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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Rooxxoor

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rooxxoor

Miss Fortune - The Shattering Hail of Bullets

Rooxxoor Last updated on July 5, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 9

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First Words

Hello I'm Rooxxoor :)

This is my first guide on mobafire, in which I'm gonna show you how to play Crit/AD Miss Fortune. She's my most-played champion in League of Legends. I hope you'll enjoy my experiences and will be able to attach them to your own gameplay!

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You wanna know why I picked those masteries?
As you already know, Miss Fortune is a ranged AD carry, so it's obvious, that you focus on the offensive masteries. Due to your huge normal attack dmg and your Q, which deals physical dmg as well, you don't need any AP or defensiv masteries. The utility masteries allow you to stay longer at your lane and to gain an advantage in gold and experience.

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Armor Pen/ManaReg per LvL

The armor pen runes help you to harass your enemies in the early game and to soak the armor of the enemy tank in the late game. As Miss Fortune doesn't have a lot of mana, you should use the mana regeneration runes for your seals and glyphs. Especially in the early game, it's necessary to restore mana for your harassing.

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Skill Sequence

Bullet Time > Double Up > Impure Shots > Make it Rain

Bullet time is your ultimate. You skill it whenever you can. The AOE damage of this skill can be decisive in your teamfights. The skill is also very effective if you know your opponent is recalling. In this case you use your ultimate to kill the incoming creep wave and go on quickly pushing the next enemy turret. But be aware of junglers and missing enemies!

Double Up is your main skill throughout the entire game. You can use it to harass your enemies in the early game. Just try to hit the last creep of the wave with your Q. If timed correctly, the bullet bounce to the next enemy champion. They'll be surprised about your dmg output. The skill can be useful in teamfights as well, since you hit 2 enemies with it. One more possibility of using Q is to finish off enemies that you're chasing. If another opponent is trying to help them get away, you just Double Up the next one to kill the other guy. As you can see, this skill is flexible and often a good choice when playing Miss Fortune.

The bonus attack speed of Impure Shots allows to buy Infinity Edge before possessing Phantom Dancer. The AS in addition to your crit build will exasperate your opponents. Furthermore, you'll be able to get the red buff pretty quick. Thanks to the heal reduction of this skill you don't need Ignite as a summoner spell. And the passive bonus dmg is certainly pleasing as well.

You only skill Make it Rain to get a slow on your enemies. I saw many Miss Fortunes using it as their main skill, but that's useless. As mentioned at the beginning, Miss Fortune is an AD class. The only point of this AP spell is to slow the enemy champs so you can easily finish them off. When you reach level 17, Make it Rain deals enough dmg to kill a creep wave. I wouldn't use it to farm minions before, as the mana consumption is way too high, particularly in your early game.

Strut is very nice for getting back to your lane or to go help an allied champion pretty fast. Combined with Phantom Dancer, your Berserker's Greaves will look like Boots of Mobility.

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Summoner Spells


These are the best summoner spells for Miss Fortune. It doesn't matter if you need to escape from a battle or if you are chasing an enemy champion, Flash is always useful. Exhaust is the perfect spell to win a 1v1 against champions like Warwick or Xin Zhao. Those spells are also great to score First Blood for your team. If you already harassed your opponent to about half life, you Flash - Exhaust - Make it Rain - Impure Shots - Double Up. In most cases you won't even need all the skills.

Why not ?
Ghost can be an effective summoner spell for Miss Fortune, but it just can't replace Exhaust or Flash. Miss Fortunes passive Strut gives her enough movement speed to chase or get away from enemy champions.

Why not ?
Ignite is a great summoner spell for most champions in League of Legends, but it doesn't fit to Miss Fortune. As you've already got the heal reduction of Impure Shots, you can easily resign this spell.

Teleport and Cleanse can be optional spells for Miss Fortune.
All other summoner spells are mostly useless.

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There are 4 core items which you should buy whenever you're playing Miss Fortune.
Doran's Blade - Berserker's Greaves - Infinity Edge - Phantom Dancer
The following items depend on the enemy team. In most games, I take Last Whisper and Frozen Mallet because of the life bonus and the armor penetration. You won't be as squishy as before and killing the enemy tank will be much easier from now on. Moreover, the passive of Frozen Mallet won't let anyone get away.
Those 6 items will greatly increase your dmg and health points. There are several possibilities to replace Doran's Blade in the late game.
If the enemy team is quite tanky, you should buy Madred's Bloodrazor.
If your enemies' armor isn't that high, you can buy The Black Cleaver instead of Last Whisper. This item will increase your damage even more and you can still stack a lot of armor pen if focussing on one target.
Alternatively, you can buy The Bloodthirster. It will help you to prevent harassing and to get your life back pretty quickly.
Many Miss Fortunes buy Manamune, but playing with mana regeneration runes, you won't need this item.
I wouldn't buy Mercury Treads with Miss Fortune. If you get stunned, you're usually dead.
If you're playing against a fed enemy carry, you should buy Banshee's Veil or Thornmail as defensive items.

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Using this guide you should be able to rock your games. I hope you'll enjoy your gameplay from now on. If you've got any questions, just ask me.

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