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League of Legends Build Guide Author CamManX6

Mordekaiser- Master of Hybridization

CamManX6 Last updated on May 29, 2011
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Welcome to my guide of Mordekaiser, Master of Metal.

(This is my first guide, feel free to leave helpful and constructive comments.)
This is how I build Mordekaiser for all my games. This is a hybrid build, but it also makes you an off-tank.
I have played Morde for around 225 games during my career on LoL, so I have considerable experience and have spent many games trying different builds until I found one that was right for me.

I will be updating this guide frequently, but until I get a break from school or work, I don't have the time to add more info.
*I have about 3 hours a week to update this, so I'll be added in descriptions and pics, maybe a few videos as I go along.

DoT: Damage over Time
CC: Crowd Control (Stuns, Slows, Silences, Taunts, Suppressions, etc.)
Shield: Your Passive, Iron Man
Mace: Mace of Spades, Your Q
Creeping Death: Creeping Death, Your W
Siphon: Siphon of Destruction, Your E
Children: Children of the Grave, Your R and Ultimate
Ghost: The Champion you gain when you successively kill someone with your ult on them.

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Pros / Cons

Very good tank after first few items.
No Mana
Shield from Abilities
Can solo mid or hold a 2v1 lane very well
Ultimate that can multiply your damage by over 290% at lvl 6, and 310% at lvl 16!
Can put out more damage than regular tank build
Can sustain DoT much better than tank build (with life steal and spell vamp)
Can disrupt teams by targeting one person with gunblade and continuously slowing them until death

Squishy until lvl 3ish
Abilities cost Health
Can be bursted down faster than tank build

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The runes you choose are largely up to you. It's your choice if you want to buy a whole new set of runes or if you want to use some that you have lying around. However, are some that I would suggest. Magic or armor penetration marks are helpful, and are useful for every character. Dodge seals are nice, but armor ones work too. Cooldown reduction glyphs are immensely useful, and magic resist ones are also great. For Quints, you have many choices. Armor or magic pen give you a great boost vs tanky champs. HP give you a 78 HP upper hand, which is great with Dorans Shield and your HP/Lvl seal, giving you 701 HP at level 1. Movement speed is good for chasing, kiting, and the like.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Skills:
Ignite: I ALWAYS take this skill. If the opposing team has no Cleanse, you can use this with your Ult to do more damage over time, while reducing their healing by 50%! If they do have Cleanse, just wait for them to use it on another CC or your Ignite, then use your Ult!

Good Skills:
Exhaust: I really like this for public games where you'll be contending with Physical DPS champs. Its slow is amazing for you, since you have no natural CC. It's also good for first blood, or when you're getting hit by multiple champions and need to keep one from dealing physical damage to you. If you need to catch up to a champ for a Siphon or Mace, this is great too.
Clairvoyance: I take this in almost all of my Pre-Mades and a few of my Pubs. It's very nice to have when there is a jungler on your team, and they need protection from any ganks. It's also good for keeping an eye on Dragon and Baron. It helps with seeing what items your opponents are starting with and what lane they're going to, starting ganks in 3v3, jungling champs, protection from ganks, and stealing neutrals. I have this amazing friend who plays Kennen, who is pretty adept at stealing dragon in 3's. This gives a huge gold and exp boost, not to mention the buff and aggravated opponents.
Teleport: Good for protecting a lane from being pushed, or for easily coming back to a tower after shopping. Also good for catching up with teammates or backdooring using a ward. If I know I'm soloing a 1v2 lane, I'll take teleport in case of the event that they get lucky or both die and I need to blue pill for health or items.
Cleanse: Always nice to have, but you're Morde. With Merc's treads, you should be pretty set as far as CC goes.
Ghost:I see a lot of Morde's with this skill. I don't really like it, but that's my opinion. Take it if you want.
Flash: Same as Ghost, I don't like it, but it can save your skin. Good for getting over walls while ganking or being ganked.

I wouldn't even think about any of the other Summoner Spells.

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Skill Sequence

Run-Down on Abilities:
Passive: You gain 25% of the damage you do with your spells as a "Shield". This replaces your HP as long as it has points, but it degrades at 3% a second.

