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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Neros

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neros

McFiddles 5v5 Jungle King

Neros Last updated on March 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first time building a guide on Mobafire, so sorry if it has aesthetic/interface issues, etc. However, I am quite sure you will find the build itself pretty dang useful... if applied correctly. I generally don't write guides, due to lack of time and also an insidious conscience that tells me not to share my secret to winning with others. That said, I have had WAY too many experiences of watching people play fiddles all wrong. First I would say that Fiddles is best played in the jungle. He can lane fine of course, and can usually hold his own against pretty much everyone if played safe, but I have found Fiddles to EXCEL in the jungle, and be a much bigger asset to his team in that capacity. One last thought before I walk you through the guide... Under no circumstances should anyone accept this guide as absolute in every match. This is just common sense IMO, but it apparently needs to be said from what I have seen. You need to be flexible in your item purchase order, as well as you skill order, etc. Just be aware of you team/match needs. Nuff said!

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The balance - Pros v Cons

Fiddles needs to be properly balanced out by play style and item purchases. He is naturally a pretty slow and squishy champ. That said, with boots and tanky AP items he can do a fairly good job of overcoming his weaknesses. I am not going to make a list (like most guides) of every strength and weakness of fiddles. Just expect him to be similar to any other squishy AP champ, and treat him accordingly (ie DO NOT go face diving bushes, running into outnumbered battles, run ahead of your team/tank, blah blah blah, etc, etc, etc).

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McFreaking kidding me? No Smite? (Spells)

Yes its true, I jungle fiddles without Smite. He can easily do it, especially with blue at early levels. I understand there are good reasons for smite, such as getting drag/baron quicker, the added gold (if you choose that mastery), and many other reason why smite is "great". My reasons for not getting it are simple; I HATE missing an ult. It happens to the best of us, and it sucks. Ghost and Flash can correct your course very easily. Not to mention the many times you land it perfectly well, and someone else flashes or ghosts away before you land fear (or after it has worn off). And then there are also other reason, such as the obvious escape/chase mechanisms of these spells. All in all, I have found that going without smite hasn't hindered my jungle, but has given me more options in the general game-play each match. If you are new with fiddles, or are just skeptical by nature, then by all means take your fetchin' smite. I don't think there is a huge difference between having ghost or flash as your second spell, its really just whatever you feel more comfortable with as your escape/chase.

All other spells are take at your own risk. There can be plenty of situational reasons to change a spell here or there. Spells you may want to consider are But once again, this all depends on what your team strategy is. I would stick with my recommendations unless you're pre-made and have discussed other spell options and their uses for your team comp.

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This Rune setup can certainly be changed to some degree to suit your needs. I use this set with all of my AP carry champs. The MP and AP are self explanatory, however you may wonder why I have mana-regen on a jungler who will almost always have blue. Aside from the ease of keeping the same rune page as my mid AP champs, I also have found Fiddles to be a bit of a mana *****. That blue doesn't last forever, it gets stolen at times, you die and lose it occasionally, among many other possible reasons you would want extra mana regen. If you were to make any changes to this rune set, I would only recommend changing mana regen to AP or defensive (armor, MR, health, etc), or minor changes like flat AP versus AP per level. But in the end, I don't believe a bad rune set up will throw the whole match away. It is just a little helpful, especially early game without your items lined up.

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I will be brief with this. You should ALWAYS get the main AP 9 in first tree. What you do with the rest is about preference. I still change this mastery set from time to time with McFiddles. But if I do, I usually just add 6 points in second tree, under armor and MR (this is good for added survival). If you do that, then just deduct them from the 3rd tree and remove according to what you are willing to sacrifice. There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying a fully loaded first tree for added AP damage, and then allocated the rest in either 6 defense or some helpful utility masteries. It really won't be a game changer in my experience with jungle Fidds. Just use common sense and pick masteries that are applicable to your role.

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If I see one more junglesticks with a freakin' cloth armor to start jungling I am going to start reporting for unskilled player! Seriously, how dumb can you be? Dorans Ring is PERFECT for fiddles, like tailored glove to his woody little hand. As for the rest of the items, I have tried to show you a general list of items and their order as a simple guide, not an absolute key to success. There are plenty of good items to substitute here and there.

Overall, your goal with McFiddles is to be tanky enough to withstand taking some focus (especially when you ult), and damaging enough to REALLY hurt, if not absolutely destroy their whole team in a team fight. As a jungler, it isn't necessary for you to get all the kills, but to be of assistance (*assists) to your other team carries. Don't get me wrong, McFiddles can carry pretty dang hard, but it isn't essential that you have the most team kills. Your main focus is team utility. Being at the right place at the right time, and employing excellent map awareness. This usually means you may need to help out with warding from time to time. It will make all the world of difference for your play style (and anyone for that matter) to know where everyone is located.

