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Pantheon Build Guide by Pineman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pineman

Mantheon, Spartan of the Jungle.

Pineman Last updated on August 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jungle Pantheon

With Pantheons new buff people have started to play him again. Most go either duo lane or solo, I like to do jungle because his ganking is deadly. CC + high dmg makes him very scary early.

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Runes I use are full ad reds, 1 ad yellow and rest armor yellows and flat mr blues with ad quints.

With these runes I get 16 extra ad, +11 armor and +13 magic resist. perfect for jungling on Panth.

Why AD Runes?

Heartseeker strike does 3.6 more dmg for every ad you have. Yes thats right it has a 3.6 ad ratio if all 3 strikes hit which is more or less gaurantedd with the new patch. AD also speeds up jungling alot and allows more time for ganks. I use the 1 yellow ad rune because it gives u 1 more physical ad because it rounds up.

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Skill Sequence

I Max E first then Q then W, maxing R when possible.

Lvl 1 = E
Lvl 2 = W
lvl 3 = E
lvl 4 = Q
Then max R>E>Q>W

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I go 21/0/9 because Pantheon is early game and offensive complients early game the best. It gives you armor pen, attack speed, cdr, extra dmg to minions. Basically everything u want. 9 points in utility are for more exp and extra buff timers.

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Summoner Spells

I use Flash and Smite. Smite is mandatory. If you have balls and really want to be aggressive then feel free to take ignite or exhaust for extra op ganks. Its personal preference.

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AD AD AD thats all I can say. Pantheon has to stomp early game and to do that you need AD and armor pen. Don't go warmogs + atmas which everyone seems to be doing these days because going for warmogs really hurts your ability to get fed early. Panth is almost useless late game and thats just the way he is. Don't try to make a good early game char be late game because it just doesn't work.

I start with dorans blade. After doing double golems I gank and clear wraiths and wolves. Normally this allows me to buy another dorans blade. I then look at the team, if they are tank then I go straight for a last whisper, if they are squshies then I go for brutaliser, after this I go for bloodthirster/black cleaver depending on if I bought last whisper or brutaliser. I then usually build Build Banshees and atmas so if the game goes on really long.

CORE = x2 Dorans, Boots = Merc treads/CDR/Attack speed/ + Brutaliser/Last Whisper + Bloodthrister/IE/Black CLeaver + Defensive Items.

You can also go Wriggles Lantern if you get early ganks or want a more stable jungle, it's a very good item either way.

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Creeping / Jungling

There is 2 ways you can go. You can start double golems which is what I like to do. You ask for a leash from your teammate, autoattack it 2 times then smite when your teammate is out of range then just auto attack the other double golem to death. After this you should be lvl 2 with a healthy amount of HP. This is when u need to gank. After just clear wraiths and wolves then go back.

You can also go cloth armor 5 pots and build into a wriggles starting at blue then clearing wolves > wraiths > double golems > teleport back > red. I feels this way is slow and losing the extra ad from the dorans can hurt your ganks.

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General Play/Ganking

When you are ganking you have to make choices. The usual thing I do is run out and spear first so it comes back off cooldown faster. Straight after the spear I use stun do one auto attack then heartseeker strike. You have to be careful of characters like Janna and Alistar who can knock you up when you use HSS and if your team has a reliable stun then wait till there stun is almost off then use your stun to cc them longer. Always look for ganks as panth he doesn't need red to gank successfully and once he is 6 he can gank any overextended lane even if they have wards. You just ult from your jungle and rape.

TIP - If they still have flash up use your ult abit further behind than u would usually, this can make people panic and do stupid stuff.

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Team Work

Panth is really good in early teamfights. Just rape the squshies, and wait for an initiation if possible. HSS does mega aoe dmg early on so if they are clumped up try use it on as many people as possible. Late game Panth really struggles in teamfights and you have to try your best to get in and out doing as much dmg as possible. Wait for the enemy to use their ults then go in.