Mace of Spades: Better used to deal damage to 3 or more targets, but can be used for 1v1 dps. Decent for getting shield points.

Creeping Death: Gives you (or an ally) added armor and AOE damage for a small time. Not so great for getting your shield, but I always put it on before going in any unlit bushes or into a teamfight. The damage it deals at the final level is equal to two Sunfire Capes!

Siphon of Destruction: An awesome cone attack. On average, it fills half of your shield bar in one hit, which is amazing. It has a low cool-down and is very good for farming, harassing, or checking bushes. Learn to position yourself so you can hit at least 4 minions (per wave) and a champion everytime you use this. Also, this is good for getting the last hit while chasing. I cannot stress how important it is to LEARN THE RANGE OF THIS SKILL.

Children of the Grave: Holy cow. This is a game-turner. Most people don't realize how good this is. Not only does it give you life-steal, but if your target dies with this on them, you just got a lot more powerful. For 30 seconds, you now have 2 champions, or 200% damage. Not only that, but you gain 25% of their attack and ability power, which brings you up to 225%. On top of that, your slave gains 65/75/85% of your attack and 100% of your ability power as damage! That takes you up to 290-310% of your REGULAR damage, on top of your spells! That teamfight that was just 5v5? You just turned it into almost a 7v4!
*The best targets for your ult are NOT tanks. The % hp damage is nice, but if you can get this on an AD champ (or a Hybrid AD/AP or pure AP champ if no AD champ is there), you will get the most out of your ult if they are focus-fired and die quickly.
*Since the patch changes, your Ult now only gains 15% of your health, opposed to the old 50%. Using your ult for survival is now easier because half the damage is done at the start of the spell, which gives you an instant health boost, though the DoT was reduced to half of what it was before.

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Spirit visage: CDR, Magic Resist, HP, More HP from Gunblades.

Mercs: CC sucks.

Gunblade #1: Get the Hextech Gun first for the heal off your abilities. Adds damage, lifesteal, AP, Spell Vamp, and an AMAZING Active that you can use to chase or single out targets. My team always know to focus the one who I activate gunblade on.

Frozen mallet: For continuous slows after Gunblade Active

GA: Just to scare the hell out of them. If they are focusing me, I switch this with Frozen Mallet.

Gunblade #2: You're unkillable. End of story.

The second guide is the one I've been using lately. More power, more slows from Rylai's, and the Lich Bane to sum it all up.

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Farming/Team Work

Combos in Lane:
There are some combos that I have learned for killing minions and neutrals. At level 3, in a 2v2 lane with someone with a aoe damage spell (ex. Annie's cone , Veigar's meteor ), you can work out which one of you should get more fed, then whoever it is should kill the caster minions. How you do this is > >Lane buddy's attack or Lane buddy> > . In a solo at level 3, you can go > >AA each melee minion while Siphon is on CD> . At level 5 in a solo lane, you can take out the back minions by Creep>Siphon>Mace. and brings them low enough for to kill them as long as you stay in range. My whole game revolves around my early game laning. Once you learn the combos and learn how to use various abilities to last hit the melee minions, you can farm better than anyone else in the game. I generally stay around the mid-lane in minions when I'm I a 2v2 lane, but when in a solo lane, I sometimes end up with double the kills of anyone on either team. In a 17 minute surrender game, I killed over 60 minions in a 2v2 lane, scored an ace, and went 5-1-x. In a 45 minute 5v5 where I had a solo lane, I had over 380 minion kills. At level 13, > will clear one set of caster minions.

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Creeping / Jungling

Morde is adept at side jungling. He is pretty good at killing the small wolf camps and the two golem camps, and he can kill the wraiths in less than two seconds from level 5 on. This is good for two things. Not only does it give you gold and experience, but they charge your shield. Walking into battle without the shield is like missing out on a free 630 health item that costs nothing and takes no item slots. If your team is getting ready for a teamfight, make SURE to tell them that you're charging your shield first. Otherwise they may initiate because they thought you were going straight into battle and they were too anxious to wait 2 seconds for you.

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This build works! I average a 3/1/2 kdr, with most of my 5's reaching around 18/8/12 and 3's around 7/2/4.

If you have any question, feel free to message me in game or comment on here!