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Miss Fortune Build Guide by UberYoshi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UberYoshi

Miss Fortune: Simple Dominance

UberYoshi Last updated on August 20, 2011
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Hello summoners! I, UberY0shi, present to you my awesome Miss Fortune guide. This guide aims to give a simple, yet thorough explanation on using Miss Fortune for newbies. Please vote / comment after you have read the guide and tried it out. I hope you guys learn a little something from this and dominate the fields of justice!

Miss Fortune is a powerful attack damage (AD) carry that can hold her own in pretty much any lane and offers a decent area of effect (AoE) slow. As the attack damage carry, it's basically her job in team fights to drop enemy champions dead as fast as possible.

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Greater Quintessence of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation

Armor Penetration: Greater Mark of Desolation / Quintessence of Desolation is a must have for Miss Fortune, since it gives her amazing early game damage and continues to benefit her throughout the game. Take no other mark when using her.

Mana Regen / Attack Speed: This case solely depends on how you use Miss Fortune. If you prefer using her abilities more often, then take Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration to help sustain MF's poor mana regeneration throughout the game. However, if you find yourself rarely using all of your mana, then you can't go wrong with the Greater Seal of Attack Speed. The extra attack speed will help squeeze out a few more hits, which is vital for MF.

Cooldown Reduction / Magic Resist: Again, this is up to you. I personally like Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction on any champion as it helps in team fights a lot, especially when battles come down to the split second difference. If not, MF could use the extra survivability that Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist offers.

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I prefer going with a simple 21/0/9 build with MF. Nothing special here. Be sure to take Archaic Knowledge in the Offensive tree, as Impure Shots / Make it Rain / Bullet Time all deal magic damage.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is just great for pretty much any situation. It can be used defensively, offensively, over walls, etc. I don't recommend using it if you are drastically caught out of position however. Use your Flash only when you know it will benefit you the most. Don't expect it to save your life all the time.

Ghost + Strut = Win. Use it wisely and make your opponents think twice about engaging in combat with you. I personally use Ghost to chase people down and run away. However, it is also good for that extra mobility during a team fight.

Alternative Spells

  • Ignite gives some decent Damage Over Time (DoT) and works well with MF's Impure Shots
  • Exhaust works well with a Strut+ Ghost combo. Good for shutting down other AD carries.
  • Cleanse is not as popular but can save you from nasty crowd controls.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Priority

> > >

I normally take Impure Shots simply for the early game farming. As soon as you hit level 2, take Double Up and start harassing with it. Simply use it to damage a minion closest to the enemy champion. Make sure that MF, the minion, and the enemy champion are lined up in a straight line, to maximize the chances of Double Up landing on the champion. Make it Rain gives some decent crowd control / harassment. When in doubt, check bushes with it.

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Skill Usage

Double Up is MF's bread-and-butter ability. It harasses enemy champions very well when you use the first hit on a minion. Be careful about spamming it early game however. Use it only to harass a champion or to get two minion kills when you otherwise would get only one. In team fights, Double Up is a great way to put the hurt on the other team by bouncing the first hit on either a tank or an out-of-place carry.

Impure Shots is what makes MF such a devastating auto-attacker/farmer. As soon as the battle starts, pop your W and attack. Increased attack speed will allow you to shoot your targets down a lot faster and weaken the effects of healing. Just remember to keep moving. Never get stuck standing in one place auto-attacking unless you are in a 1v1 battle that you are sure to win.

Make it Rain is not only a great initiator, but it helps set up your Bullet Time. Be careful when placing it though, as enemy champions can dodge it pretty easily if you place it incorrectly. If you are pushing, try placing the ability a bit behind the champion to get maximum damage output. This is also a great ability for protecting turrets when you can't risk getting in too close.

Bullet Time is a powerful and versatile ultimate for farming/harassment/team fight initiation. I recommend using it to attack from the back, as the range will keep you safe and the damage will take a generous chunk out of the unfortunate champions caught in the barrage. Think carefully before using this ultimate because it is relatively easy to dodge and leaves you a bit vulnerable. Don't hesitate to cancel it and run away if a threat does try to close the gap and focus you.

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MF can auto-attack or last hit effectively. However, if you are at solo top/mid I recommend last hitting more often so that you don't push the lane too much and set yourself up for ganks. All of her skills allow for solid pushing when you need it. Bullet Time is great for resetting the lane, getting gold, and harassing all in one pop. Just be sure to save it for team fights later into the game.

The purpose of buying the three Health Potion as your starting items is to give you sustainability in early game. Don't ever get Doran's Blade unless you are laning with a partner and expect little to no harassment. I have seen a few people get Vampiric Scepter on Miss Fortune. However, I believe the intended effects of this item can be totally made worthless if you are harassed/bullied away from the enemy minions. Chances are you will not gain as much lane sustainability on a consistent basis with Vampiric Scepter than with three Health Potion.

