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Master Yi General Guide by Fighter1177

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fighter1177


Fighter1177 Last updated on January 12, 2013
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Hey guys :) . This is my first guide. Im havent got that many experience in LoL and also i only got to level 13. But i played with Master Yi all the time and i can say that my item build wont fail most of the times. Hope you enjoy and have much succes :) . HF & GL!

The lane is not so important, but i cant recommend SOLO MID!

PS: Im from Germany and i tried to speak English as good as I can :) . My german Guide you'll find here:

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This guide will only work if you wont die more than 2 times in the early game. Be CAREFUL and wait on team mates. It needs some Yi experience and practising.

Boots of Speed = To be long on the lane. Don't play too aggresiv!!!
Berserkers Graves = Some attack speed for the early game.
Longsword = If not enough gold, buy the Ruby Crystal first!!!
Ruby Crystal = Gives you some health, that you can stay longer on the lane
The Black Cleaver
Vampiric Scepter
The Bloodthirster = Now you are strong and you can slay enemys. You also have enough health to run away if it wont work.
Dagger = Some more attack speed.
Brawler's Gloves
Phantom Dancer = You are getting stronger and stronger. Now you have a balanced system. Enough damage, health speed.
Giant's Belt
Warmog's Armor = You look like a tank, but you have much damage. Now you can dive a tower without problems and you can help team mates. But more important is, that you can fight an enemy easily, also if you are alone!
Longsword = The rest is only some more strengh, but most of the games will stop earlier, so you havent got time to buy all these.
Ruby Crystal
The Black Cleaver = If you have bought this, you did everything right and you are unstoppable ;) !

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Meditate = Helps you to stay long on a lane! Kill as many minions as possible, but be careful!
Alpha Strike = Now hurt your enemys and run away. Repeat this!
Alpha Strike
Alpha Strike = Now your Alpha Strike is very strong. You are able to kill Champs.
Wuju-Style = You'll need it in combination with the Highlander
Highlander = Now here is the most importent thing to kill an enemy:
First you use your Alpha Strike to get near to the enemy. The enemy tries to run away. You use your Highlander and your Wuju-Style at the same time and that will slay your enemy.
Meditate = The last time you upgrade your Mediate since you are level 18. Because in the end game it wont be useful, because it wont bring much health.
Alpha Strike

Now you can decide on your own, which skills you need more. On the Abilities List you can see more.


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