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Mordekaiser Build Guide by lordsampigans

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lordsampigans

Mordekaiser: Carry Like A Kat!

lordsampigans Last updated on November 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Mordekaiser with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
LeBlanc LeBlanc is THE reason why I started playing Mordekaiser. She can't hold a lane against you. Either she's constantly juking and begging for mana, or she's running in circles with her clone. Keep her under her tower. Do not let her harass you, and be sure to punish her if she thinks her clone will save her.
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This is my first build on here. I'm still learning the dynamics on how to make it look fancy.

First of all, I am by no means a Diamond tier player, but don't leave just because I don't have a shiny little border around my name. This guide is MEANT for you lower tier guys. Considering more than half of the community is in Gold, Silver, and Bronze, chances are that I'm talking to you. I crawled out of ELO hell with builds like this and I know how to carry a game. If you happen to be a Platinum or Diamond player, this probably is not the build for you. It is a very selfish build designed to stuff a mid lane and run over people in 3v1's. I'll explain what I mean later, but for right now, just know that this build is designed to carry low golds and below.

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The Draft

So first thing is first. When should you use a Mordekaiser? Most low tier players think that a carry champ can just run through a lane and carry the game regardless of how the enemy team is built. If you have that mentality, you need to work on some fundamental concepts for League of Legends. If you don't have that mentality, then let's look at when you should choose a Mordekaiser.

First of all, you should consider how your team will be built. Mordekaiser is an offtank when limited initiation. We're building him to carry, but he won't be able to kill people in half a second (unless they're an ADC). You shouldn't pick Mordekaiser if you are AP heavy. You shouldn't pick Mordekaiser if your team desperately needs some CC.

If ANY of the champions listed above in the Vs Champions section have been chosen, then it may be a good idea to grab Mordekaiser and get ready to faceroll. If Katarina, Akali, or LeBlanc are chosen, then you should definitely choose Mordekaiser.

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The Early Game

Typically, this would make or break the game. Most champions are forced to play passively if the enemy gets two kills on you. Mordekaiser has a little wiggle room, though. I have won lanes that I died 4 times in (this one was only possible because the kills were divided among the team, but still). I have destroyed a gank or two while I'm behind in lane. I have even won 1v5's without a high gold advantage. With that said, it would be better if you were ahead in lane. What I'm trying to say is Mordekaiser tends to carry weight in late game, but most champions are VERY item dependent. It would be best if you carried lanes for your team so that it isn't a 1v5 situation every time.

How does that have anything to do with early game? Well most Mordekaisers find that Katarina can't sustain him in lane, they max out their E, they hammer her onto her tower, then get ganked by Lee Sin and die. This may not affect you that much. It might not affect you at all. However, the enemy team will have a better bot and top lane now and it is your fault. This is the MAIN thing you need to avoid in early game. You aren't concerned with getting kills at level 2. You're concerned with harassing and avoiding death. Again, DON'T TRY FOR KILLS.

With that said, most of early game consists of farming with E and W while harassing when you can with E. Don't be an idiot with your E. Instead of walking right up to the enemy and wasting it, try to use it to farm at first. When the enemy thinks that you're only going to use it to farm, go ahead and start throwing a few their way. Try to harass them anytime they want some CS, but ALWAYS land it on a cannon wave. Try to save you W around levels 5 and 6, as that's when most assassins try to start cleaning up kills. So long as you don't feed early game, you should have a fun mid and late game.

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Mid Game

Now typically mid game starts around 7:00. This is obviously a give or take time, as some games have ended in 8 minutes. At around this time, you should have bought a Hextech (at the very minimum) and rolled around to level 6. This is where you start getting kills. If you're laning against a Katarina or an Akali, you're very fortunate. You don't have to reach for your kills; they will come to you! When they teleport in for their combo, throw up your shield (W) and gauge how close the enemy is to their tower. If Akali is less than one second away from her tower, you should retreat. However, if Akali just decided to throw a combo down under your tower, it's time to murder. You should never try to close a kill if you start your combo over that halfway point on the map and they take make it to their tower's range before you can wrap up. Basically, don't tower dive.

With that said, most of the time, the enemy will cross the halfway point in the lane and try some crazy combo on you. If you're low on health, go ahead and pop the R so you can regen while you fight. Then start casting. Your cast should always start with a shield (it should already be up considering that they used their combo) then land a Q. Follow up with an E and an Ignite to finish up. This will vary from champ to champ, as this combo will kill a Katarina every time, but it won't be effective on a Udyr. Just don't be an idiot. If you don't think you can finish an enemy, then just harass him with E's until you can.

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Late Game

Once you buy Rylai's, you're ready to carry. If you get Liandy's Torment, the game is practically over. Every ability you have has the potential to hit everyone on the enemy team at once (other than your ulti) so you can deal some MASSIVE damage to a group. If your team had an Orianna to support, then you will cry tears of joy when she uses her ulti. I have picked up pentas using the Orianna, Malphite, Mordekaiser combos. The basic idea of a late game Mordekaiser is to harass with E when you can and punish with Q and W when somebody initiates on you. NEVER USE YOUR R IN A LATE GAME. The only time you use your ulti is on the ADC. I have flashed out of 2v1's to chase down the ADC. The enemy ADC is the key to pentas. The enemy ADC is the very essence of why this character is so OP. Land one E and an R to the typical ADC and their power is all yours for HALF A MINUTE. That's crazy OP. You just turned a 1v5 to a 2v4. If it's a team fight, you just turned a 5v5 to a 6v4. On top of that, you're taking their primary source of damage away from them. It's impossible to explain just how insanely OP that is. If the enemy built MR, then use your ignite as well. Either way, you have to get that enemy ADC with your R if you ever want to carry. Once you get the enemy, Alt+RightClick anything you want to have it decimated in a matter of seconds. You can push towers, faceroll enemy tanks, and even kill Baron with the enemy ADC. That's the whole point of this guide. Kill the ADC.