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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mi7R0

Mi7R0`s Ryze

Mi7R0 Last updated on April 14, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 21

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There is no doubt. Ryze is no longer a mage - he has become a creature of m

The halls of traditional study were never for Ryze, who felt a more raw and primal connection to the magic of Runeterra than those who tried to teach him. As a young man, he travelled the world, seeking the wisdom of powerful hermits, witches, and shamans. When he had learned all he could, Ryze turned to seek the lost, forgotten, and forbidden knowledge in the world. This led him to an ancient form of spellcraft known as thorn magic. This art required Ryze to tattoo spells on his body, infusing his being with vast arcane power. His travels also brought him to the giant indestructible scroll he carries on his back. The purpose of the inscribed spell is a secret only Ryze knows. However, he claims it is an abomination, something that he must safeguard from the world. Today, Ryze has joined the League of Legends to study the magical creatures and powerful will-workers that fight there, in order to complete his exploration of mystical Runeterra.

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I'm very aggressive player that's why that build is pretty aggressive
With this build i'm trying to improve all Ryze skills ,to take maximum Cooldown reduction and good enough Ability power, mana and also Movement speed.

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1. Boots of Swiftness with that boots and Quickness you`ll have 410 move speed wich is enough to change the lanes fast and gang your opponents.
2. Rod of Ages i make that staff fastest i can ,cuz you take mana and AP to improve your skills damage and HP to survive in early team fights and it stacks HP and MP in time that`s why i make it first.
3. Archangel's Staff here is second staff ,you know after every cast you stack mana wich means more and more dmg ,somebody can tell that ryze dont need another items only one boots and 5 x Archangel's Staff but you`ll be very weak and easy target in team fights.
with first 3 items we have good enough Move speed (410) alot of mana and AP some HP and Mana regen now lets make something for CDR and Spell vamp to improve Ryze skills
4. Morello's Evil Tome that item give you mana regen more AP and 20% CDR with your Overload passive witch give you 10% and 9% from Intelligence and Sorcery you`ll have 39% CRD when the CAP is 40%,if you play vs physical DMG champions you can change Morello's Evil Tome with Frozen Heart wich give you 20% CDR too and 99 Armor and 500 Mana
5. Will of the Ancients that item give you 50 AP more and 20% Spell vamp,when you activete your Ultimate you have 35% and you are like Warwick xD
6. Rabadon's Deathcap for final i make that item to improve my AP
On full build you`ll have:
819 AP
410 Move speed
3427 Mana
39% CDR
35% Spell vamp (with Active Ult)
i think you dont need more

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I use AP runes, yes i know all AP ratios are nurfed ,but they are still good for Ryze if you want you can use Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration, Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, Greater Quintessence of Insightor if you think you need more Magic penetration , Mana runes are usefull too.

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First on Utility i improve my first summoner spell Ghost i put poins on Perseverance , Expanded Mind , Maditation to take max mana regen ,i put 3 points on Quiqness to improve my Movements speed ,for CRD i put 3 poins Intelligence and 4 points on Sorcery and now i have 9% CDR only from masteries.From Offense i pick Archmage's sawy for extra AP and Archaic Knowledge for some Magic penetration

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Skill Sequence

I`m trying to lvl up fast Overload and Rune Prison to use their bonus from my mana and make more DMG .You can see it in the table

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Just remember one think try to last hit minions and farm extra gold.Dont use your skills for farm in early game cuz you`ll go fast out of mana you can make it after you have Catalyst the Protector cuz it restore you 300 HP and 250 MP when you lvl up.On late game using Ryze ultimate to farm creeps can lead to a large gold advantage and fast cleaning lanes ,cuz you have enough CRD and your Ultimate will be rdy for next team fight

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i'm using Ignite and Ghost. Ghost is good choice cuz you can use it to run back from your opponents or to run betwen lanes to gang them. Ignite is good for finish off your opponents when they try to run back on low health.Another good choise is Clarity , Teleport and Flash, i don't use Clarity cuz i think with that build i have good enough mana regen and it will be usefull only in early game. Teleport and Flash can be used instead of Ghost

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Here i just want to tell you about skill combo in fights.So combo in fight is Desperate Power -> Rune Prison -> Spell Flux -> Overload and if your opponents try to run on 100HP feel free to use Ignite

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Chapter 10

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