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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Khorne

Choose Your Fate

Khorne Last updated on January 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1

My very first build i do hope you read it and not just look at the cheat sheet and rate it down. Id love some opinions and negative commentary is fine as long as its well thought out and not just an attempt at trolling my work becuase you disagree with a minor feature.


I. Basic Summary of the Different Builds

DPS Fate

: DPS TF is a ranged damage dealer that uses auto attacks instead of focusing on his wild cards and Pick A Card (Besides for Yellow Card Stuns)


Great Single target killer
Awesome Stun
One of Most mobile Champs in the Game
Can Farm like Mad


Target in team fights
Blinds, Slows, and Stuns stop you dmg output
Short Range for a ranged DPS


: A cross over between AP and DPS very effective but requires skill and practice


His dmg is still amazing
do something(Unlike DPS)
Towers go down easy
Can Still Gank globally


Still Squishy
Requires more advanced placement than DPS
Timing of Wild Cards is important
Expensive to build


: The Utility AP fate is hard hitting and effective but has a very different style than the previous two. He isnt the man in the action but rather the guy sitting in the back supporting his team with his skills


have insane range and dmg
Blue Card is Free and makes towers easy targets
Not as squishy in team fights because you should be in the back
Skills scale much better


Not as offensive as other two
Should not be played by first timers because of placment issues
Still slow champ overall

Item Explanations:

Starting Items


: or if you need the extra health up to you
The Vamp Scepter is for a faster build up to Stark's and gives you more staying power in the lane.
The Dorans is just and early game item it is more for boosting your health and Dmg so that you are stronger early game


: and will allow you to survive and harass the enemy


: and
Rings add health, AP, and mana regen in short everthing a TF needs

Core Items


This is a great item now that Malady no longer gives lifesteal and it gives a nice AOE buff for your team and a debuff to all nearby enemies. The attack speed and lifesteal are really essential to the build as a whole because the work so well with TF's auto attacks and

Great damage and a stacking on hit effect that destroys tanks stacking armor. This is a excellent item that will be useful against heavily armored enemies and the damage bonus will increse youe DPS output.

It gives you a critical, attack speed, and movement speed boost. These are all things that a DPS build needs and it is a excellent choice for all DPS characters ( There are a few exceptions)

This increases crit chance, dmg, and crit dmg. It is a amazing item that is a compliment to all the others in this build.

This item is a tank killer. It adds attack speed and a on hit that takes a % of the targets max health. It will give you great anti-tanking ability and attack speed. Should be taken earlier if tanks are a problem.

Hybrid Fate

This item gives a nice AP boost. Mix that with the on hit effect it adds you'll see a Hybrid can deal so much dmg. This is a very important early item because it suppliments your lack of a dmg item while still giveing you AP

This item gives a hybrid fate real punch in extended fights. If you throw a couple to harass before a fight you'll build stacks up that add to your overall AP and attack speed. This makes your Hybrid have an effective burst from and while still being able to punish enemies that get to close with your auto attacks.

A item that isnt used enough. This is a must for any hybrid you might play. It gives AP, Attack speed, and Cooldown reduction. All of these things are essential to your playstyle making this a must have item.

This item makes TF less squishy. Though you dont have to take it before a Gunblade it has helped me to get it in this order. The Veil adds health, mana, and blocks one negative enemy spell every 30 seconds. This means that if stuns are bothering then this is the item to get.

This item adds damage and AP. These are the two things that make hybrid TF so naturally getting an item that gives both is smart. Mix that with the unique active that deals damage and slows and you get an item that is perfect for this champion.

AP Fate

This item gives a nice AP boost. Mix that with the on hit effect it adds you'll see how a AP Fate can deal so much dmg. This is a very important early item because it suppliments your lack of a dmg item while still giveing you AP

This item should be included in almost all AP builds. It gives tons of useful AP and will give a 25% increase to your overall AP. The active is also extremely useful so dont forget about it. When active you are immune to all dmg and untargetable for the next 2 seconds. This can give you just enough time to allow your team to catch up and save you as well as blocking that pesky Karthus ult.

this gives you AP and a helpful mag resist lowering aura. This item gives bonuses to you and your team and makes for a great addition to your arsenal.

This will make you have more survivability. It adds health and a slow that is great for ganks and escapes. This item is not a heavy hitter in terms of AP but the bonuses are well worth the gold.

This item makes TF less squishy. Though you dont have to take it before a Gunblade it has helped me to get it in this order. The Veil adds health, mana, and blocks one negative enemy spell every 30 seconds. This means that if stuns are bothering then this is the item to get.

II. Early Game: Tips and Tricks

Strategy: How you start is up to you but here is how i like to go when i play and maybe you will to
Mid: If you're in a solo match were no one knows you call mid,(AP no exception you should always have mid), unless there is for some reason an Ezreal or Karthus who wants to mid.(I hate laning Ezreal and Karth becuase of personal experience with poor teamates if you have different more reliable people maybe them laning isnt so bad)

Lane: This is for the DPS and Hybrid fate. Now if you have a buddy or buddies then this is very viable. Talking on vent and coridinating with vent can help you to get fed early and put pressure on your lane. You should not be cocky though, Tf has low health a quick stun can finish you, so watch out and play safe wait for them to make a mistake not you. As twisted fate try to lane with someone who compliments your stuns and slows.

