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Darius Build Guide by KingDunkhun

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingDunkhun


KingDunkhun Last updated on September 1, 2012
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This is a simple guide for advanced Darius players. As you all know, Darius is insanely strong, particularly mid- and end- game, as long as he is leveled correctly. However, what I noticed as a major flaw with his play that no other guides covered was his insatiable mana thirst. This guide is designed to not only eliminate that weakness, but make it into a strength, and allow you to destroy your enemies as a dmg machine-tank hybrid by end game. I'm not gonna get fancy with pic and other things, I am only interested in getting down into the dirt of the gameplay, so here it is...

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Marks - Armor Pen is priority here. If you would like the extra dmg or speed, I would recommend either, but armor pen is very needed when dealing with tanky teams.
Seals - Armor, Armor, Armor. you need it at the beginning, as Darius isn't that great in early game and is prone to get trapped by certain combos.
Glyph - Magic resist is key here. I recommend taking MR/lvl or straight MR just because it really isn't a great issue until mid and late game.
Quins - Attack Speed. The faster you proc your hemorrhages, the better, and with an auto %10 speed bonus, it makes killing much more effective. If you took speed as a mark, maybe armor pen or dmg as an alt here.

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The masteries are self-explanatory. 'Nuff said.

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This is what separates this build from any other Darius build. As per usual, you want to start off with some movement speed and some pots. Then, you begin to build up to your 1st and most important item, the MANAMUNE. This item, imo, is one of the most underrated AD items in the game, and it eliminates mana thirst entirely, but the passive AD buff is ungodly if stacked right. After this, snag MERCURY'S TREADS, as the speed and MR will come in handy. Next, you want to increase the mana with FROZEN HEART, as it also gives you armor, and CD reduction (great for decimate, or if NG doesn't land the kill), not to mention the great aura. Next, start to build that health with WARMOG'S ARMOR. This is really where things will lan in your favor, as you will have some good sustain in battle to give you the time to land a strong NG. Now, move onto ATMA'S IMPALER, which is where your AD starts to get ridonk. You now have decent crit, more armor, and all that health you have turns into AD. Next, stack on AD and health with FROZEN MALLET, then finally replace your boots with FORCE OF NATURE, which will give you much more MR sustain and effectively replace the movement bonus. This of course is all situational, as if the enemy is magic heavy then you want to grab FORCE OF NATURE earlier. Also, if you would like the dmg before sustain, grab items in this order after FROZEN HEART: ATMA'S IMPALER ->FROZEN MALLET -> WARMOG'S ARMOR. Personally, though, I recommend you stick with the default sequence.

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Skill Sequence

This is also self explanatory. Decimate>Cripple>Apprehend. Also, lvl NG when you can. As far as fight strategy, it's all situation. If you can grab a squishy and wipe quickly, then start with apprehend, then cripple. More than likely, they will try to run, so if exhaust if off CD, then use it and quickly follow with a decimate for max dmg before getting too close. If you have gotten a few hits in between, and they are about 1/3-40% range, get ready to use NG for the kill. This is a little risky as if they are armored at all, you may not kill, meaning you lose NG for awhile. Safest bet is to wait until 25-30% health for ensured kill. Keeping that NG is key, while also using decimate as often as possible. Doing this could get you into the swing I like to call "The Rape Frolic", where every enemy in sight is primed for an NG kill. Since mana isn't an issue, you simply jump from one enemy to another with NG, snagging kill after kill. I have managed an entire ace(pentikill) in one quick jump just like this, and it can be done with the right teammates very easily.

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Summoner Spells

Flash, although I am actually not a big fan of, is your real escape move, so try to have it as often as you can in case you get into some deep trouble. Exhaust>NG is a great combo when the enemy is almost dead, as you will almost always catch and kill the enemy. Alternatively, I recommend Ghost, Heal, Ignite, or Teleport as alternatives to Flash, but I feel that Exhaust is a must, personally.

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If you follow this guide, you will have an unstoppable juggernaut of a Darius. It takes patience to learn, though, as early game may get frustrating, especially if you don't have a good lane partner. For example, I was left in a 4v5 the other day to have to 2v1 right from the beginning. They got fed and I continuously died (Volibear/Ahri combo was hard to counter). Yet, once I reached around lvl 7-8 and built up to manamune/frozen heart, I could push them myself, even though they were 2-3 levels ahead. Before reaching that level, I went 0/6/0. By end game, my team won, and I went 29/11/8. If you want to follow ignore this and go for popular opinion and flashy guides, then this isn't for you anyway. If you want to make your opponents cry, scream obscenities, and just flip ****, this build is for you. Thanks for reading!

-King Dunkhun