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Lux Build Guide by cdahlman

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cdahlman

Lux - The Glass Cannon

cdahlman Last updated on December 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey this is Dahlmanater and my favorite character is Lux. This is my first guide, I felt kinda bad about leaching from all the great guides on this website without giving back. So I put up a basic guide showing my favorite build for a nuker/harrasser Lux.

Please leave your comments and rate my guide to let me know what you think. I want to know how you feel and maybe you will help me discover a better way to build Lux

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Most people who create a Lux guide put in a , I have used this item and it is great if you expect to get alot of kills and assists without dying. I usually don't get it though because its power is directly dependant on how well you do. I don't usually like to rely on items like that, just a personal preferance.

I get this item alot earlier in my build than most others if they even get it. I do this for two reasons. 1. Lux is extremely mana hungry early game and this does help. 2. It takes a long time to build up the 1000 mana for this item's unique passive in order to take full advantage of 's passive.

I get this item because it gives a decent amount of AP and health, which makes you a little less squishy. Also the mana boost complements the 's passive.

Standard mage shoe's. I might switch it up a bit if they have alot of AP caster's but I'll get to that.

I love this item. AP, Mana regen, and the 20% cooldown reduction seals a place for it in my guide plus its not too terribly expensive either.

Every single AP caster should buy this item at sometime no matter what. Single greatest AP increaser in the game.

By now between the and the you should have a decent amount of mana. Now this item's mana to AP passive seems worth while. Eventually this item end up adding about 150 AP.

Another decent chunk of AP and a +40% percent magic penetration to blow past the enemies magic resist.

Situational Items
If the enemy team is AP heavy I usually get this instead of and swap out the for

If the enemy team is a lot of DPS characters you can swap this for and swap for if you want the CDR.

If you are going to be detonating alot of your s you might want to get this item. It also increases your move speed, AP, and mana.

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Skill Sequence

As far as skill sequencing goes generally i go for then followed by while grabbingFinales Funkeln whenever it comes up.

I pick up first and upgrade it the most because it does good damage, is an AoE, and has a fairly large range. This is easily the skill I use the most often. Because of its range, it is a great harrassing ability and the slow effect makes for great crowd control. You can even drop this on a turret to hit a super weak champion hiding by it without aggroing the turret.

I go for next because it makes landing you laser far easier and it is great for making an escape. Also does fairly good damage and is probably the safest detonation that you can get. Because it can hit two enemy's at once it can be great at saving an ally (or yourself) that is getting ganked by multiple enemies.

While alot of people might chew me out for this, I tend to overlook . In my opinion it doesn't protect quite enough to be worth it. However, I'm not saying it isn't usefull. I might take one level of it early in the game to prevent a death from a DoT spell when I should be safe. Aka or 's Poison.

Lux's final, Finales Funkeln, is a laser that travels a huge distance instantly after only a short channel time. It does very good damage and if an enemy has an Illumination debuff on them it ignites that debuff and applies another. The big thing about this ult isn't just the damage and range, it's also about the frequency. With 40% CDR the cooldown at level 3 should be 24 seconds. That means you should easily be able to pull of 2, 3, or maybe even 4 lasers in the longer team fights. This also means you can use it much more freely than other ults

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Summoner Spells

Main Spells:
I use this spell on almost all builds. It makes for a great escape and if a champion with just a sliver of health is just out of reach.

This makes it easier for you to stay in the lane early game despite how mana hungry you are. This means you level faster and get more cash.

Decent spell if you think you could almost get away but your Flash is on cooldown. Helpful to staying in the lane as well.

Good spell with a similar function as Flash. Great for chasing or running away.

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Dominion Build

When I play Dominion, I tend to build/play differently that Classic.
Also if you take anything away from this guide it should be this.
I have a very positive KDR in Dominion with Lux.
The last game I played I went 17/7/20.

I get these first for the early magic penetration but mostly for the speed. Dominion is very fast paced so it requires you to be able to get around quickly.

I go for this next for its CDR because all of lux's abilities have a longer cooldown so in a fast pace game like dominion that works against you.

After Morello's its AP to the end. You want to make your nukes hit as hard as possible to discourage captures and help push enemies off their capture points.

You are pretty much guaranteed to get these three in any game of dominion unless its ridiculusly short. After that I start to go situational while still building AP.

I get this if their team is pretty evenly split between AD and AP champs and someone is buying magic resist. This basically ensures that their MR don't mean nothing.

I get this if they have alot of AD champs or there is one that is particularily annoying me. AKA or the item's active is kinda nice too if you see a powerfull damaging ability coming, activate it. It could save your life.

This is the flipside of the last item. If they are all AP get this. Magic resist + a little more magic penetration.

If their aren't any particularily annoying enemy champs and they aren't any buying MR I usually go for this 4th. AP plus I get even more CC on my damaging spells.

The Runes used in Classic could work fine but you might want to switch some or all of them out for their flat increase counterparts instead of the per level increasers. This makes you strong right out of the game and lets face it. A good start on Dominion is REALLY important.

I take the same abilities for dominion as i do in classic because, like I said, I play Lux for the CC and the damage. Some say take the shield and while it might be usefull i think that the extra damage and reduced cooldown on your Lucent Sigularity and is more usefull.

Finales Funkeln Is more than just a long range nuke in Dominion. It can be used as a long range capture interuppter. You could wait until you get in range for your but if you can prevent them from nuetralizing your turret with this then the turret can go to town on them while they wait for the ability to start capturing again.

Great for pushing enemies off a turret because of its long range and AoE damage/slow. Can also be used to interrupt enemies capping on of your turrets for the same reason.

My favorite use for this is to escape a DPS or to lock an enemy trying to push me off a turret near a turret that doesn't like them. They won't be able to move while a turret goes to town on them.

Has pretty much the same use in Dominion as in Classic. Use it to shield as many allies as possible in team fights or to hopefully save an ally(or yourself) when they are fleeing a melee character. Also use it to mitigate DoT effects on yourself as well as on allies. Getting one level of this at level 5 is where I would get it if I really thought I needed it early.

Summoner Spells:
I still take this because it is so useful. Use it to put distance between yourself and an enemy. Use it to close distance between you and a fleeing champ. Even use it to transport through walls!

This goes back to when I say mobility is key in Dominion. Helps you reach the top capture point in record time at the start of the game and can be used as another escape mechanism if is on cooldown.

P.S. The Summary of this build is the 3rd portrait on the top.