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League of Legends Build Guide Author Idobuildssometimes

Master Yi, It's hammertime!

Idobuildssometimes Last updated on April 24, 2011
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Aha, here we are again... i suppose. This is actually not a build i super-recommend or anything, but these items, masteries and summoner spells made me win almost half a dozen Twisted Treeline's in a row by horselengths! Only once a member of their team survived when i engaged them,and that was because i was in a 1v3, i took down two and the third got away with minimal HP!

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Pros / Cons

+Alpha strike, very good for farming and jumping to your opponents location, excellent for a surprise attack.
+Persecution, thanks to your ultimate and your Frozen Mallet, no one can escape you.
+Survival, meditation is a good spell that's good to use whatever enemy you face, because of the momentary huge amount of armor you recieve, all attacks will deal minimum damage.
+Farming, Incredible farmer, alpha strike kills any minion, and if they don't die you can one-shot finish them with a normal auto attack.
Extra damage from Wuju style, no need to buy AD early game

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I start off with a since the additional hp it grants me puts me at over 700 hp. I pick it because i build a phage first, and i really don't believe those extra 10 damage from longsword makes that big a difference since it's alpha strike i use early game gank anyway. Anyway, i get. The as soon as possible to gain some extra health and damage, plus the slow is nice. I move on to berserkers greaves for some more attackspeed and then to for even more attackspeed, plus critical strike and some movementspeed which is nice. i pick to get lifesteal for more survivability. Once these four base items are bought, i begin to upgrade them. Why not do that one by one, you may ask?

The answer is simple. If i go directly to frozenallet, then sure, i'll get slow on every hit and almost 500 more, but you'll be slow as hell when you run, and in case you buy berserkers greaves first, then the money you used for frozen mallet could've been used for zeal and emblem of valour, giving you alot of good all-around bonuses such as movement speed, attackspeed lifesteal and criticalstrike, all very good stas for master yi. So, build the base items first, then you complete the item afterwards.

The first item i choose to upgrade is -> , because health is very valuable in a 3v3, and increasing my health by 500 is very good to ensure survivability and my ability to stay in combat. The slow is really good, and since you already have wuju style for AD and your Ultimate for attackspeed and movement speed, this is the best item to upgrade first.

Secondly, i upgrade ->
Since you don't always have your ultimate available, but this gives about as much attack speed as your ultimate (Stack that together and bam!), plus the insane amount of 30% critical strike rating!

Then i upgrade ->
Since more attackspeed is -always- welcome, and Lifesteal is a very good stat, together with my already high hp count and my attackspeed, this provides alot of survivability.

Then i buy a B.F. Sword, Since the lack of AD has, if you haven't won yet, will start to show. So, quickly upgrade that to an which provides alot of damage, critical strike chance and makes your crits hit even harder, stacking with your marks!You'd actually not need any more to win now, but there's always that last spot that haunts you... what to do... Now i usually pick