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Malphite Build Guide by idontknowmyname4

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League of Legends Build Guide Author idontknowmyname4

Malphite jungle: Why is this tank unkillable?

idontknowmyname4 Last updated on June 5, 2012
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Hi everyone. This is my first build recommendation. Hope you enjoy it. So first of all I want to make it clear, I am not one of the mega ultra pro who can play Soraka as ad carry. So any negative comments will be appreciated as long as they are constructive. Good let's get on with the build and explaining what I am going to recommend. is first of all a great tank and has one ability which enables him to be a strong damage dealer as well. Ground Slam is an ability which stacks with armor. So not only he will deal a lot of damage but will also be able to take a lot of damage. In this guide Malphite is played as a jungler. Great ganker and can easy towerdive early.

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Pros / Cons

VERY strong jungler and ganker.
Tanky and can do damage.
Ultimate can turn the tides in your favor in a teamfight.
Very swift jungler.
Strong against fairly squishy characters.
Not a lot of damage output with other abilities except Ground Slam
Not very good against tanks
Has to have a good begining(if fail gank or counterjungled can lead to a massive disadvantage)

So, overall Malphite is a good option to pick as a tank and also as a jungler. But to gank make sure to call out to your team mates and ask them to not push before you are ready to gank otherwise they will make it hard for you and hard for them aswell.
And not forget the 2 most important things: keep positive and HAVE FUN.

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OK, now let's get onto the runes. I have picked thees runes specifically to help Malphite improve his strong points. Ganking and jungling. I have picked Greater Glyph of Magic Resist specifically to give him a boost against the mid laners making his job a lot easier. You can also take [Greater Glyph of Resilience]] for the extra armor if you desire to have easier jungling but I prefer to have a balanced magic resist and armor. But this all depends on the individuals. Now going onto the marks, I have picked Greater Mark of Armor just because it gives nearly 1 armor and if added together will give around 8 more armor. This will change his jungling path and make it a lot easier. For the seals I definitely recommend Greater Seal of Armor as it gives a massive armor boost and will make your jungling a doddle. It will also boost your Ground Slam damage.
And finally we have our quintessences. I will recommend picking up Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed as it gives the champ more movement speed, making ganking a lot easier. These I favour the most as they will help me get that early kill or assist and get my money for my items. Make sure that on your trip back you have about 1200 gold for your boots( Ninja Tabi if possible and Philosopher's Stone.

TIP: DO NOT bother with the health runes because Malphite does not need health. As long as he get's the items that I recommended early game he will be just fine without them runes.

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The masteries. Well it is pretty obvious that malphite jungling will require pretty defensive masteries. 0/21/9 is found in most tanks and junglers as it will give them the armor and the utility to farm as much as possible. I didn't bother picking up Resistance because late game if you have had farmed and ganked you will have enough to counter those pesky mages.
Going on with the mastery suggestions I recommend picking up Bladed Armor and Tough Skin to help you against the mobs and make your jungling even easier. I also say that a must have in Malphite's mastery tree is Rune Affinity increasing the duration of the buffs.

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The items...Well this is where it all counts. Malphite is the best tank jungler in my opinion just because of how he can gank and pick up kills. Start off with the usual Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions as they will be needed. Try gank one or two times before heading back. You will probably have 2-3 potions to spare because as I mentioned Malphite is a strong jungler and will not take much damage in jungle. On your first trip back try to get Philosopher's Stone and Ninja Tabi. This will require about 1300 gold when heading back. I pick up the Philosopher's Stone because not only will give Malphite the regen needed to sustain himself without a blue buff but also will gain more gold , helping him with his build. On your second trip back try to get Heart of Gold and Warden's Mail. After that you are free to finish off the Randuin's Omen and Shurelya's Reverie. This will help your team mates catch up with enemies, and also slow your enemies down when activated. These 2 items work very well with Malphite's ultimate Unstoppable Force. After those items are built try to go for the counter for the mages and the ad carry's who will make your life really hard if you don't. Go for Negatron Cloak and then finish off Force of Nature. I prefer this to Banshee's Veil because it gives that extra movement speed and the massive health regen. After that is built, Malphite must become immortal. How to do that? Simple, Guardian Angel and you are nearly there. Guardian Angel is a standard build for a tank just because if he will initiate and die, he will revive and help his team mates even more to get the ace. And to finish off I will either go for Frozen Heart or more magic resist if the ap carry is really strong. I prefer Frozen Heart because it will make ad carry's useless and will slow them down, and combined with Randuin's Omen will make them an easy kill.

