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Sona General Guide by NECOxESMELO

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NECOxESMELO

MOBILE SONA SUPPORT SEASON 4 ( under construction)

NECOxESMELO Last updated on January 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my first guide in mobafire so please take it easy on me and important of all I'm a bit of a nazi in terms of spelling and such^^


Me in season 2 i'm a plat player via support as sona but after the reset i stop playing and started again at the middle of season 3 i got stock between gold and silver division season 3 to 4. sona is my main support and the reason i start to play the game on season 2

Sona basically a champion that is so balance she can adapt on every range ad carry, carry that is passive farming or aggressive there's so many kinds of player adc you will encounter and if you can't adapt to their play style mostly likely they will die and blame you because you didn't follow up accordingly.

This guide is about sona and her ability to help the allies to out run the enemies in escaping and chasing some will thought my build is strange but i'm using it personally this season (s4)

Please reconsider trying out this build before down voting i recommend in rank cause it's really working out for me

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Pros / Cons


+with this build your giving your team a huge mobility to chase if you found your enemy on the unfortunate spot

+your team can escape easily if you got out numbered because some of your team are farming when it's about time to close the game it happens often though

+and this build is so good especially if your ally is fed example like mordekaiser he can deal huge damage and so tanky but lacks of mobility

+your become a annoyance on the enemy team means they will FF you at some point


-teemo is your indirect counter because of his mushroom after the disappearance of oracle sometimes you can check his mushroom by pink but with your high MS via sona's E it will hit you before you know it and i don't like his face kha'zix is more cute^^

-your squishy inside and out but really no one gonna try to out run you may be udyr

-just like i said in the pros you can become an annoyance on the enemies so they will ff you at some point proceed with caution at that point

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Skill explanation


this is your signature skill in lane pre-6 you will use this to poke some laners should take precaution when i say precaution means if you can poke the adr go for the supp. but if you see an opening to poke the enemy adr poke them


The percent of this skill is terrible really but you can use it often so it's great but going for ap just to boosts this heal, you just end up boosting your Q

a lvl 1 of this or level 2 will suffice in lane even with max W it's not good if the opponent fight your low hp ally head on especially in this new META adr is so aggressive unlike the other seasons adr just afk farming


why max this after Q you say?if you max this skill coupled with captain boots basically your team is like semi udyr via MS + the talisman of ascension when your escaping why escaping?not chasing?most of the time you can chase them with max E with cap. boots but rapidly chasing especially on fog means danger so now you need talisman of ascension if something comes up but if your positive you can pull it of w/o a cost feel free to do it because really your and max E +plus ascension that so fast it will boost your team MS and boost their will to chase so if you do that and the team get caught it's your mistake not them cause you just gave them a will to chase and last of all you need mana to do this your mana problem can cover with chalice and talisman of ascension this skill is spammable but don't waste your mana you will need every count of it on many events on the games.


This is your presence in team fight, i can't count how many times i win because i just hit all my enemies with this skill late game.If you can hit all of them or at lease 3 or 4 of them in team fight you are basically a threat and you already a threat because your giving your team huge amount of MS with your max E and capt. boots

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Skill Sequence

max this always but if you already killing them like your ranger is 3/0/0 already why need a little more damage if your killing them already ? go for mobility so you chase and escape max this skill always or leave on level 4 to upgrade your E if you think your killing them already

I don't find it useful maxing this just leave it on level 1 or level 2 if you really the heal and also most of the adr running lifesteal quins and some lifesteal item so why bother max heal your not soraka

i level this level 4 always you need s slow proc at this point it can be your adr is aggressive or your enemy or their jungler is going to gank or your own jungler is going to gank sometimes i skip leveling my Q to level 5 to just put a point on this skill especially if "we" me and adr owning them already


level 3 E your going to see the effect a bit but with captain boots you will see the effect already especially on level 4 and level 5 so basically this skill will kick off at level 3

i only leave it this on level 1 if we had a fed on my team i just point some to max my 3rd already because if your ally is fed means they will ff it no matter what, so on your part you need to boost the MS to do the hit and run tactics example zed he can one shot someone but after that he's too vulnerable to anything so your job is to let him escape and you will have max cdr anyway and your going to level your ultimate if your E is max already

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Runes recommended

Mark of Hybrid Penetration
+0.9 armor pen., +0.61 magic pen

So you can deal more damage it's good compared tocause you will deal magic damage and physical

Seal of Armor
+1.41 armor

seriously you need this armor your already squishy and you don't want to be more squishy than you already are and it's good for trading but you don't want that, all you have to do is poke at the lane.

