ezreal's but with a range limit. On a 3v3 map, it'll go from your tower to the enemy tower. Put a point into this whenever available.


Greater Mark of Insight - 9 - Magic Penetration
Greater Seal of Clarity - 9 - Mana Per Second Per Level
Greater Glyph of Potency - 9 - Ability Power
Greater Quintessence of Insight - 3 - Magic Penetration

Lux is so similar to Morgana, that people mistake her for a pure AP champion. And that's just not true. While, she does neep AP, like most all mage's do, her main stats to focus are Cooldown Reduction, Magic Penetration, and then Ability Power. Now, don't get me wrong, pure AP Lux's hit like trucks, but they don't get the 24 second ultimate or magic pen., which is required to break through magic resist and heavy hitting tanks stacking against you. With these runes and the items I've laid out here, you will get 40.00% Cooldown Reduction by level 13-16.

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Core Build

Doran's Ring is the first item you get. It doesn't build into anything, but it's good for early game AP, Health, and Mana.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity, in my opinion, are much than Sorcerer's Shoes, because of the Cooldown Reduction. If you'd rather have the Magic Penetration, grab those instead, but you won't reach 40% CDR, and may have to switch up your masteries.

Rabadon's Deathcap is a pretty amazing item. It gives a **** ton of AP, and I suggest rushing it for an early advantage over your enemy. The earliest you will have this is at level 13, unless you are super fed, at which point you can easily get it earlier.

Morello's Evil Tome is such an interesting little item. AP, CDR, and Mana. Until this was released, I needed the Ability Cooldown masteries to cap my CDR, but with this nice little book, you get CDR capped 30 minutes in, as well as a boost in AP and MP5 (mana per 5 seconds).

Now at this point, my core build is complete. Usually, I'm anywhere between level 13-16 when this is done. The next three items are what I get to build up AP and Magic Penetration. This is also the part in the build where you can substitute items. Such as defensive items, heavy AP items, or active use items. It all depends on situation. You might need a Banshee's Veil to counter a Ryze or you might just want to stack Archangel's Staff's to get as much AP as possible. It all depends on you. The next three items are what I get, sometimes I switch the order, other times I don't. It all depends on how the game is going.

Moonflair Spellblade is a really good, cheap little item. It grants you some AP as well as giving you 25% of the new stat Tenacity. If you haven't heard, this stat reduces CC by 25 or 35 percent, and Tenacity items do not stack, it will just take from your highest amount. I like it because it's helpful to get Lux out of sticky situations faster.

Archangel's Staff is a pretty good item for any AP user. It gives a ton of mana and a lot of AP. And if stacked, your ultimate can hit for over 1000 easily. Which is why you see a lot of Karthus players stack just Archangel's Staff's. I personally like it for the up in mana and AP.

Zhonya's Hourglass is a damn good item. It gives you an amazing boost in AP and a 2 second period where you're completely immune to everything. I think it's a good end game item to help save your butt.

Optional Items

LoL is all about situational awareness, and not every game will be the same or go the way you want it too, and you may need to switch your items accordingly.

If I'm getting hit hard by a tank or an AD carry, I usually run with:

Now I know this is overkill on CDR, but the armor and mana are completely worth it. I haven't actually had to build up armor, because I usually do tend to stay in the back of team fights, and Lux has great escape potential. So I suggest maybe getting only one of the armor items, or just throwing a Thornmail into the mix.

Now, usually, if I'm getting hammered by another AP champion, like Ryze or whoever, I usually grab a couple of Magic Resistance items, and they're not all too bad for the main build because they do also add stats like AP and Mana.

Other Builds

I have no problem with most other Lux builds. As long as you have some AP, CDR, and Magic Penetration, you can't go wrong. But when I see builds like this, I die a bit inside.

Now, to each his own. But for God's sake, most of Lux's attacks are her abilities. If you're auto attacking more than using your abilities, than yeah sure, go ahead, do this. But, I mean, this just makes me sad inside. It really does. T.T

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Game Play

Let's take the time to explain Lux a little bit. She is really one of the best mid champions out there (there are better of course, but usually she goes mid if there's no one else). She's also a really good laning partner. Lux isn't strong enough to jungle, but if you need blue buff, grab some help, and mid-late game, if you need extra gold, Lucent Singularity hits hard enough for you to take out a minion camp. I'll try to explain laning and mid in as much detail as possible.