AD Carries are solely dependent on items and minion kills, so you need to stay in the lane as long as possible without worrying about dying too frequently. Last hitting minions is a priority. Don't ever neglect it! Aim to reach at least 100 minion kills by the 18-minute mark.

KEEP MOVING! At all times, keep moving around, pause to shoot, and continue moving. A moving target is much harder to hit, and you need to farm as long as possible. When you chase, run, pause, shoot, run. This way, instead of hoping you run fast enough to get in range for a shot, you run along with the champion and continue shooting them. This is vital for early game kills.

In most cases, you should stay in your lane unless you...

A) Get a kill - Immediately recall to base, buy items/pots/wards/etc. and come back to the lane ASAP. Or if it suits you, finish off a few of the remaining minions before recalling.

B) Run out of Health Potion and are pushed back below 40% of your health.

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Core Build

If you are going to solo mid/top, it is imperative that you take the Boots of Speed and three Health Potion. This ensures that you can move around quickly while you farm/harass, but it also gives you sustainability with 600 health recovery. Use it whenever you take a good bit of harassment. I prefer Berserker's Greaves to increase the effectiveness of her Impure Shots. If you manage to get an early kill during your lane phase, immediately recall and buy the Berserker's Greaves to further boost your advantage over your opponent.

However, if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control, don't hesitate to get Mercury's Treads. Keep up the farming and harassment. If you are in a duo lane, harass and go for the kill when possible.
  • The Bloodthirster gives you insane damage output along with some sustainability. Once you max out your stats, be wary of falling out of position.
  • The Black Cleaver further boosts your stats, allowing you to drop squishy champions almost instantly, while hitting tanks hard enough to bring them down as well.
  • Your 2nd The Bloodthirster will make you very difficult to kill and extremely important. With so much damage output, you cannot afford to die anymore. Your team will really need you alive more than anything else, even if you aren't autoattacking all the time. STAY ALIVE.


If you need to counter a cc heavy team, consider Mercury's Treads.
You can never go wrong with a Banshee's Veil for survivability.
In some cases, a Frozen Mallet can replace the second The Bloodthirster for more kiting ability and survivability.

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Game Strategy

Early Game

  • MF can lane anywhere effectively. Support your team by filling in the best lane.
  • Harass with Double Up at level 2 as needed. Mana shouldn't be a problem.
  • Armor Pen Runes give great early game hitting power. If you see the opportunity, go for the kill with Impure Shots and Double Up!
  • Don't starve yourself of mana with Make it Rain.

Mid Game
  • Keep farming and harassing.
  • If and when you destroy the turret, help other lanes while keeping an eye out for yours. Don't let it get pushed.
  • Grab Red Buff as much as possible and contribute in team fights with your Bullet Time.
  • Engage carefully. You WILL be focused…very hard.

Late Game
  • As you continue to simply dominate, continue to be wary of ganks whenever there are missing enemy champions (MIA).
  • Drop the enemies' health as much as possible with Make it Rain and Bullet Time.
  • When you go to auto-attack. NEVER STOP MOVING. Always move in-between shots.
  • After team fights, auto-attack back to health and push turrets with Active Impure Shots.
  • Watch out for nukes, assassins, and heavy crowd control.
  • Grab Red Buff and use your summoner spells for escaping and increasing mobility.

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Watch Out!

MF is generally a very easy to kill champion. However, she can killed extremely easily if you don't be wary of these things:

Exhaust = Run.

This spell totally destroys MF's damage output and her movement speed. Please don't stand there and continue fighting a losing battle.


MF is generally weak against any spellcaster with some decent crowd control. If you are laning against one, be very careful about engaging. If you find yourself dying too much, invest in a Banshee's Veil or even a Wit's End. Anything that gives you some magic resistence will help.


This is perhaps MF's greatest weakness. She cannot stand up to anti-carry champions for long.

It's best not to gain the attention of champions such as these. They will drop you before you can blink. While you can still easily bring them down, they can bring you down faster. Just make sure you don't get out of position for them to burst you.

Watch out for ganks throughout the game. When in doubt, sacrifice 75 gold for 3 minutes of safety (Ward).

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Closing Comments

These are just a few quick tips to remember when playing Miss Fortune.

1) If you get an early game kill, you can use this early gold to get your boots and gain a huge advantage in the lane.

2) MF can play in almost any lane. Abuse her harassment potential with Double Up whenever the opportunity arises.

3) MF is squishy. Don't engage in team fights until your tank has initiated and you are at least somewhat protected. Feel free to poke with Double Up and Make it Rain if you are getting focused too much to safely auto-attack.

4) As the AD carry, you should be grabbing the Blessing of the Lizard Elder (Red Buff) whenever possible. This will give you great kiting/chasing power.

That's the gist of using Miss Fortune for newbies. Once again, I welcome any constructive criticism as long as it isn't too brutal. I'll try to make weekly updates to the guide as I see fit. Good luck on the fields of justice!