Glyph of Magic Resist
+1.16 magic resist

your enemies in bot are ad but most of the time the support is magic damage so it's worth and expect a gank on the enemy mid if your doing well that the enemy jungle can't handle the 3v2 fight so it's really worth you can go forif you wan't but i think the scaling is better

about the 3Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
+1.34 magic resist
6Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
-0.83% cooldowns
the glyph is to slight negate some magic damage early game and to poke more often

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Support as Sona

in lane

your goal on level 1 is to poke the enemy adc if you poked them to half health before level 2 your doing really good and you have the upper hand already because they will just afk farm or wait for the gank and don't forget your not the adr if you just poked them with the Q and then they retaliate go back or continue to hit them with auto if they just run

level 6

the use of your ultimate may differ depends on what you have done pre-6 if your doing terrible your using this for defensive purpose or use this for the gank if your jungler is ganking that is or your adr is doing ok then you can use your ultimate for the aggressive stun especially if fed

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Starting items #1

+ 2

you need a bush control to poke without a bush control you can't poke without taking a risk especially if the enemy is thresh which is a high pick rate and annie so you really need a wards early game your only going to rush this if your enemy support is really wan't to have the brush just to take the advantage and that is so much danger if it's,

this is for your utility you wan't to rush this if you and your adr getting more hit often this so you heal and to poke too especially if your enemy is pushing really hard you wan't to spam your Q to maintain the control on the first brush so you need this if that happens it's solid choice for that moment

this is your typical follow up if the game is doing just ok you will see this on other support often if the laning is just afk farming or just wan't to afk farm

you will need this 3 items early game to mid game just the order may differ depends on the situation

you can rush this after laning on any situation but except if there are enemy teemo because really it will counter it but you will need it at some point other than that it's a fine item for chasing and escaping coupled with your E it's really good

you can rush this after getting your 3 early game items if your team is a clash maniac early game or just wan't rush mid and end it quickly because you don't wan't to see this doggy

to have 800+ stocks late game

i tried to rush this onnce but it's not good early game this item shines on mid game and late game where the clash is always happen and Hp percentage of your team is high

this boots is really good on sona your become mobile so you can lead the team and with high ms you position your ultimate very well without busting out your flash

note:you will lead the the team so they are behind you or your behind the tank and your other allies are behind you so this is good

UNIQUE Passive: Captain: Allied champions running toward you gain 8% bonus movement speed. Nearby minions gain 20% bonus movement speed. Can be applied to any tier 2 boot.

if you have the question why are you behind the tank? because sona is a 2nd initiator with her ultimate on team fight it's not really good open up with your ultimate but if you saw the opportunity to hit all or 4 or 3 of them do so especially if one of them are ap or adr

I'm buying this often for my 6th item most of the game cause it's really handy late game like if your baron ward just destroyed and have no more vision so basically your team wants to stop them but it's fog so it's dangerous if something come up some of you will died then you will lose so for that reason this item is a great one too PAPA and MAMA going to come out to seek the night

this is a good aura if your top and jungler is relying on auto attaks too but if the auto attacker is just your adr you might as well skip this cause it's waste of aura though this have some benefit to you cdr and some health

the reason somehow similar to this

but it's the enemy if your enemies have 3 auto attackers this is a solid choice to reduce their attack speed

this is item is to reduce the healing and regeneration rate i rarely pick it because now i see it often on mid laners

This will be your last upgrade because of the limitations of ward that can be place that RIOT implements rushing ruby is not good anymore

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summoner Spells

This spell is really shines if some of your enemy is fed and target of this is adr often you will need this and to add the reason that you are a threat if use correcly

I think i never skip this when playing sona it's just so important to her flash ultimate and for the escape if all the route is a threat

You can go for the kill on your own with this spell but if you got killed first this spell going lose the effect cause your a support means your xp is low and you got killed means you will lose more xp than you already have but once you just got 1 kill w/o dying your so ahead after that means this can be a gamble

I don't use this at all this season 4 but if you think it's good you can tell me why ^^

Not good at all

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This guide is still under construction i will try put some videos if i can please leave constructive criticism so i can understand what wen't wrong but this is my build over-all this season 4 please try it before down voting and vote up if you find it good it's working out for me i'm playing sona every day and this is what i do always and i always get positive feed back on my team and carries doing this kind of play style on sona

counters and stuff will follow up soon


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