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Master Yi Build Guide by SoulSeeker

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SoulSeeker

Master Yi AD jungle

SoulSeeker Last updated on June 3, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Welcome to my first Over powered Master Yi build!

In this build I will be finalizing my build & guide to you. I hope you like it.

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Pros / Cons


+ High damage input mid to late game
+ High attack speed, critical strike chance ranging mostly at 90% - 100%, and very high life steal
+ Lane pusher, farmer
+ Good at destroying turrets
+ Good at escaping and chasing enemy champs
+ Good when entering late in team fights. Gets most of the kills =))
Some builds here aren't squishy


- Other builds are squishy. So initiating a team fight is a big No! No!
- Highlander removes most buffs but disables like stun, holding skills and other related disables.

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Runes (more understanding and notes)

Master Yi as everyone should know is a high damage output champion meaning that he excels high damage to the second. Even though this build/Guide items, have already got a lot of damage. Having Greater mark of Attack Damagex9 will help for early game jungling, this way you can 'wiz' through jungle as quick as you can. This is because you should all know bonus AD will provide better early game, because items cost money and money takes time and to out stand this further is to be prepared.
Now as you now offense & defense come together well in jungling but no matter if you have masteries, you still need more armor to in jungling so you can gank quicker with more health than you can think. Having Greater seal of Armorx9 will increase your jungling output to the next level. This will also help you be more defensive when you are considering to gank either top or bot (when there is an AD champion on the lane). Sometimes you need this to be less cautious and more defensive and offensive in many ways.
This type of rune will help you gank against high AP damage output champions on mid lane and sometimes top lane. Ganking sometimes can be hard to master when you face high AP damage output champions. However early ganking with Greater Glyph of Magic Resistx9 can make it more easier to gank without the +50% chance of dying in a early gank.
As you know the solo top laner is known for handling a lane by themselves because they are either powerful or almighty or very defensive etc...
However when you are ganking a defensive solo top laner(such as nasus, garen, volibear etc...), there are high stakes that you can fail and die without laying a scratch on the solo top laner (even in early game). However having Greater Quintessence of armor penetrationx3 can increase your offensive output on a big jungle monster and a skillful solo top laner.

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Masteries (more understanding and notes)

Offense (21)
Fury (+4% attack speed)
:In early game attack speed will infuriate the enemy with master Yi.
Deadliness (0.664 damage per level and 12 damage at level 18)
:In late game, attack damage affects everything. Every little helps.
Weapon Expertise +8% Armor Penetration
::with this plus, sunder and x3 of quintessence of armor penetration, you will get, 7.68 armor penetration. This will help you gank top better.
Havoc Increasing damage dealt by 2%
: This will affect your jungling/ganking/early-late game core by 2% of better output in all aspects.
Brute Force +3 damage
:For an offensive champion attack damage and ability power matters, as master Yi with brute force.
Lethality +5% of crit and (doubles if your melee)
: This means for master Yi in late game will have 260% critical strike, very good for a melee.
Sunder +6 armor penetration
:with this plus, weapon expertise and x3 of quintessence of armor penetration, you will get, 7.68 armor penetration. This will help you gank top better.

Frenzy grants 10% attack speed for every time you land a critical hit.
:So in late game since you will have over 1.5 attack speed and 100% critical hit, that is +10% attack speed every time you hit someone.
Executioner Increases damage dealt by 5% when your target is below 50% health
: this is prove most effective in ganking and late game team fights to end quicker.

Defense (9)
Summoner's Resolve (Smite grants 10 bonus gold on use)
:This gives more bonus jungling statistics
Tough Skin Reduces damage taken by monsters by 2.
:This will increase master Yi' defense in jungling.
Perseverance gives +2 health regeneration based on how much health is missing.
:This is useful for some ways but to be honest this is just to get to the other masteries on defense.
Hardiness gives bonus +5 armor in game.
:This gives a pros for master Yi's defense in jungling at the start.
Bladed armor deals 6 damage to any monster that attacks you.
: This can be combined damage with hunter's machete at the start.
Veterans scars gives +30 health.
This gives more time in the jungle to become Over Powered quickly by 2%-3%...

and none for utility since it's not the AP or Mana that is considered for an AD master Yi.

