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Malzahar Build Guide by surferdude7227

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League of Legends Build Guide Author surferdude7227

Malzahar- Prophet of the Rift

surferdude7227 Last updated on June 2, 2013
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Hello, I am Surferdude7227 and Malzahar is my main champion in League of Legends. I have been playing him since his release and think he provides a great aspect for the team. In this guide I will discuss Malzahar mid, which I believe is his best position, and the infamous Malzahar jungle, made famous by Snoopeh of Evil Geniuses. This is my first guide so bear with me.

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Pros and Cons


    He has great AP conversions
    He has a ridiculously long suppress
    Good harass with his Malefic Visions
    Good percent damage with Null Zone

    Pushes lanes really hard with his E
    Suppressing in team fights doesn't work too well, as any hard CC counters it
    No real escape ability
    Can run through mana really quickly if you spam abilities

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Abilities Explained

Assuming with you reading this guide, you are interested in learning more about Malzahars mechanics and skillset. His abilities provide a nightmare for the other team due to his ability to change the team fight

Call of the Void
Malzahars Q, also quite over powered in my opinion. At max level, can deal 300 plus a .8 AP conversion and silence for 3 seconds. I max this second, only to Malefic Visions for its massive input into team fights, laning phase and even in the jungle.

Null Zone
Malzahars E, which is a late game terror. It creates a large circle that deals percent damage based on max health for 4 seconds, dealing up to 8% of the enemies health with a .01 AP conversion per second. Assuming an average AP carry has between 600 and 800 AP, you can potentially deal 64% of the enemies health, which in combo with his ult can take someone from full to 0 in mere seconds

Malefic Visions
Malzahars E, which is his primary farming and harass ability. You can go to Youtube and see many people get Penta kills simply by using their Visions, because when your target dies it spreads to a nearby unit. Use this in laning phase to push out your lane if you need to recall and just get your farm and mana up in lane.

Nether Grasp
The ability most know Malzahar for, his ultimate. Along with Urgot, Skarner and Warwick, malzahars suppress is a very unique ability. Using this to keep enemies in his Null Zone, you can shut someone out of a fight, delete them off the map. It also makes Malz almost untowerdiveable. I think thats a word, but anyway, if they try to tower dive you and take turret aggro, it is good game for them. If anyone is wanting to learn Malz, you cannot move when you use your suppress. I moved when I ulted a lot when I first tried to learn Malz honestly, and it will cost you kills, but you will have to cancel ult or die if you get caught out.

Summon Voidling
Malzahars special treat of an ability, his Voidlings are a massive part of his game play and can make pushing very effective.Every 4 spell casts, they come out to play. It can really effect your game play. They scale off of your bonus AD, which won't have too much effect as an AP carry, but they also scale heavily into late game and seem to last forever

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Basics to gameplay - Early Game

In your early game in the laning phase, you want to try to max your Malefic Visions for an increased potential in minion farming. However, some might counter Malz by simply taking a couple visions to the face, taking damage but also hindering your ability to farm, so you still need to CS as any normal champ would and not be dependent on your visions for farm. Typically, a good way to prevent the other mid laner from trying this is to put some early harrass, because to be honest, malzahar has a really OP skillset, with and AoE silence with a .8 Ap conversion, DoT with a .8 conversion, a tank melter in his Null Zone and a suppress.

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Basics to gameplay- Team Fights

In mid to late game team fights, Malz can provide, to quote the great Phreak "TONS OF DAMAGE". Having teammates with stuns, such as Amumu, Taric, Sona or Varus. you want to try to put your Null Zone in the middle of everything, much like Karthus in team fights. Also, as with Karthus, DO NOT ULT IN TEAM FIGHTS!!!!! Any use of CC on you will cancel it and put you on a 80 second cooldown. Malz has a massive cleanup potential, using his Malefic Visions and Nether Grasp to pick up kills on half life opponents. Try to stay out of team fights directly, stay out use you Q W E to a massive wombo combo.

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Malzahar Matchups and Explanations

Good Against

Katarina-Malz counters mobility, you ult shuts down Kat
Akali- Again, Malz counter Mobility, use null zone on twilight shroud, stand back and laugh
Ahri- Malz can push hard, which denies Ahri her much needed roaming, and as well, Ahri is mobility and malzahars voidlings can block creeps
Vladimir - Malz can use his E to harass, q to silence which shuts out his super annoying infinite sustain, plus he cannot bloodpool out of your ult or e

Bad Against
Gangplank - dem oranges, shut you down
Olaf - he get so mad nothing you can do affects him
Alistar - Again, cleanse ability
Kassadin - makes every AP caster **** themselves a bit, never a good matchup for casters
LeBlanc - not really a counter, just really annoying, her clone can take your ult, which makes you cry
Diana - not too much of a counter, just really annoying, can bring the fight to you and without your abilities, you are a dead paper weight

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Jungle Malzahar??????

Yes, Jungle Malzahar. No, I am not trolling you. As most notably seen in W8D1 in the EULCS by Snoopeh, jungle Malzahar can be done. From my personal hatred of Jungling, I have done this multiple times. you really, really REALLY need blue. Your clears are fast and you don't lose too much health with your Voidlings tanking all aggro from the creeps. Early ganks are kinda weak, with your only CC being an AoE slow. Your ult changes that. you shut people down in solo lanes, whereas in duo lanes the have little salvation. you will want to take your Call of the Void first, use it in fountain to gain stacks on your passive so your voidling will come at blue. Btw, be a good jungler and give your mid blue.

You can see a video of Malzahar jungle gameplay here

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This is my overall guide to Malzahar, covering everything of the prophet. Thank you for reading and please leave feedback and thumbs up.