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Master Yi Build Guide by Shawn1210

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shawn1210

Master Yi - Bottom Build Powerhouse. (PROJECT YI) (WIP)

Shawn1210 Last updated on January 1, 2016
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Yi Super Damage Mid - Late Gam

Master Yi Build

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This is my first build for a character, but I believe this build is worth mentioning.

Disclaimer: This is MY personal build for Yi as of the PROJECT installment. So bear this in mind. Though I don't know if the skin itself effects how Yi works, I don't play Yi as any other version except his PROJECT: Yi skin. Please bare in mind that I have only been playing League of Legends for roughly 3 months now, but please give this a chance and a read over and please try it out. This is also without ANY runes. I am NOT a Lv20 player. Currently I am Lv16 on my first LoL account. Also the Masteries are up to you. Without further a due, here is my first build.

(NOTE: I will come back with a complete build for Yi once I have reached Level 30. So please be patient.)

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Pros / Cons


  • Heavy hitter mid to late game. Roughly starts picking up speed and ground for damage around Lv8.
  • Has extreme speed and damage output if you activate R -> E -> Q and just target the champion you want to hit the most. The R ability speeds up his attacks and quickens his cool-downs. This coupled with his E ability, adds damage to that speed. By the time you get to Lv8 to start doing this monstrous damage, you will have your first item.
  • With his natural healing ability, coupled with the Heal Perk you choose, you get gained healing, and speed if you need to get away. This won't always help you in the beginning, so do not be surprised if you get caught and killed.

  • Very slow start early game. Getting ground with this build is difficult at first.
  • Lack of damage early game. You won't be able to kill anyone without assistance so be highly mindful of your enemy and their abilities.
  • Hard not to Kill Steel later on in game. By this point, it doesn't matter.

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Skill Sequence

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Coming Soon

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How this works step by step.

So basically this is how you generally go through using this build. As stated above, this build is a slow pick up, monstrous ending. Can easily take out some of the more Tank-like champions almost with ease. So here is how you basically use this build properly.


1. First thing you need to do is set up your E ( Wuju Style ). This will give you a bit of damage increase for farming a bit. Alternatively, you can choose Q ( Alpha Strike ) to give you a bit more farming capability overall, but it won't do you much good if you get cased against another player who you need to get some good hits on for your partner.

2. You need to purchase the first item from your Statikk Shiv. I usually buy the Brawler's Gloves. This gives you the damage assist for your Wuju Style.

3. If you haven't died yet, and reach level 2, then purchase Alpha Strike. Couple this with your Wuju Style as a starting attack, and it enhances your Alpha Strike a bit. Plus they give you a chance to hit a champion. (I usually target said champion so that I start and end with them, getting you up close and personal against the ADC(s) or support. This makes them have to rethink there they are aiming at, which gives you a very slight window to cause some damage. If your partner can read what you are doing (or if you are Skype or another form of voice chat) then you can get some gnarly damage against your adversaries.

4. By this point, if you clean out the opponents, or die, check to see if you have enough to get the other Brawler's Gloves for your Shiv. This further boosts your damage output, because you should be around Lv3 now.

5. Buy your self healing ability. If you haven't already gotten used to where you placed your Heal ability, then now you have a chance to really put it into action during fights.

6. Continue fighting until you get your Statikk Shiv. Once you get this, farming will become naturally easier. You are also your own self support system with 2 healing options. (Sometimes used at the same time. Pop your self heal, then your Heal ability while healing yourself.)

7. By this point, if you are not soloing bottom, you should have some kills under your belt, if not an assist or two depending on your partner if you have one. This should give you the gold boost required to start working on your Titanic Hydra. Personally one of my most favorite effect weapons.

8. If you follow the skill build I posted above, then you will notice that I focus heavily on Wuju Style and Alpha Strike above the Meditate ability. The reason for this, is because as time goes on, you become harder and harder to kill because your damage output is starting to become hard to handle. So, by Lv6, when you get your Highlander Ultimate, you should be able to surprise your enemies with some nice skills that leave them guessing where you will be stopping your rampage.

9. Now, following this sequence Wuju Style -> Highlander -> Alpha Strike (Adding into account your Statikk Shiv helping with extra lightning damage).

10. Obviously from here you would simply farm and try not to die. Once you have enough money to get your Titanic Hydra, get it. Not only does it increase some stats, it also has what I call a "Burst Damage" effect. Much like that of Ravenous Hydra, except instead of an Area of Effect that surrounds you and causes damage to those within said small circle, the Titanic Hydra shoot forward your attack. Couple this with Statikk Shiv, and you have one hell of a Burst Damage effect from both weapons. Not only that, but Titanic Hydra continuously shoots out damage with each strike you make. Make sure you have yourself lined up so the damage from your Hydra hits all of them, and you can get as much out of this new weapon as possible.


By this point you are seeing your Master Yi begin to grow. He is starting to level minions at a steady pace, and your enemies are becoming cautious around you because you are now on par with them when it comes to damage output. Here is how you progress from here.

1. Around what I consider Mid-Game is when Master Yi hits Lv8. He is well rounded at this point, and minions are falling with relative ease. So now you work on your third item, The Bloodthirster. Now, the reason for this weapon should be obvious just by reading the description, but let me break it down for you all the same.

2. Since you have 2 of your abilities clicked, except for your Ultimate attack naturally, you are nicely rounded. So at this point Master Yi is really beginning to scare people because his damage is starting to counter the enemies defense. Reason for this is they do not build to counter you. They are building damage at this point for easy kills. Problem with that is they are underestimating your ability to kill them, and so they won't be building much in the way of defense. So use this to your advantage. These guys you are fighting are not tanks. However, by the time you get to the tanks, you are too powerful to be stopped.