Early Game: In the beggining TF is a fairly easy champ to play with a few exceptions. You should try to always play safe and farm but depending on which build you take the playstyle changes.


: You should have taken as your first skill. This allows you to harass with your aoe slow early or if they for some reason go for a early kill stun them and run away. Next your going to want to pick up stacked deck so that last hitting is easier and you get more gold. If you play DPS you are going to carry and you need to farm alot early game because late game you'll be primarily ganking.


: You picked up right? Good, now you need to use them. You want to be constantly harassing the enemy. This should be easy with your huge range advantage and high burst dmg. If the enemy charges you early just stun them and run away. Till Mid to late game, outranging the enemy is Hybrid TF's friend. Farm those minions and watch your back till your fed enough to gank.


: Very similar to Hybrid early game. To be honest i play them almost the same in the start,(some times ive even just switched after finding that the other would be more effective). Same deal as hybrid early on. Harass with wild cards and farm minions, never get to close or you'll lose the advantage. When you get your sheen you should be able to do some serious burst and start getting your kills.

III. Mid Game: Basic Tips

Mid Game:You should have atleast one or 2 of your core items now and your ready to show the other team what you've got up your sleeve


: You're now well on your way your becoming a card throwing machine and this next test will make of break your game. Now if you have your and and your either done or close to finishing your you should have enough power to gank almost anthing the other team has. Destiny is key to your success, no one likes a TF who doesnt have map awarness, so if your ults up constantly look for someone to gank. Continue to do this till your fed but dont forget that Backdooring a tower is more important than just ganking that poor soraka again. Kill, Push, and go for the Win


: Hopefully you havnt been shut down and the is done along with your . You are going to need to take advantage of your range and mobility if you want to be a good TF. In Team fights or while pushing towers always soften the enemy up with this will make it easier to kill them when your team engages. Remember not to get caught up in the action but to rather support with your stuns, slows, and burst dmg. This allows you to stay alive longer and helps the team overall. Backdooring is still important and blue card is the fastest way to destroying those towers without draining your mana reserves. Keep winning those team fights and pushing those towers.


: Much like the Hybrid in early core items. I hope you have your and because its time to get serious. Now you are a utility AP TF, i know big title, what this means is that you are trying to support your team not go all ranbow because that ashe has 50 hp and is getting away. You should be staying in the back and softening up those carries and supports on the other team so that when the team fight breaks out your at the advantage. You placement in fights will be key in these fights because unlike a Hybrid TF you do not have the dmg output to back yourself out of a corner if you get stuck. This means that you need to be smart and nuke them from afar without making yourself walking gold.

IV. Late Game: How to Best Benefit Your Team

Late Game: You should be almost done with your build and your team is pushing for the final attack


The Games still going on?. Oh well your items are almost done and your Backdooring any unguarded towers. Your role in team fights hasnt changed but keep in mind that by now the team will be focusing you hard. Cordinate with your teamates to root or stun an enemy so that you can focus them quick and have the advantage of a 4v5. Stay with your team and don't get to cocky your still vulnerable to any blinds, stuns, slows, or the dreaded exhaust.


: By now you should be a team fighting god. Softening up those squishys before going in for the kill with your massive burst dmg. This is all fun and good but the name of the game is still Towers. You need to be Backdooring as well as supporting your team in fights if you want to be at your most effective. This leads to positioning. DPS TF just stands their and throws cards but you are a hybrid. This means that you need to be effectively placing your Wild cards so that your can stack and when your ready strike with your team and your burst dmg to score the kill. That means you dont, dont, dont want to ever be caught trying to chase after people throwing a card like a wild DPS Fate you need to know your limits and how to best use your team to make up for them.


: The AP Utility Fate is either a late game maker or breaker. You will either be the reason your team is scoring that ace or the reason why their all crying about how its practically a 4v5. You have the ability to weaken enemies from afar and a Blue card that makes short work of enemy turrets. Positioning is once again key and it is always unwise to go it alone. You're like a bolt action rifle you have a good hard shot or two but it takes a while to reload for another. This means after your done nuking run back until you can do it again. Pressure those tower huggers with your wild cards and push those Turrets and you'll be on your way to a win.

V. Situationary Items and How to know if they'll Work:

There are a few items i have left out of this guide but i will list a few now incase you wanted to throw them in
and Now these are known as snowball items. The more they stack the better they are. But, They also lose their value quickly upon a death. These should only be taken if you are rolling the other team or have freinds playing who will try and feed you all the kills in your lane.

Felling to squishy? This item is excellent if you need more HP or if your tired of enemies getting away. Need i say more?

This is a item that should be taken much earlier if your team is having tank trouble but if your team has another DPS you shouldnt have to take this till much later

This is a item that depends on mana and shouldnt be taken in serious games. It just takes to long and far to much money and mana to be effective unless your team is just rolling over the other team. It also leaves you squishy because it adds no HP benifits

Easy Game Changers

*Additional Tips*: The Baron can make or break a game. If your sure that the enemy is attempting to Baron than you should be telling your team to camp the entrance while you ult in and steal it or hide behind and nuke it. If done correctly you may die but the baron will be yours along with a ace and the game will be over.