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Items (In-Depth)

Starting Items:
These items are one of the best jungling starting items today since the previous patches. Hunter's machete does a lot of extra damage to monsters at early game. And there is enough for x5 health potions if your defense is not working out for a jungler. This with Yi, makes him quite competitive in early game to mid game to late game...

Early Game Core:
In the early game core of this guide, you need boots of speed to finalize ganking quicker in early game to prevent your team from feeding a bit or a lot. Then buy yourself a B.F.Sword if you do not have enough money to buy the Infinite edge, then when you have bought Infinite edge which is a lot of damage and critical strike and chance, perfect for early game. Then finally build up to phantom dancer in mid-game by buying zeal.

Mid-Game Core:
For mid-game core buying an phantom dancer will ease mid-game experience for pushing lanes when no one is there for a bit, phantom dancer can make that experience faster. Then building up to bloodthirster you need to get vampiric scepter if your low on gold. Then when you have bought the bloodthirster that's +140-170 item damage and 12%-18% life steal.

Final Item Core:
For Late gaming you need your full build ready whenever, you need another phantom dancer, another bloodthirster and another phantom dancer to pile off the topping.

Example Core Build:

I thought of this build for one reason, for you guys and girls. This build is supreme in so many ways. For when the build is done with 3 phantom dancers and master Yi's ultimate, you do not need any boots at all. With this full build though:

you will get 260% critical strike
+100% critical chance
+210-270 attack damage
+1.5 attack speed
7.2 armor penetration
enough movement speed without boots
and a 36% life steal for defensive take over.

This is why I made this Build for a reason!

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Video of a Person using my Build

This is a person who used my build aswell for nautilius!
That is how much This build is GOOD!

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Skill Sequence

As you know this is supposed to be an offense build with slight defense likewise...
But for the first ability...
Alpha Strike needs to be maxed out first for high damage output against laners and monsters.

For the second ability...
Meditate may be useful in some ways but it is mostly for early jungling in case of losing health fast against monsters. Otherwise it is the last you should max out.

For the third ability...
Wuju style is mostly depended on the mid-game so that's why I set it to be the second to be maxed out. Mostly because it's the second priority of master Yi being AD.

And for the ultimate...
Like any other ultimate max at 6, 11, 16.

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Summoner Spells

These are the recommended Spells I said for the Build in case of an enemy escaping on low health by which some would call 'luck'. And for jungling.

Here are others...
Shields your champion for 95 + (20 per level) for 2 seconds. 210 second cooldown.
Reveals a small area of the map for your team for 5 seconds. 60 second cooldown.
Restores 40% of your maximum Mana to your champion and nearby allies. 180 second cooldown.
Removes all disables and summoner spell debuffs affecting your champion and lowers the duration of incoming disables by 65% for 3 seconds. (Does not remove the healing reduction from ignite) 210 second cooldown.
Exhausts target champion, reducing their Movement Speed by 30%, Attack Speed by 50%, attack damage dealt by 30%, and ability and item damage dealt by 30% for 2.5 seconds. 210 second cooldown.
Teleports your champion toward your cursor's location. 300 second cooldown.
Your champion ignores unit collision and has 27% increased Movement Speed for 10 seconds. 210 second cooldown.
Restores 100-355 Health (depending on champion level) to your champion and to nearby allies. 300 second cooldown.
Promotes the nearby allied siege minion, healing it, granting it bonus stats, and causing it to grant the caster gold for its kills. 180 second cooldown.
Instantly revives your Champion at your team's Summoner Platform, gives your Champion a 125% movement speed buff which diminishes back to normal over 12 seconds and increases your champion's maximum Health by 220-560 (depending on champion level) for 2 minutes. 540 second cooldown.
Empowers your champion, increasing Attack Speed by 35% and Ability Power by 10-78 (depending on champion level) for 12 seconds. 180 second cooldown.

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Creeping / Jungling

Ask for help to guard you or assistance when counter jungling early game.

Your first items shall be Hunter's Machete & 5 Health Potions, due to the damage excess to help with jungling for damage and armor as well a good life steal and a ward.

Remember that the infinite edge itself is already useful when jungling because of it's damage and critical strike chance

Just go the old jungle route

Blue buff-->Wolves-->Wraiths-->Red buff-->dual golems-->wraiths-->gank--> etc..


Blue buff-->Top lane Gank-->Wolves-->Red buff-->Wraiths-->Dual Golems-->Gank-->etc...