3. Here is where you start to really make them question just how good you are. So now that you have The Bloodthirster, you will have a little bit of health regeneration as you smack people around. This doesn't quite ensure victory, but as I said, this is where you start to scare them. Not only is it harder for them to kill you, even if they team you, but they almost have to team you to out damage you and take you out. However, you typically will have a partner, so you generally won't have TOO much issue getting possibly one kill if not both or at the least an assist or two.

4. So you get yourself around Lv11. You unlock your second Highlander, and your speed while using it is now up to 55%. This not only gives you a nice speed boost to your attack, but it also adds on with Statikk Shiv. So you couple that with your Wuju Style, and you will gain very nice ground in battle. However, along with your The Bloodthirster, you will have a bit of healing as you rapidly do damage. Coupe this with Heal if it is available, and run to do self heal when need be is essential at this point. Timing is everything. If you don't keep a keen eye on your abilities here, you will still run a good risk of dying. But again, you have a partner, so those chances are not that high as if it would be if you were to be soloing.

5. So play the game as per normal and work on your next item. Randuin's Omen helps jump your heath up greatly granting you 400 health as well as 60 armor. That's is REALLY needed for this to work. You can pick another armor if you think it works better for your play style, but this is my choice. Everyone is different, right?

6. Now that you have your armor, and you are a few levels higher, roughly 13-14, you are a serious powerhouse by this point. With what you have built, and the items you have purchased, you are something to be feared.

Now onto the End Game, as well as your Optional Item.


Now to the End Game part. Here is where people fully understand just how powerful you are. Now, so far this build has only bee beaten by Jax. Since they are highly similar characters as far as combat is concerned, it is very close, but Jax simply has the better skill set. However, any extreme tank, or any extreme ranged player who knows what they are doing will be difficult for you to take out. With your Alpha Strike you can close the distance easily and get up close and wreck face, but if you don't get to them before you are stunned or silenced you will die. So be cautious. Anyway, here we go.

1. Level 15 - 18 is what I consider End Game for Master Yi. The reason is because with this build he is nearly impossible to be beaten. You have plenty of kills under your belt, and you can seriously wreck face without much effort. In a group attack, you are damaging probably more than the other players, especially if you pop Highlander then Wuju Style, and then activate your Alpha Strike to get in close to your opponents, you will cause some serious damage just on that by this point.

2. Now is the time you would buy your Phantom Dancer if you have not already prior to level 15 depending on how game play has gone up to this point. You won't have all 6 items yet, but you will in time.

Note: There are no boots in this build. Yes the attack speed would be helpful, but ultimately does not give you the power you need. So I have opted out of using the Berserker's Greaves.
  • Take a moment to consider your position in this game. You now have Statikk Shiv, Titanic Hydra, The Bloodthirster, Randuin's Omen, and Phantom Dancer assisting you. You also have your Highlander at 80% Attack Speed, your Wuju Style to increase your attack again, and Alpha Strike to help do damage to multiple champions / minions.
  • Super Minions drop within 3-4 strikes, along with the other lower level minions because of your Titanic Hydra, and Statikk Shiv due to their "Burst Damage." This wrecks anything in your path.
  • Couple this with your Randuin's Omen for your 60% armor stat, and you are truly scary to face off with. Even Tryndamere would have a hard time against you. I know I do when I face a Master Yi who is built properly. This build would work with Tryndamere as well, though I have yet to test this. So please by all means give it a shot and let me know how it works.

3. With the Phantom Dancer now in your possession, you have basically a complete build. You typically will not need to get anything else by this point, but that is where the optional item comes into place. Infinity Edge
  • Something to take note of here. I know that a lot of people build Infinity Edge first because it is so very expensive. However, this is THE optional item here. Infinity Edge, as everyone knows, is the cornerstone to a lot of builds. However, the reason I chose to have this as a Optional Item, is because it is NOT entirely needed during all of this. If you do choose to place this item in your build, you can add it at the end. You technically can build it whenever you want to, but this build was designed to NOT need it generally. Hence it being "Optional"

4. Adding the Infinity Edge will give you superior attack power to most players. It is hard to deny that this sword will not help you greatly overall if you decide to buy it. This is usually the item you would use if everyone was levels 17 and 18. So if you choose to buy this sword, expect to hurt a lot of people and get some gnarly kills.
  • Something else to note here. Even without Infinity Edge in your inventory, you are able to go toe to toe with two turrets at once. It is usually not recommended that you do this because a Champion can get to you and stun you and then you are really in for some pain. So don't test it unless you KNOW you can solo it without something coming against you. Minions don't typically make a difference it, only other Champions do.

    5. Aside from Jax, or any highly powerful and super fed ranged fighters, you shouldn't have too much issue with anyone. Gnar, Nasus, Malphite or people with extreme defense, and strong to extreme attack damage will give you issues. Aside from that, you should be causing some major damage. In a group fight, you will probably be targeted by some of the heavy hitters, so keep your Heal finger ready to push down.


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So as you can tell from my build, there is no running around killing monsters, though that is an option later on if you so desire. So just as a recap.

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Please bookmark, like, and comment on this build. As stated in the beginning, as of the creation of this build, I am Lv16, and have only been playing this game for roughly 3 months time. So take this as you will, but I do believe there is merit to this build in it's entirety. I don't jungle, so this was a build that works for me personally. Please, if you enjoy this build, use it. If you have updates you would like to see made possibly, you can send me a message on League and I can check out your suggestion to see if it works just as well if not better.

Thanks for taking the time to read what I have posted, and have fun gaming. Because after all, it is just a game.

Special Thanks To The Following