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Malphite Build Guide by UnhallowedGeralf

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UnhallowedGeralf

Malphite, (insert clever guide name here)

UnhallowedGeralf Last updated on December 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 9

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Hello everybody, I'm UnhallowedGeralf and this is my second guide. Lately, I've taken up jungleing so I thought I should write a guide for my favorite jungler, Malphite. As with my previous guide, if you disagree with me, leave a comment instead of downvoting immediately. So yeah. Let's move on to the actual guide.

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Updates Soon

I got a couple more downvotes than I expected/wanted after releasing the guide. I'm going through a short time period where I want to pay more attention to things IRL than editing the guide, but I will definitely make changes for you guys who were not satisfied. I'll get around to it soon. That said, I'm a procrastinator by nature so it might be a while. And I have to update the masteries... Thanks Riot

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Who even jungles Malphite?

Season 2 is coming to an end as I'm writing this guide, so the finals are fresh in my mind. And I remember that one team (not sure if Saigon Jokers or Taipei Assassins, help guys?) picked Malphite for their jungle. That's all I really remember, but it inspired me. And here I am, with Malphite as my favorite jungler.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is very useful for escaping or pursuing targets. I changed my opinion on this spell from my Nunu Build. It is very useful for getting away from people or initiating.

Smite is an essential spell for jungling. It is indispensable, simply because people won't be able to Baron or Dragon without you stealing it.

No other summoner spells crossed my mind in the making of this guide.

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0/21/9 Masteries

Think about it for a second. Is Malphite a carry? Not in this guide. Is he a support? Usually not. Tank? Hell yeah. Therefore I take 21 points in defense and 9 points in utility for the buff duration among other bonuses.

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Another Personal Story (you probably don't want to hear about)

This is the story about how I came to own Malphite (and his skin that I use). I was about Lv. 25 and it was the Gangster Twitch sale:
-Galactic Nasus
-Scarlet Hammer Poppy
-Coral Reef Malphite
- Amumu
- Irelia
- Varus

I'd just recently discovered Poppy and what a beast she is. But I hated her default skin, and I still do. So I got Scarlet Hammer to cover that up. Irelia was also free that week and after trying her out I bought her. I picked up Amumu in an attempt to learn how to jungle. I liked Varus because he was a good ADC that I also find somewhat attractive. I thoroughly loved the Nasus skin so I got that. The only thing left was the Malphite skin so I coughed up the RP and got him and the skin. It seemed like a giant waste at the time, but I've used everything I got there.

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Granite Shield
This puts you at 110% life when you come back into lane. Also a free heal every 10 seconds of not being hit. Very useful in the jungle.
Seismic Shard
This is a poke that also slows your enemy and speeds you up. Nice against champs like Shyv who have their own speed buffs cause this lets you keep up more effectively. I max this second for gank potential.
Brutal Strikes
Grants you an armor/AD buff when you activate it, but the passive makes all of your AAs splash, like Tiamat. This increases as you level it up, but I still consider it a one-point wonder after picking it up at level 2.
Ground Slam
An AoE damage/debuff. Malphite... er, slams the ground. This causes a shockwave that conveniently lowers the attack speeds of enemies hit. I max this ability first for clear times.
Unstoppable Force
Targets an area on the ground and causes you to charge there, knocking up any enemies you encounter along the way. Use it to chase, gank or escape over walls. Be sure to apologize to any monsters you hit while doing this. An important thing to note is that nothing will stop you during the charge except your own death. COME AT ME CC!

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Lv 1-6
Just focus on clearing at this point. Don't worry about the enemy jungler unless they lv 1 invade. If you're gonna beat Malphite, you have to do it at lv 1. If somebody is asking for it (pushed to the turret) feel free to gank them once you hit lv 3 or 4. Hold lanes if you must, push them out before leaving if you have to, Malphite is good at farming/pushing.
Lv 6-Midgame
I'm still not sure exactly when the laning phase ends. It seems like it ends when one team is losing so badly that they have to get many people together to kill fed people. After level 6, Malphite can actually gank properly. I try to hit them with Seismic Shard to initiate and only Unstoppable Force when they go into panic mode and hit flash. You could also initiate with your ult, it really depends on the person.
I can't really explain in a properly developed sentence how to play lategame so I'll make a list instead:
-Get a couple health items and you will be unkillable
-Hit as many people with your ult as possible
-Initiate big teamfights and soak up "TONS OF DAMAGE" -Phreak
-Stand under towers as your carries tear the enemy team to shreds
-Type "Malphite too stronk" into /all chat

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Here's a breakdown of the items I get on Malphite:

Cloth Armor+ Health PotionX5
I start out with cloth 5. I get armor for my E/less damage taken, pots so I don't have to back as often. Some people start with Doran's Shield. This works, but does not build into anything, so that kinda burns me.
Ninja Tabi
Best boots on Malphite imo. Armor for E, less AA damage. Good against high AD team, get Mercury's Treads if the enemy team has too much magic damage/CC.
Philosopher's stone or Heart of Gold
GP5, get early for gold...
Giant's Belt
I get this on first back if I have enough gold instead of Tabi or GP5. Build into Warmog's Armor asap.
Shurelya's reverie, Randuin's Omen
Awesome actives, built out of 2 GP5 items you will get anyways
Guardian Angel
Get this:
a) If you're getting beaten down
b) If you're fed and want to piss off the enemy team
Frozen Heart
Get this:
a) If your AP is mana-hungry like Anivia so you can give them blue and still have mana
b) If you're against a heavy AD team

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I hope this guide helped you to play Malphite better in the jungle. He's a really fun champ with a couple nice skins (XD). As I've said frequently, leave a comment along with your vote and I will do my best to make the guide better. Cheers and thanks to Remi/BlueEyesWhiteKid for still playing pvp games with me so I know I can count on someone, jhoijhoi for her Guide to making a guide, and Phreak for encouraging me to do TONS OF DAMAGE, even with tanks.