TIP: DO NOT rush the Randuin's Omen and Shurelya's Reverie. The 2 items that build into them are chosen on purpose to serve the tank and get him more gold. Get them after you have enough money and are confident enough. I like to have them early on because the activation abilities which really help my team mates.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence. Well we all know Malphite is a rock. So why not build his abilities as a rock? I like leveling up Brutal Strikes because when in a fight, if activated will give Malphite the resistance needed to tank his team to victory. So max out the Brutal Strikes first, and then max Ground Slam by lv 13. Do bother with Seismic Shard because it is really good utility for ganking and catching up. And obviously do up your ultimate at level 6, 11 and 16.
When engaging before you use Unstoppable Force make sure to activate Brutal Strikes to increase Malphite's armor and after ultimate has hit use Ground Slam to deal even more damage.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells
Well this is pretty easy. I definitely recommend picking up Smite even though you can jungle without. This will help you with taking harder mobs down such as Dragon or Baron Nashor or even steal. For the second spell I chose Ghost as I prefer to have movement speed to catch up with adversaries or help out desperate team mates. Other spell to substitute Ghost can be Flash which will allow you to get away, even though you should rather die and save all team mates than letting them all 2-3 die. I find Flash better for get aways but because you are rock solid you shouldn't bother running away. One other spell that might help is Heal. This will help you in a situation when you team mates or yourself are sufficiently low to be shut down by the enemy team and should only be used in emergency only.

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Early gaming

Well at the begining head straight for the blue buff. You are a really mana dependent character especially without Philosopher's Stone. So make sure to pick up the blue and maybe pick up the second one aswell. After that your mana dependent who are in need of the blue buff more than you can have it. After you cleared out the blue, head for the wolves. The go wraiths. By that time you should have used a pot and have close to full health. After clearing out the wraiths wait for your passive and go for the red buff. Clear it out with smite and head top for a gank. You are level 3 so you should have picked up Seismic Shard to make ganking easier. As I said at the beginning, ask your team mates not to push so you can gank. If top lane is pushed back towards your tower go for it. Tell your top team mate to distract while you come in with your Seismic Shard. Gain the movement speed and surround the laner(s). Make sure to deal as much damage as possible if you cannot get the kill to make your team mate's life a lot easier. If the opponent has less than 200 health do not be afraid to tower dive. As long as you stand at high life you are going to be fine. If the kill has been picked up use the pots to heal up(if severely damaged) and head back to your jungle. Try gaking mid if you still stand at high health until your red buff is gone. After you have gathered about 1300 gold head back and get your items.( Philosopher's Stone and Ninja Tabi. Go into the jungle and farm up and reach level 6 fast.
And this is early game Malphite.

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Mid Game

Mid game
Well mid game is where usually the game decides to be your way or the enemy's way. If you are behind do not let that overcome you and motivate yourself to keep going and get back in the game. One massive advice I give is that however bad you are doing or team mate is doing don't be put off by it and encourage them our yourself to keep going and get back into it. Raging and flaming will not help anyone(except enemy team probably).
So Malphite mid game. Make sure that you have built Heart of Gold to gain a lot of gold helping you out with your build. Make sure you gank as often as possible. Play more like a roaming Alistar than a heavy farmer. In the end you team mates need as many kills as possible. After you have reached level 13 you should have 2 abilities maxed out. This will help your armor and also you damage. By that time you should have Randuin's Omen if you had a good beginning and looking further onto Shurelya's Reverie. Make sure you focus the damage dealers and the squishy characters first to assure your victory in a team fight. Use your ultimate on many people or dangerous characters who have been fed and need to be shut down. Do not use on supports as that will not affect the enemy team massively. Malphite is also stronger against squishy characters so try to get their attention and focus them down. Don't be scared to tower dive as you can tank tower shots for about 10 seconds at least and with a support's help even more.

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Late game

Late gameplay
Well late game Malphite is now fairly impossible to kill easy and people will start ignoring you and focusing team mates. Try to be always the one leading the charge and leave your team mates just behind you. By level 15-16 you should nearly have your full build. Make sure though you have Force of Nature and possible Guardian Angel. These 2 items will help your late game massively. At this point if your team is ahead try to contain your lead by not letting the other team farm. Always be around the creep waves and focus them down when they are trying to farm. If you are behind don't be put off by it. Farm as much as possible and try engaging in 5v3 fight where you have the superiority giving you the chance of getting out of the fight without any or as less as possible casualties. You are the real strong and farmed up tank so try warding baron and dragon as often as possible and never let your guard down even though you are in a massive lead. Tides can turn in one second and an ace from enemy team can lead to a lost game. Always be positive and as I said HAVE FUN. This is what this game is all about.

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Conclusion. I am awaiting your feedback

To conclude, I really enjoyed making this guide and hope to help as many people as possible. I am also ready to take feedback and improve on my League of Legends. No one is perfect and we can all improve. So again, I hope you enjoyed this guide and I am awaiting your feedback, be it positive or negative. Good luck in your upcoming games and have fun!