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Mantheon extra tips.

He is an unorthodox jungle, so be flexibile in your route. sometimes you won't be able to do buffs, you need to learn how much hp you can get away with while doing camps.

You can use heartseeker strike in brushes and people can't see the effect, like Nunu when he uses his ult. Use this to your advantage when possible.

Towerdiving is really easy as panth. Your shield blocks one turret shot, after the shield is gone use your stun, this will bring your shield up again to tank another. This should allow enough time to kill whoever it is your diving and keep you alive.

Last but not least you will have games where you stomp the other team and you will have games where u feel useless, just have fun and relax and enjoy the game.

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Item Descriptions


The Bloodthirster - Really good if you can get stacks and keep them. 100 bonus AD = 360 extra dmg on heartseeker strike, thats alot. Also the lifesteal although not as useful on a champ such as Master Yi its nice to have to top up before, during and after teamfights.

Hexdrinker - Great early game item against burst casters like LeBlanc or Annie. If a caster is getting fed then its good to rush this item asap. It can be a real life saver and has no wasted stats.

The Brutalizer - The great stomping item, an early brutaliser can really wreck faces as most people have really low armor early. Gets weaker as the game goes on and can be replaced by last whisper. Can also turn it into a Youmuus Ghostblade for extra movement and attack speed.

Frozen Mallet - Great item on Panth, gives a really good amount of HP, combines well with atmas and the guaranteed slow makes it very difficult to get away from Panth.

Doran's Blade - Awesome early game item and great for jungling. Gives HP AD and lifesteal all for 475, always grab 1 or 2.

Last Whisper - Perfect item for panth, AD and armor pen. I either grab this or brutaliser depending on who I'm facing and how long the game has gone on for.

Infinity Edge - Another good item but really expensive and hard to get. I almost always get this late game but if I'm doing really good in a game then this helps stomp even more. AD Crit and extra crit dmg is really nice.

Atma's Impaler - Great mix of defense and attack, I usually get this after a hp item such as Banshees or if I have 3 Dorans and they are AD heavy.

The Black Cleaver - Works really well on squishies with a brutaliser. Spear > Stun > auto attack > HSS > auto attack = Dead. I don't normally build this but it's not a bad item, I just feel Bloodthrister and Infinity edge offer abit more for the money.


Banshee's Veil - Best Defensive item in the game against casters, I normally always get this item. HP, Mana, Magic Resist and a great passive.

Guardian Angel - Good item for keeping stacks on Blood Thirster and can really make enemies hesitate to focus you. I usually get this if I am on a huge killing spree.

These are the 2 defensive items I usually get, I feel the others just dont fit in with Pantheons gameplay or how I like to play him.


Mercury's Treads - Best boots in the game, usually get these in 9 out of 10 matches cos most teams have cc.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Can be fun to have low cd's on skills as Pantheon plays like an AD caster.

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Ranked Play

I have played Jungle Panth at 1.8/1.9k ELO and it's viable. Just at this elo you have to work abit harder for ganks. On my brothers account I have had amazing success at the 1.2k ELO range as getting one bursted by Pantheon can really demotivate a team and in 5 matches I have had 4 20 minute surrenders. In Ranked people usually ward more so be creative with your ganks, instead of coming im from the river let your teammates push their lane so you can sneak into the bush from the lane.

Also Warding is very important. Pantheon is great at counter-ganking. THis is when a teammate is getting ganked and you ult in or keep yourself hidden so the enemies think they have a number advantage. Last but not least Pantheon has great early dragon control as he can ult from almost anywhere on the map. Use this fact to get early dragons if bot or mid lane gain an advantage.

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Just to show this isn't a trololol build here is a screenie of games I played today on my brothers account. Jungle panth seems to work really well around 1.3k ELO. In 1.9k its abit more difficult to snowball as people play more intelligently but it can be done and works :D.

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