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Lux Build Guide by Captain Floof

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Captain Floof

Lux: The Glass Cannon who could

Captain Floof Last updated on December 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Short and Sweet

I have played Luxanna the lady of luminosity many times, and know that to play Lux to her best potential she needs to be a glass cannon that has a tank and or bruiser to keep her out of harms way. when you can shield them for a total of about 1000 HP they might just feel the need to protect you, whilst you protect them, then nuke the hell out of anyone dumb enough to engage you and your melee sponge. this is possible because of Lux's long range double snare nuke and aoe slow nuke she can protect her tank with an aoe double shield anti nuke with the simple qwere combo aiming in the enemy's direction if it is to the point where Lux has this build and at least 500 mana from archangels any AD carry but a trolling tank ashe will get Q + lichbane + passive instagibbed and if they have a banshees slow to initate with a fast E and detonate to remove it then let the gibbing begin. And anyone cheeky enough to flash away will get PEWPEWLAZOROFDEATH in their rear. she can do much the same as Garen; coincidentally her older brother, Q + auto attack and their carry is gone EQR and their bruiser is gone then cheeky karthus tries to get you with his ult because you just killed his team and got away with 4 bars of hp you just hit w and he cries about it in chat as you EQR him from outside his base wall

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No iron set order here but Q or E are the best to get first but i prefer Q againt melees who have to get close to last hit and E secondary regardless while doing less damage this is great for harrassment as it allows her to hit someone beyond most other champions ability range and has a deceptively large hit bot, thrown into a group of minions without them seeing the cast can get you some easy harrass, and if they want to start a fight just E to slow Q to snare detonate E to proc passive auto attack and if they are hitting you throw a W if you have it somewhere in there and just when they think they can burst you down because they are level 6, E BEHIND them Q R auto attack/ detonate E anyone with 4 bars or less at the start will die unless they have all of the magic resist in the game which ~level 6 is impossible to my knowledge, only Kayle Morg or Trynd could have any hopes of escape

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The Reasoning

Because Glass cannon Lux is underestimated and will kite you around the rift if not instagib you from the nearest friendly neighboorhood bush I will elaborate as i receive feedback

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