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Maokai Build Guide by pitar132

Support Make it Sappy! - SUPP scaling Maokai

Support Make it Sappy! - SUPP scaling Maokai

Updated on May 5, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author pitar132 Build Guide By pitar132 80,958 Views 0 Comments
80,958 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author pitar132 Maokai Build Guide By pitar132 Updated on May 5, 2016
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Welcome to the aggressive AP tank Treant!

So hello I am Pitar and this is my first guide!So that's why I will really appreciate any comments, notes or likes :)
Maokai is an amazing champ with great lore.He is one of the few champs that can be good support,awesome top and mid laner and great jungle.
Very good at team fights because of the absorbation of damage with his R.He can play aggressive and control the aggression of the enemies.

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Item choices

Well Maokai is really flexible champion which can build in many paths.

Spellthief's Edge is really good for Maokai because of his endless lust for mana.You will be able to use more abilities without the blue from your mana bar disappear so easley.It will give you also small amount of ability power which will help you with your E poke.Most people build him on Relic Shield but you anyway absorb enough damage so the heal won't be so necessary. Relic Shield gives you health which is good for Maokai but when we get to Eye of the Watchers you will have good mana regeneration, ability power and 200 health.Also you will also have full control of the vision combined with Sweeping Lens. Spellthief's Edge passive can be easily used because with your R you will activate it 1 time when the sapling hit the enemy champion and then 1 more time when it explodes.That's why I prefer Spellthief's Edge.

Rod of Ages gives you a flat amount of ability power, health and mana trough the game.You benefit from all of them.Combined with the runes you will have good scaling trough the whole game. Turbo Chemtank can replace rod of ages if you think that your team got enough damage and you has lack of mobility.With it you will be able to play more aggressive because it will boost your teammates movement when activated. Maokai has a slow movement speed and needs to be able to get into Twisted Advance range. He often needs the active in order to engage onto a target.Even trough with Mobility Boots there no such big problem so that's why I prefer Rod of Ages

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Very good boots for support because of the roaming for ganks and for warding with saplings.After you get ALL other items (very rare) you should sell them and buy Mercury's Treads for AP enemy team or Ninja Tabi for AD enemy team.
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Pay attention for the passive, because 5 to 7% health is always a good thing and if you forget to auto attack you won't fully benefit. If you play against enemies like Ezreal or Dr. Mundo support you will have your passive almost always ready to use.
Arcane smash - Q
arcane smashWith Q you can stop your enemy's aggression too and deal moderate damage for low mana cost.When maxed it will slow your enemies by 48% giving advantage to your team to catch somebody or for you own escape.The knock up will interrupt various ults like katarina's and nunu's.
Twisted advance - W
Very important skill.You can use it to dodge abilities like jinx ult.While you fly you will be invulnerable.Also it can be easley used for aggressive moves.Root the enemy adc and give the opportunity to your adc to use his/her skills.
Sapling toss - E
Well E is really important in the early game because most enemies will try to run from the saplings and you will give opportunity to your adc to farm without any fear of aggressiveness from the enemy.You will keep them in distance if you land your saplings wisely.Saplings will also slow enemies when they explode.
Vengeful Maelstrom
Vengeful Maelstrom will reduce the damage to you and nearby teammates by 20%, which is amazing for a team fight.It can be used also to protect low health teammate, clear a lane, protect from baron or early drake.It won't protect from damage from turrets so make your dives carefully and have in mind that your OP ult won't help you escape from turrets damage.It will drain a lot of mana but with Spellthief's Edge you will recover some portion of it with your increased mana regen.

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Mastery choice

I prefer Wanderer than Savagery because of the mobility it will give us.
Secret Stash will longer the potions and I don't see any reasons to choose Assassin because your priority is to move with teammates and since you aren't jungle you won't get that good benefits from Runic Affinity
Meditation i way better than Merciless for Maokai because of his endless hunger for mana.With Spellthief's Edge you will have good mana regen.
Dangerous Game and Bandit are both good since Bandit will get you bonus gold but after we build on Spellthief's Edge I think that we have enough gold income.
Unyielding is completely awesome for Maokai and for this build. Maokai benefits way more from it than from Recovery
Explorer will give you more movement speed.The damage you won't suffer from Tough Skin for me is REALLY small.
Runic Armor will help your passive but i prefer Veteran Scars as it will give Maokai good amount of health.
The choice between Insight and Perseverance is absolutely obvious.You need to be more tanky and recover the lost health
I prefer Swiftness because in almost every game there is one nasty enemy champ that will make you unmovable.
Grasp of the Undying is just better for top Maokai than support. Strength of the Ages will make Maokai more scaling but it's just too slow for me.That's why I prefer Bond of Stone
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Maokai is really good at early and mid game but in late game :/ I have tried many builds and in almost all of them I feel very out scaled in the late game even by the enemy's support.One time your ability power is not enough or you armor and magic resist...That's why I came with an idea of scaling runes so that Maokai is strong in a whole game!Also at lv 18 you will have more benefit than if you buy non - scaling rune.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power I prefer AP quintessences for Maokai because they will help with your early game sapling poke a lot.
Greater Seal of Scaling Armor I already said why I prefer more scaling runes.If you don't have enough IP you should try with Greater Seal of Armor
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power good for our scaling build
Greater Mark of Scaling Magic Resist hmm most players would say that this isn't very good but since our items will give the needed magic resist and we don't need that much from runes.
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If you liked my guide please like it.Please help me make it wilder by discussing it :) Have nice time with the treant.
League of Legends Build Guide Author pitar132
pitar132 Maokai Guide
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Make it Sappy! - SUPP scaling Maokai

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