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Malzahar Build Guide by Zempi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zempi

Malzahar - Instawin Mid

Zempi Last updated on November 29, 2012
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Well, this is my first guide on mobafire. Featuring my fave/main champion for over a year, THE KING OF MIDDLE LANE, in my honest opinion, MALZARHAR

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Item Choice

My item choice is pretty simple, AP and little bit of Defense. My usual build: Sorcerer's Shoes Rabadon's Deathcap Rylai's Crystal Scepter Will of the Ancients Void Staff Banshee's Veil Sometimes id go for a Thornmail or Abyssal Mask depending on if they have alot of AP/AD, but sometimes if i'm fed and i'm just raping them, i would just go on with my usual build.

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Malzahars Abilities!

I dont know how to put abilities in the guide. BUT I CAN EXPLAIN THEM!

First off, his Passive.

Summon Voidling

Voidlings, are indeed small creatures, maybe just a little bigger than minions at full size, are actually a very nice addition to Malzy. If you feel its necessary, wait until you have casted 3 abilities until trying to lazerface combo someone. Then your voidling will help dish out maximum damage on that some ***** you're trying to kill. That extra damage from the voidling just might kill them and you might not have to use ignite!

On to Mal's Q!

Call of the Void

CotV is a great spell, dealing a nice chunk of damage. This is Malzahar's main harass ability. One tip to hit it, is to put it a little bit ahead/behind them depending on where theyre going and it should almost always hit. If theyre a little bit infront/behind it it still hits, but not too far away from it.

On to Mal's W!

Null Zone

Null Zone if you think about it, takes quite a big role in his combo. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. (The HP bars.) :D And you know, its just great damage anyways.

On to his E!

Malefic Visions (AKA, Aids!)

Ahh, aids. Probably my fave Mal spell other than his ultimate. Not only because i refer to it as Aids and me and my friends get a kick out of calling it Aids, but this is a badass ability! Mal can farm minion waves with this and regain mana with it, And its like a built-in Ignite! Oh, and Malefic Visions combined with Ignite does REALLY nice damage, and is extremely good for finishing off an enemy champion at low life. This spells gotten me a couple of pentas, from the enemies being close together in teamfights. :)

On to his Ulti!

Nether Grasp

The Face Lazer! This is a very good ult with a low cooldown. By the time the champion you last killed with it respawns it should be almost back up already. (VERY Good if you're in Mid) The enemy will be eager for revenge and you'll lazerface him once more. :)

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The Lazerface Combo and Smartcasting. also, QSS >:c

The oh so famous Lazerface Combo deserves its own chapter in every malzahar guide.

This combo is the ultimate single target DPS combo. Rly. Even if its a mundo with 5 warmogs. Your W takes care of that. But you know.. Quicksilver Sash is a ****ing ****. (And any magic resist and also Merc Treads) Just mouse over it and read it. And youll know. If your enemy gets this item, go feed off of the sidelanes :D Usually to make sure my lane enemy does push too much ill try to destroy the enemy mid tower and just dropping your E on a minion wave will clear most of it, if not all of it. (The siege minions often take all of its damage)

Ill try to make a video of this soon but im sure theres already one somewhere on youtube

Q-E-W-R. Smartcasting is VERY helpful when doing this, and you can cast the combo in about one second or 2 using Smartcasting. Smartcasting is when you hold shift while casting abilities, for example you hold shift and press Q, casting Call of the Void where ever your mouse pointer is at the time. Smartcasting made me a much better player, and i ALWAYS smartcast now.

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Pros / Cons

*Kills just about anything with the lazerface combo.
* Nether Grasp
*Best mid champ in the game man.
*His dance is swag.
*He Floats

*Malzahar is a boob.
*Whoever you focus will often be mad.
*Focused a bit. (try to stay in the back and spam **** to avoid this)
* Quicksilver Sash

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The End

Well.. thats it. My guide on Malzahar. Please excuse my probably bad explanation of spells and stuff like that, but i'm sure you'll do well with it. You could just want the items and spell build, but you know i tried to make a description at least. Feel free to rate my build, but please no trolling. Thanks!