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Malphite Build Guide by sparky0090

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sparky0090

Malphite...Rock and Roll Tank Style

sparky0090 Last updated on March 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys! So I was looking through the Malphite builds on the rest of this site when i realized that while great... they are mostly for solo tops or jungle Malphites. While i do really enjoy playing malphite as a solo top and also as a jungler (he may not be the fastest jungler in the game but his ganks are RIDICOUSLY ANNOYING even before lvl 6) where i really enjoy playing him bot lane with a lane partner. With the runes i have outlined above he is an anoyingly good pusher especially so if u have a lane partner who can put out a significant amount of damage.

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Pros / Cons

So why should you play Malphite in a duo lane... or even Malphite at all?

  • Not a whole lot of damage output if abilities are on cooldown (doesnt have a whole lot in the way of attack speed or damage)
  • Build is kind of on the expensive side (which shouldnt be a big problem bc you should b able to push the tower within a couple of lvls)
  • MANA HUNGRY for the first couple lvls

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In my opinion, Malphite has one of the most fluid set of ablities of any champion in the game. In my opinion... they make him really overpowered when it comes to late game bc he just DOESN'T DIE

Granite Shield absolutly one of my favorite passives of any champion in the game. gives him 10% of his total health as a shield if he doesnt take damage for 10 secs. by the time you've finished the build above you total health is just over 3k which means u get a shield of 300ish health EVERY 10 secs of not taking damage. kind of ridiculous in my opinion.

Seismic Shard this ability is a targeting ranged ability that does magic damage as well as STEAL the targeted champions movement speed (up to 26%) for 4 seconds. This means that they will lose their speed and u will gain it. This is what makes him really lethal because as the enemy champ is trying to escape u tag them with this and u and ur lanemate continue to take them out.

Brutal Strikes this ability increases malphite's armor and attack damage for 6 months. it also gives malphite's autoattacks splash damage equal to a percentage of his attack damage. This ability can be used to give urself some additional armor if dived under a turret but is even more effective when used right before ground slam... which ill get to after this.

Ground Slam this attack is malphite's main source of damage output (in my opinion). as opposed to doing damage based of attack damage or ability power, its damage is based off malphite's armor. It also reduces the attack speed of all champions hit by a percentage for 4 secs (one of the things that makes u DEBILITATING against a carry on bot) but we will get to the point of that later. If you would b so kind as to look to the top to see that u have a total of 405 armor by then end of this build. THEN when u add in the fact that brutal strikes increases ur armor by 40%... u can do the math but that gives ur ground slam a base damage of 503. THATS RIDICULOUS given the really short cooldown given that u have Frozen Heart

Unstoppable Force this is malphite's ultimate. it sends malphite flying across a gap doing damage and knocking all foes up when he gets there. This is in my opinion one of the greatest initiating moves of any champion in the game. This automatically makes everyone focus you... and since u have a ridiculous amount of health armor and magic resist, thats perfectly fine with u neway.

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Summoner Spells

There are quite alot of summoner spells that can be viable for malphite to use. i choose Flash and Exhaust

Flash is probably the best spell given the current meta. this can be used either to get away from a gank or get just that bit closer to land the Seismic Shard that lets u kill that fleeing champion

Exhaust kind of insult to injury... but use exhaust to 1. give u just that bit more time to kill that fleeing champ or 2. tag the ad carry with it because this with the rest of the tools you have at ur disposal to EASILY make them useless for the rest of the team fight.

Other useful spells
Heal can be useful to give u or a member of ur team just that bit more health to pick up the kill or survive the turret dive

Teleport useful for some instances but for the most part if played right u shouldnt need to leave lane except to buy more of ur build

Ignite always useful but the hope is that ur lanemate can have this spell so they can pick up the kill because in most games they are the carry and SHOULD be getting more kills than you.

Clarity ok i can see the point in this one but in my opinion u should be fine enough with the mana regen from masteries and Frozen Heart that this would only be useful early on

every other spell? DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT

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Some people say that Malphite is a hard champion to build runes for because of the mixed variety of damage output he exhibits. I agree that his mix of damage output is a little odd but because of this i decided to rune for the main source of damage output he has... Ground slam. The use of these armor runes make him simultaneously dish out damage with ground slam while giving him the defense needed to get in range to use it. Believe me... both you and your enemies will be asking "what the ****?" the first time you hit them with Ground Slam

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As far as masteries are concerned, i can see where some of the other builds are coming from when they say that offensive masteries are fair play... i agree that they would work but i believe that since one of Malphite's largest weaknesses is his mana hungriness, i believe its far better to spend the other mastery points to get mana regen and mana per lvl

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Malphite Doesnt Give No **** Bout Your AD Carries

ok this is definitly where my favorite part about playing malphite comes in... shutting down the other teams ad carry. any good player can tell you that carries ruin teamfights and with malphite u can make them useless 100% of the time if done right. this take alot of practice because u have to time everything just right. if done right though... the other teams carry is usless.

  1. ult in using Unstoppable Force to knock as much of their team into the air as is possible. their carry should b your main target though, this gives ur team 1.5 secs to do damage before the fight even begins.
  2. pop Ground Slam so that everyone who get hit now has the their attack speed reduced by half for 4 seconds.
  3. pop Randuin's Omen which slows everyones movement speed and attack speed by 35% for 2 seconds plus a half second for every 100 combined armor or magic resist malphite has (total of 5.5 seconds by end of the build)
  4. if by some miracle their carry isnt dead after doing essentially nothing for 9 seconds, then exhaust will surely fix that problem. if THAT wasnt enough just hit them with a seimic shard as they try to run.
  5. the unsung hero of this strategy is the fact that this entire time Frozen Heart's passive will be active slowing the enemies attack speed by an ADDITIONAL 20% throughout the fight.
almost makes u feel sry for them doesnt it? ;)

PS. as of the moment i am unsure if all of the slows are able to stack so if some1 could leave a comment informing me i would really appreciate it

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Laning Bot as Malphite

This is the main point of this guide...why is malphite a good candidate for a double lane on bot?
At the beginning of the game u want to make sure your ad carry doesn't get ganked and more importantly gets fed... what better way to do this then be able to cc the enemy champion and carry on bot as well as anyone who comes to gank. you are also really good at holding turrets while your carry ports to buy more money from all the feed you are giving them. Your go to ability rotation is w,e,q then e again if they are dead yet. Unstoppable Force should be used as much as possible to initiate fights in lane or to easily turret dive that champion sitting under their turret with next to no health thinking they are safe. you can do this because you are malphite and you dont care about turrets mid to late game. its also really easy to push just by using Ground Slam to kill minion waves if your carry is absent and then kill the rest of the minions using your splash damage from Brutal Strikes

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Credit and Other Comments

Ive gotta give credit where credit is due and send a shoutout to jhoijhoi for writing a guide showing me how to make MY guide

leave a rate if u could. either a thumbs up or down is fine but if u do leave a thumbs up i would really appreciate if you could tell me the purpose of the thumbs down i would really appreciate it

Thanks a bunch guys hope you go out and have a "rock solid" (couldnt resist :P) time playing on of my favorite characters of the leauge