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Malzahar Build Guide by Drakeli

AP Carry Malzahar - The Will of the Void!

By Drakeli | Updated on August 6, 2013

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Welcome to the Void

Hello and welcome to my Malzahar build. Malzahar was probably the first champion that I ever mained consistently, and is by far the champion I have played the most. While there are definitely cons to playing Malzahar, I love the options he provides you in a game. The damage he deals with his AoE in team fights is unbelievable and in a one on one situation very few champions can take a full combo and survive.

I want to work on this build more, but for now any feedback is great!

Pros :
Tons of damage
Damage over Time

Cons :
No escape
Little Burst
Vulnerable using ultimate
Ulti can be countered by certain champs/items
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I go with Greater Quints of Ability Power, Greater Marks of Magic Pen, Greater Seals of Mana Regen, and Greater Glyphs of Ability Power. This will give you a flat +26 AP +3.7 Mana Regen and +7.8 Magic Pen. I like the flat runes because I feel with this build your late game play will be strong enough from the items you're getting. The early game benefits of these runes are awesome and will allow Malzahar to pick up some early game kills in lane.
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I build boots and potions to start for these reasons.
1) I don't like leaving my lane
2) I don't like buying items I'm going to sell

While Doran's ring can give you some nice early game stats, it's a waste of gold in my eyes. Your early game will be pretty strong due to your rune selection, so I like to get the boots and play it safer in my lane until I get my ultimate.

As far as the core items are concerned, I see it this way. Malzahar does his damage over time, and one of his big cons is that when using his ultimate, he is completely vulnerable. To counter this Malzahar has to have some health. Rod is a great choice because it can be the only health/mana item you need. It and Liandry's combined give you a solid chunk of health allowing you to dish out all your damage. Liandry's is a must buy, it makes your damage insane, and the way it stacks with Malefic Visions and Null Zone destroys in one on one or in team fights (Tank who?)

Athene's is awesome to buy. It's a permanent blue buff and if your jungler is giving you blue then you will be able to have three voidlings at once, and melt any face off you want. Without blue you will still be able to have two out almost constantly, and that will give you a ton of extra damage output (They're great at tanking towers as well)

Rabadon's speaks for itself.

Void staff is nice in most games. It makes your damage insane and can help you negate almost anyone's magic resist in conjunction with your Liandry's and Sorcerer's Shoes. If I'm going to replace anything from my build in a situation moment it will be the Void Staff. Rylai's if I need more health, Abyssal if I need the MR and their whole team is stacking MR. Still, I typically end up with a void staff.
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The Spells!

-- Summon Voidling --
One of my favorite passives in the entire game. This gives you a lane partner to tank damage, dps, and all around piss off your lane opponent. You get a voidling every fourth spell cast, and they last 21 seconds. After 7 seconds your voidling grows gaining health and damage, and after 14 seconds it goes into a frenzy and gains movement and attack speed. With CDR it's easy to have 2-3 voidlings out at once, and if you focus those three on one champion well, they're going to do a lot of damage.

-- Call of The Void --
Awesome nuke. Deals 300 + 80% AP when maxed. It also grants vision of enemies hit, can be used to check bushes, and silences enemies hit. The ultimate counter to champs like Katarina, Fiddlesticks, or any other channels. Can be used to bait annoying skills out of enemies like Fizz. Can take some practice with landing, but landing it consistently is a key to playing well as Malzahar. Also, pay attention to the range on this spell. It is significantly further than your other harass spells, and lets you deal damage from a pretty safe range.

-- Null Zone --
Too much damage. This spell does 8% (+1% for every 100 AP) Enemy champion's max health as damage per second. This is insane, you can easily get up to 13% a second and melt down entire teams. This combined with Malefic Visions and Liandry's Torment can drain huge amounts of health from any champion, tank or not.

- Malefic Visions --
Your bread and butter. The first ability you max, and the one that can get you the most kills. 320 +80% AP for huge amounts of damage, and this also allows you to send your Voidlings after specific enemies. This spell is what allows you to farm your lane in seconds, and will allow you to safely poke/harass your opponent without taking much damage back. But there is more! This also gives you back 26 mana every time it jumps to a new enemy when maxed. So this coupled with athene's means you should never run out of mana, ever. Never.

-- Nether Grasph --
Seriously, TOO STRONK! This ability is insane. 550 damage level 3 and it scales 130%!!!! This ability will be doing well over 1K damage itself and when coupled with your other abilities its easy to see why very few champions can survive the full combo.
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Early Game

Malzahar has an incredible knack for farming his lane. With Malefic and a Voidling you can clear entire minion waves and keep your laning partner pushed at his turret all game. If you are laning against a champion who isn't the strongest at farming keeping them pushed is a viable option early on. It allows you to stay fed, it denies them farm, and it keeps you less vulnerable to ganks.

Starting at level two you can start to deal some significant damage to your lane opponent if they're going to let you. I like to land a few Call of the Voids to get my voidling ready so that I can send one at my opponent the moment I hit two and get Malefic Visions. The Malefic Voidling Combo can do a ton of damage early in the game. If you feel ballsy a Flash E+F can help you finish off kills early on. Flash can also be used offensively to set up your ultimate once you hit six.

If you are losing in the harass fight don't despair. At six you should be able to kill most champions that will let you land your combo, assuming you've been able to deal any damage to your opponent. If they are just working you, you can still stay in your lane and farm from a distance with your Malefic Visions Voidling Combo.

Your skill combo in a one on one fight is : Q + W + E + F + R. This will guarantee you a kill against MOST champions of equal level/feed. The damage over time from your W+E+F+R is insane and if they take all of your damage yous should kill them. If your have your Liandry's by this time that damage is a substantial amount.
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Team Work

Malzahar is brutal in team fights. As simple as that. Your Q has a big enough radius that you can land it on their entire team if they are grouping up. This deals a ton of damage and will silence anyone hit. That being said, Malzahar is dependent on good positioning and your team keeping the assassins/killers off of you. If you have good tanks/cc you can melt teams down quickly with Q+W, putting your E on high priority / low health targets and letting your voidling clean them up. E can clean up shop in team fights with low health enemies and your ultimate is good to save for squishies trying to run, or anyone that gets into your face and is a threat to killing you.

If you have the opportunity to burn down a high priority ADC/APC with your combo, take advantage of it. Often times Q+W+E+F can be enough to kill squishies, letting you save your ultimate as a defensive tactic.

Malzahar is also pretty capable of ganking for his team mates, and you should take advantage of this to help your team mates. If your in lane by yourself, pushing it out super quick with a Q+E can free you up to roam top/bottom. If you have your ultimate available it's an easy kill for your team if either lane is pushed at all.
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Farming is crucial and I can not express this enough. This build is expensive and the key to my success with Malzahar has always been farm. I aim to have the highest creep score in the game every game. With Malefic Visions you can farm your lane while you're ganking bottom, and you can leave a Malefic there when you head back mid (they might hate you for it). If you are not in the top 3 of the game in creep score with Malzahar then you are failing as Malzahar I am afraid.
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Malzahar is an awesome champion, and this build will allow you to deal a ton of damage with him, while surviving long enough to actually deal that damage. Please let me know what you think, and I will work on this more with time.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drakeli
Drakeli Malzahar Guide

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Malzahar - The Will of the Void!
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