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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Khorne

MOBAFIRE and You : How to be a better member

Khorne Last updated on March 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Becoming a Member

The easiet and most helpful Step

If you havnt become a member of MobaFire yet please go ahead and register. Not only do you benefit the website with more members, but you also help to improve the the overall experience of all the community members by being able to rate and comment on other peoples builds as well as write your very own!!!!

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Play A Game *BEFORE* You Rate

Cant stress this part enough. Judging a build solely on the text and items themself is idiotic. Atleast attempt one game before giving the build a rating or better yet 2 or 3 incase you messed up on one. If we all took the time to do this i believe that alot of people would have different opinions about some builds

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Finding a Build

Warning: This is my opinion and does not need to be followed
Mobafire houses hundreds of builds for all the leagues various champions. That being said there are many builds on this site that go unused. This is a problem that I believe could be solved if we all took the time to just sit down and cycle through a few builds before immediatly scrolling to the top rated builds and just ignoring all the other various guides that exist on this site.

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How to Give Proper Feedback

People are not inheirently perfect. That being said not all peoples builds will be perfect either and thus as a community it is our responsibility to help them refine their guides in a kind and nurturing environment. Though this may seem like a waste of time to tell you this i believe more and more people are begining to lose touch with the communtiy and just giving simple down votes and up votes without giving the person any implication as to why they did what they did. If you have listened so far please continue reading as I try to help us all improve our community

1: Why I hate the Down Vote

I hate the down vote. It is such a over used tool that I think is just used as a way of weaseling out of a social interaction with the author of a build to resolve any issue that you may have.

2: Sad Truth

The down vote is necessary. There are some builds out on this site deserving of the down vote. But their number is few and far apart from the many decent builds that have suffered as a result of our inability to converse with one another to solve our problems.

3: Example Number 1 of a Bad Comment

"IMO (insert champ here) cant (insert complaint) down vote"

What the Hell was that? This complaint is a definative rejection of the authors work and does not consider that the purpose of the build might not have been to do the same thing as the reviewer wanted it to. But instead maintained an entirely seperate and equally interesting role that if the author had maybe had a chance to explain could have been understood by the formentioned reviewer and perhaps merited a more possitive response

4: Example 2

"(Insert Item, Skill, Rune, ex.) is restarded on (insert champ) down vote"


By Now i Think you are getting the picture that ignorant statments without consulting the authors purpose are not usefull to you, the author, or the communtiy[/color]

Be Kind and leave good constructive comments so that the community can continue to function

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Dont Start Internet Fights

Please dont go around and trash others builds because you disagree. And if you ever get into a conflict with another player dont continue it and make it into a bigger matter than it is

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Respect other Community Members


The people on this site are just like you. They have feelings and love League of Legends. So Remember to always treat them like human beings i mean im sure i dont have to tell you to treat others builds how you want your builds to be treated, do I?

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The Site And You

This Site is a resource. It was developed as an extension of the League of Legends Community and thus is an ever expanding place. This means however that there will be new and old players both sharing this site to help learn how to play or to better their game. This means that you have to be aware that not all people on this site may have the extensive knowledge of the game that you do and you may have to assist them by kindly pointing them in the right direction

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Writing a Build

When Writing your build Keep in mind that not everyone will like it

When you write your build its best to describe your choices. Give explanatinos for your items, runes, masteries, ex.. so that people can more easily follow your logic.

Ask for Feedback

Earlier I tried to explain how to give feedback now let me explain how to ask for it. Toward the end of your build probably near your summary leave a large note to any readers taht tells them to ask for clarification on anything they dont understand or leave a comment about what they dislike before voting so that you have a chance to change their mind

Be Detailed

Though people do not like walls of text like the one i am composing right now a detailed description is always welcome. People appreciate effort and look for a persons knowledge of the subject that they are writing about. By providing the community with a descriptive and well thoughtout build and by asking for feedback your are not only improving your experience on Mobafire but the experience of all Mobafire's users

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Trolling Hurts the Community

Trolling doesnt help anyone

If you troll people or their builds you are wasting all of our time. People don't need to be told that their build sucks or that they need to "LTP FFS n00b" because you dont like what their build says.

How you can help

1: Dont Be a Troll
2: Please dont feed a troll by acknowledging anything they say
3: Dont allow trolls to continue harming the community
4: Flag any offensive comments
5: Just try and act civil

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Thank You

Thanks to anyone who read through this mission statement of mine. Might seem a bit preachy but i think that it has a good message that is followed would improve all of our sxperiences on the site. Thanks again and have fun with the site, with the game, and with the Community.