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League of Legends Build Guide Author AsIsgeres

Master Yi - just a second,and you're dead

AsIsgeres Last updated on June 14, 2010
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Start with yi is simple indeed.
you just go,kill creeps,can use your passive to hit enemy champs,but try not to die,also using exhaus + ghost combination you can easily get first blood. Alpha strike - exhaus,ghost,and then hit as much as possible,even if you die,try to get first blood,this garuantees you madreds bloodrazors at the 2nd minute of the game
once you get madreds and vampiric scepter, i go jungleing,and,when possible,ganking.
dont go out of the jungle until you get boots,or,of course it would be better, last whisperer.
once you get that,your attack speed is high enough to hit hard,and you have enough movement speed to get away.
use highlander as much as possible when fightning champions,because it has really short cooldown.
dont forget to have golem mana buff,because it is necessary to have some mana. yi's mana pool is similiar to sions - EMPTY,so not waisting any gold to the mana items,just get buff.

when you get infinitys edge,its time to rape.
go out and kill every single champ.
you should be strongest at the map 1x1 champion,but dont go in 2x1 battles,you are too squishy.
the main idea of this build is to deal as much as possible damage in a couple of seconds.
ive never tried sword of occult yet,but the game usually ends when you get starks fevror. you can switch bloodthirster and get frozen mallet if you see that you are too squishy and attack damage from infnitys is enough to you,but i wouldnt recommend it :)