I usually go top, but that depends on your teammates. Typically, I lane with Jax, because my friend Dan and I play together a lot. And he's honestly a really amazing laning partner. Get Light Binding first. If you get to your lane quick enough, slip into the bushes and wait. If your enemy gets close enough to you, lock them down. Sometimes they face check, and if you can lock them down fast enough and let your ally get off a move, you can easily get a kill. Don't push to hard, Lux is very squishy early game. Play defensive unless you are sure you can get the upper hand on them. At level 2, grab Lucent Singularity and start harassing. Don't just launch this and waste Mana, it's not worth it. Use it only when you are sure they'll go through it. Most of the time, I throw it a little bit behind them, because when they see you cast it, they'll run, and if you throw it behind them, they'll run right into it. If you can get a clear shot on them, lock them down and throw Lucent Singularity. By the time you hit level 3 and get your bubble, depending on how much you're able to harass, you may or may not need to hit Clarity, if not, save it. Only use it if you cannot hit your abilities. Play defensive and harass until you get your ultimate. Now at level 6, your ultimate will only hit for 300-400, depending on runes and such. If they're low enough, use it. If not, lock them down, throw Lucent Singularity, and hopefully hit Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln. Now, this is also best case scenario, keep in mind that not every game will go your way and you have to have map/situational awareness at all times. Your teammates won't always be able to call MIA's and you need to be aware of your surroundings. Once you get to a certain point in the game, group fights will start happening. Most people expect Lux to initiate, because of Light Binding. Do remember you're not a tank and you're a cute ball of squish, so try to stay as far to the back as possible to avoid early death. You will get focused because Lux is feared. If she's fed and gets all her items quickly, she's dangerous, not to mention she's a hazard for those running away with low health. The key is to be on the defensive at all times and not get cocky.


I personally hate going mid, because you're more vulnerable to ganks and you don't have the support of a teammate to help you. But don't fret, you're not completely powerless. Be sure to have good map awareness when mid, and hope your teammates call MIA's. Now, depending on who lanes against you, you may need to let everyone know when they have their ultimate. Like Karthus or Twisted Fate. Like when laning, get Light Binding and Lucent Singularity first. Don't get too pushy unless you know you can dominate or drop them. Lock them down whenever you have a clear shot and throw Lucent Singularity directly afterwards. By level 6, if you've been able to harass, you can easily kill them with Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln. When going mid, you usually get to decide when team fights happen because you'll usually call in reinforcements to gank and push the tower, or they will, and your teammates will come help (usually). Team fights usually happen around level 10, but it all depends on whether you're getting overwhelmed or you really want that tower dead. Like I said before, you need to initiate (usually) with Light Binding and hopefully your team can come together to get an Ace.

Lux is more complicated then people give her credit for, but if you practice with her, you can master her. I play a lot of champions (all female >.>) but I always come back to Lux, because I love her so dearly. I hope I've been helpful to anyone who needed help with Lux or is completely new to her. Enjoy your time on the Fields of Justice, and if you want to play with me or my friends, add me in-game, my username is Apollymia.

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Q: Why don't you use active use items? Deathfire's Grasp is great for Lux!

A: My only reasoning is, is that when I get an active use item, I usually only need to use it in a group fight, and when you get thrown into a group fight, it's easy to forget you have those items to help save you or get a kill when you get caught up in the moment. If you like active use items, switch them out for something, but I personally don't use them, and probably never will. I have used DFG before, and it's a great item, if you remember it's there in teamfights.

Q: Why don't you use a Lich Bane?

A: I do! But only for the Magic Resistance. I am well aware that it's beastly with her passive, and a lot of people think it's "fail" to not have a Lich Bane in a good Lux build. Let's look at the stats. +350 Mana. +80 Ability Power. +30 Magic Resist. +7% Movement Speed UNIQUE Passive: 100% chance when an ability is used that your next physical attack deals an additional 100% of your Ability Power in damage (Lich Bane's effect does NOT stack with Sheen). This effect has a 2 second cooldown. Now yes, that's amazing for Lux, coupled with her passive. But it doesn't fit the build I use. I set up to get maxed CDR, over 50% Magic Penetration, and a buttload of AP. If you want to switch out an item for Lich Bane, go ahead! But I personally don't use it unless I need the Magic Resistance.

Q: Why don't you use Greater Seal of Clarity?

A: With Greater Seal of Clarity, if you get nine of them, you'll have about 10%+ mana regeneration at level 18. But do remember, not all games last long enough for you to get to level 18. Hell, a good chunk of the games I get into end between 20-35 minutes, and I'm not 18 by then, which is why I originally switched out Clarity for Greater Seal of Replenishment Replenishment. Yes, you only get 3.69% mana regeneration, but it's guaranteed. But that's just my personal opinion, it's completely up to the player.

Q: You're wasting CDR with those glyphs, why not change them?

A: I have! Greater Glyph of Focus has been switched for Greater Glyph of Potency. I've taken the glyphs for CDR out completely and only use items and the 5% from masteries. With the items and masteries, you get exactly 40.00% CDR with absolutely no waste.

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Screenshot Time

**This is a five's I did. I completed the old build, the game lasted 65 minutes**
**This is a five's I did with my friends and husband. I completed the WHOLE build. =]**
**I'm not sure how we won this, I'm still in shock, so I'm posting it**