As for the actual items I have listed, you likely won't have many games where you get the chance to purchase all of these. But if I had to recommend CORE items, I would say Rod of Ages, Rabadon's Deathcap are essential. As for the boots, if you don't take MP, then get MR. If you take MP, but still have concern over the lack of tenacity, there is always the Moonflair Spellblade, which isn't all that bad, and is relatively cheap. It is a situational item, but the AP and tenacity are both good for your build. If you feel you need more health than RoA alone, then Rylai's Crystal Scepter is awesome. The slowing passive is fun for keeping people trapped in your damaging circle. Of course banshees is also a decent item for added MR. I see lots of people use Will of the Ancients on fiddles, but I haven't found it to be a make or break item. Just rush your boots and RoA first, then work on AP and some survivability next. The items I have listed give you survival, without sacrificing space on your item slots with things that don't provided other utility as well. What I mean is, I try and find items that can help me survive battles, while also providing AP/MR etc that helps me get kills. Two last thoughts on the items (though I feel like I could ramble on with hundreds of different scenarios): First, you will notice the list of consumables I have added to the end of the build. When you get into long games that allow you to accumulate all of your build, don't forget to grab the consumables that don;t require item space. Also, don't forget to grab a ward and oracle as they are needed during the match. Look for ways to be of further assistance to your team. Team play is all about helping the team as a whole do well, and insuring a VICTORY. Second, I want to briefly mention Mejai's Soulstealer. This item get flack from people all the time, but in reality it can be one of the best investments you make early/mid game. I understand the risk of getting an expensive tomb (essentially) if you don;t get stacks, and that is why it is not incorporated into my build/guide. It isn't for every match. But if you notice A) you are getting lots more kills than deaths, or B) you are getting lots of assists, and not too many deaths, then I would HIGHLY consider grabbing this item to give you those added stacks of AP. It jives well with Rap-Cap when you start getting stacks. Overall, just be wise about the choice of items you get each match, and understand you are not game-bot that just grabs whatever is recommended. You need to roll with the punches to be a decent player.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
There is nothing finite about this order, but the general idea is as follows: Get your Ult ( Crowstorm) at every level you can (6, 11, 16), and max out your Drain and Terrify first. While have a damaging Dark Wind is nice, having maxed out CC is even better (especially, once again, with team utility). That fear will save lives (yourself included) and will grab kills more than anything you do, probably even more than your ult. Ult/fear/drain is a great combo, and you always have that silence you can toss out when needed, often times to kill that running champion. I make sure to grab Dark Wind once before level 6, then wait to level it up until the end game. As with anything else I have said so far, every game is different and so are your specific ability needs, but this is the general idea you should adhere to.

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Closing thoughts and jungle advice

This build may not be perfect, but it has done VERY well for me. I use this in ranked matches almost every time I need to jungle. I know there are lots of guides out there that rank which champs are better at different roles, and for various reasons fiddles isn't considered top tier. I would argue that fiddles is one of the most under-rated junglers out there. A well played McFiddles will grab dragon early and often, gank as early as level 4 (I don't recommend going out sooner unless situation demands for it), will grab lots of kills and assists, will disrupt enemies in team battles (dat' ult will ruin their day if place right), will be balanced with survivability and great AP damage, and overall will be a strong team player. He is a champ that can literally be a game changer. There are plenty of kills you can get, especially early/mid game with this McFiddles build. Having RoA early will allow you to sit on the other side of weakened champs sitting on their towers, ult in (and probably use flash to land it just right) and grab a kill without dieing. It allows you to tower dive with your buddies, and take a few tower attacks without being demolished. A McFiddles build gives a solid balance of surviving team fights, while also doing solid damage. I generally don't lose a match with this build unless some other people on my team totally botched it. It usually takes at least 2, if not 3 of our guys to feed their team like crazy for me to lose. Of course there are just times I don't play well, or their team just happens to be better skilled... but this really doesn't happen very often.

As for jungle order, at this time I am not going to give you an in-depth review of how to do it. There are other guides dedicated to explanation of jungling (I highly recommend reading them if you are new to jungling). All I can say is, START WITH BLUE AND HAVE YOUR TEAM DEFEND IT TO THE DEATH (the enemies death of course), then make the rounds of wolves, wraiths, golems, then red or gank gank bot, then wraiths again & gank mid, the wolves and shop. This is a general run through. Then after grabbing some items, head to wolves, gank top and relieve him so he/she can shop/heal. Then grab blue again, wolved and gank mid, etc etc.

Anyway, just play smart, and realize that the stronger you are, and the more damage you can deal, the better. Avoid being a noob, and good luck winning in elo hell.

- Neros