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Lux Build Guide by Gorilla671

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gorilla671

Lux, when most people think shes bad. She just gets better.

Gorilla671 Last updated on September 9, 2011
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Most people think just cant cut it in the big league. Sure, other people burst earlier and on the whole probably do it better. But NOONE and I MEAN NOONE can burst as simply and as cleanly as Lux. Not to mention a good Lux player can turn her already amazing ultimate Finales Funkeln into a truly feared weapon of pretty, but deadly W.O.M.D. So, if you enjoy rainbows,or blondes with inferiority complexes who hide their pain behind a smile and work, then Lux is the one for you.

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Its pretty standard

x1 Dont ask me im too lazy to buy another Clarity

Now all the people who know a little about Lux, or the Avid Lux players with some games under their belt might say "Oh no CD Blues?" and im just going to tell you, runes are usually picked out of preference. So if you feel more comfortable with the easy CD you get with the blue, take them. As for me, who is Completely confident in my Lux playing abilities, I will take the AP by lvl. Not only does it help me scale well, but I usually have full stacks every game. Trust me ive played in plenty of ranked games too, although ive never been in any extremely high lvl ELO so im not saying im the driving force of Lux advice. Because I am not. I just want to tell you that a mark of a good Lux is High stacks regardless of how the team is doing. The more stacks you have means the more Assists/kills you have and the less deaths. A good Lux is NEVER caught out of position.

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Basic Spell caster Burst. 9/0/21 make sure you get the upgrades to the Summoner skills you want and the CDR.

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I start with . I am usually Duo bot so I babysit while the carry gets fed off creeps. As soon as im ready i go back and Get and 2 ,2 and a Sight ward. This is to ensure i stay in lane to keep the opposition off the carry and provide cover from ganks. I finish my Boots into and build my At this point Me and the carry start becoming aggressive trying to score kills. Your number on priority is to help the carry. Make sure he does not die. Keep buying wards on your way back. A good rule of thumb is to always pick up 2 when you go back. Then if im snowballing pretty hard i get a and turn into a Ap carry myself. This is usually the case if not i still get the cap but my next item either a Or a . From there if you want you can go into a more tanky build leaving the rest of the slots for a or a . You want to keep your stacks and burst the other ap carries. BUT NEVER NEGLECT It saves alot of lives.

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Skill Sequence

Always start with I dont care what your friends tell you. Because you will not have that temptation to use On creeps with your it forces less knowledgeable Lux players to learn how to Last hit. If after awhile you think you can handle the E as a first skill go ahead just remember it costs alot of mana. I always get one point in Q then leave it there. Primarily skilling E and hitting W whenever possible after it. The ult should ofc be taken at 6,11,16. The Q although was buffed to have better CDs its otherwise useless in the lane phase. Yes the snare is good. But being able to harass with E while still having good Survivability with the shield is much more important.

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Summoner Spells.

I see alot of Lux's take I can understand why you would want it. Its perfect for laning. It helps you secure that kill, and its useful if they try and jump you at a turret. But my Golden Rule for Lux is "If you are close enough to ignite you are doing it wrong."
Lux should always be on the outskirts. She should never, NEVER NEVER be out of position. If you want to play Lux in ranked. And what the other team not to laugh at you. You must learn Map awareness, you must always be cautious, and you must always have good reflexes. Always be wary. Always think a couple steps ahead. Know your way out. Dont be caught off-guard. I cannot stress this enough.
That being said i always take and .
Odds are they have a jungler, and odds are noone is going to take CV. Not only does it help with skillshots but it ensures (with ample anticipation and practice) that you are NEVER caught on your haunches.
If you want to win KNOW YOUR OPPONENT. take time to analyze their playstyle. Make informed guesses on how they will approach, run, or gank you. And more importantly make them regret sleeping on your skill.

Good for the Lux players who are just starting out and dont have Runes and Masteries. But otherwise you will want to always ask for Blue buff

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Lux should always flirt with the enemy in the lane phase. Stay on the outskirts of their attacking range. Give a little tease and correctly anticipate with . Punish them in the laning phase. Show who the real zoning champ is. Show that her days as the top burst harass champ is over. Show That he cant bully you.
Now i said Flirt. I never said wave your **** around like its a magnet for kills. Being a tease is just a Facade so you can have them fall into your pretty Rainbow trap. Always buy wards to cover yourself and the key to playing a good Lux is Map Awareness. And the Sign of a good Lux is high stacks Regardless of how the team is. Oh, and if you think you can kill it with your Finales Funkeln Do it. Dont think twice. Remember KS stands for Kill Security. Most people in ranked think the same way.

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Ranked Play

Lux is classified as a Support. This is an extent. Her only true support move is her And trust me that all she needs. If you cant help it you can take Mid. But lux shines(HUEHUEHUE I SEE WHAT YOU DID THUR) in A Duo lane. Your main Objective is to keep the other team away from your Carry while he/she farms the fudge out of creeps. This ensures a good game for the carry or atleast a good laning phase. When you can, make sure to snare the squishiest person in the lane and proceed to blow her up. You must stay in your grass and consistently land your make them regret pushing up. OFC this is going to warrant early ganks from the Jungler. This is why you prepare with mutiple Sight Ward MAKE THE JUNGLE PAY FOR HIS STUPIDITY. Make sure you keep your carry alive while you keep the enemy away. It may sound Hard but trust me its simple for a good Lux.
During the team fight phase. MAKE SURE YOUR IN A GOOD POSITION. Make sure no mater how hard they try they cant get to you. OFC this doesnt mean be so far back that you wont be of any help. At this point if you have transformed yourself from the ugly support catipillar into a nuking facemelting butterfly, you can also become an anti carry. Stop the other mages in thier tracks with a well placed combo. When you wanna nuke you go > > Finales Funkeln Then you blow up the Ball. this ensures a quick nuke and leaves a mark on the opponent that you can auto to blow up. Remember though. At this point you have taken the role of Anti-carry and a support. Even though you blow up the othr mage. KEEP YOUR CARRIES ALIVE WITH

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Great Harrass
Easy Snowballing
Anti Carry
Initiator with Ult
Easily able to pick off Out of position baddies.
24sec 1000+ dmg dealing ultimate

Heavy weakness to silence and Gap Closers.
NEEDS a reliable team to keep them away.
Requires the use of the brain and reflexes not to mention an uncommon Team spirit.
High Cds if slacking on stacks and blue

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Team Work

Lux's Snare is a great move to set something up. Im not going to say its the best, but its pretty damn close. If you land every one of them especially at a crucial time. It is easy street. Ofc since its a skill shot you can actually miss and leave yourself at a disadvantage for about 14 sec. What you want is to snare and preform your combo on a squishie. It will either blow them up or leave them weak enough to give the carry a kill.
In a teamfight you want to shield and hit as many people as you can as often as you can. Your shield makes a difference. Don't Let anyone tell you otherwise. You also want to take every chance you have to catch people out of position. This is a sign of a Lux who has highly developed skills into foresight. The more you can clearly catch people out of position the better of a Lux you truly are. Its what shes excels at what is quite possibly her saving grace.

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You hit as many creeps as you can with your E and ignite your Passive. Its simple.